Warning Graphic- The Satanic Preacher Post-Ordination

It looks Like Denzel Washington his Movies are Being all Deleted one after another.  And In refuse to place his movies on this site for $2.99, meaning you have to give them credit card info.

Boycott Denzel Washington

Who is Hakim & Jerimiah?  Jesus Says – My Sons!

Say My Name – It is Jesus Christ

The Preachers Wife to the Bible Story of Job


This is the cross Queens Queen Elizabeth had to carry and the hardships she had to bear.

I Believe in You and Me – By: Queen of Queens Elizabeth – England

AM I Going to Hell?  By: Capstone Zulu

I got mad with Queens Queen Elizabeth for jumping onto Bobby Brown when she was forced to pay that $400G ransom to get him back because they allegedly was going to beat him down. So I was watching this whack ass movie and instead of investigating it, I was being a dis-satisfied consumer, instead of being her King?

 Bill Cosby

Money Power Sex

The Key! When travelling do not think everything that is presented as entertainment is in fact entertainment?  Now my heart said Denzel Washington was one of mines?   He was on Latifah show?  Bill Clinton was on her show talking about keeping his $80 billion.  Boy!  And he seems to be mocking these dudes throughout the film.  The name Henry is repeated.  Henry William Cosby?


I see men from the Coming back to America crew in the shadows.  Eddie Murphy’s boys and the girl who played his American Queen instead of the African tradition as to say Americans are not Africans?   Remember Whitney was extorted by the JDL so it always seems and the hands would then be the NWA.

 fat lady

Something important was gained from this:

Can We Make It?

 The fat guy who played Servant and tithes collector photo is hard to find?

  • African nations often look as fat woman as beautiful (food)
  • Coming to America was about Eddie and Arsenio bloodline to Congo Africa (Pigmy Land) Type O Blood?
  • Fat means power and top of the food chain, they (Eddie and Arsenio are kind of slim and they are actors? No more? More? Less?
  • In coming to America the fat guy who is now the tithes collector in this show was from Africa and was a servant a fat servant? By whose authority is the servant fatter than the master among Pigmy cannibals?
  • Investigate the fat fuck on this show and the whole Coming to America, he is fat, he is a leader and not a servant. He gets the top chops.


1st Conclusion: We are not taking any satanic casualties to Highlands City.  I do not want to hear about, oh I will man up and now I AM down with you.  Unless you was on a mission from me when I sent you in.  None of the women on this show are our friends and do not enter our home.   Reason is this is a Satanic Matrix and not a one on one.  Everybody has to play a ruler good or bad.


I said, how can you miss-appropriate so much talent in one film. They are mocking God, they are the ones who extorted Whitney and therefore Hollywood.  That would make them the shadow behind the JDL.


2nd Conclusion: God made a wage with Satan and that this one you cannot turn against me, you do whatever you wish to him, but you cannot kill him and he will not go against God will.  William Henry Cosby is Job.


I met him at Bellevue and he said he had 1,000 women.  That is when I knew this old looking man had to be Bill Cosby, but in Bellevue and in a psychiatric ward?  He was a ward of the State, who needed Kidney Dialysis on a secret mission form God documenting all this corruption in these city hospitals and telling be careful they will kill you to me.  He could not pay his doctor bill and was a ward of the state and n ow they want his name to steal those stories from the world.  I said man you are Job, see he thinks he was unfaithful and his price for being a great writer was to be a hypocrite, but he was not unfaithful and the fool joined the King Solomon Temple Freemasons and that was who let me know, before I got to Chicago what they do.   He said, I do not desire sex anymore.  I said you will!


I had sex with those 1,100 concubines or King Solomon Prostitutes and disproved that having sex with them means becoming one.  They do not get pregnant.  They tie their tube and give up women-hood.  Each one of them is asking for financial restitution and not his hand in marriage. So how can you become one with a King Solomon Temple Prostitute?


All Job told me is, “All I want to do is help people.”  See?  He is really blameless and is taking blame for something he did not even do.  Thinking he defiled God’s temple.  So I said, I AM going to make you the Director of Operation Solution and Response and you will live at 1 Central Park West Unit # 34-A.  Why, if you give him anything, he will just give it away.  Job choose God’s favor over abundance. Now who is Denzel Washington, because that angel sent was the evil one?

Connected – Alone

 Denzel Washington

Little Black Oscar

Then I meet who seems to be my son Jerimiah.  He is handsome and favors Queens Queen Elizabeth.  So my speculation is he is grown now.  And should be about the same age is Kristina Brown?  A switch and then a betrayal?  If Bobbi Kristina got killed then that fact pattern remains, they went for the $200 million they saw, but he is the one who is tempting everyone.  “You can be the next big Henry is you sell your soul and disobey God.”  He promotes in Hollywood.  Now Denzel did play Frank Lucas the American Gangster?  That was a propaganda move.  This Frank Lucas was supposed to allude God and the moves were ongoing?  Denzel is down with fat Oprah, who claimed she is a King Solomon Temple Prostitute code for illuminati?  She never said not me, I AM not Illuminati?


This means the people surrounding them in this show cannot be trusted.  And fat boy was the tithes collector, meaning extortion.  I get 10% of the GDP because I own everything, but Satan takes 10% from you. Therefore to pay him is to against me.  Fear no Evil!

Preachers wife

The Power of Dudley


Space Beat

The Speculation:

  1. The People you see are real, this are their real names. This is a gated community in up North New York State.
  2. This allow for Queen Queens Elizabeth to have normal functionality. But not everyone knows our relations, to include her mother?
  3. Denzel sees my son who says oh shit Denzel Washington? Denzel says, “Don’t tell anyone.”
  4. Denzel places Henry under hypnosis. Takes his mind and says, you will not remember me.
  5. But the shit is on film and real names are being used, in this small gated community. Sandersville is just like this place.
  6. Denzel has everyone but my son and Queen going, but the weakness is this is all placed on film and was edited for dramatic delivery.
  7. Denzel says, “I know you have a master plan, but sometimes you are hard to figure out?” He says, “This is not supposed to go this way?” This is on filmed using quality VVT effects.

The Satanic Creation on Film.

Once all the inhabitants are murdered they place an add like this one, Sandersville, GA, the Fertilizer capital of the world, 60 miles in the middle of nowhere and nobody will know you are even here.

  1. You place a group of people I a small gated community away from population. It will be safe you say and away from crowds.
  2. You create a false religious community and a community church leader.
  3. You control the media in that area
  4. You place the key actors under hypnosis.
  5. His code, it took 30 years to get back to this place?
  6. How many little town USA are there, who are no more than cattle?
  7. The whole community became a meaningless existence waiting to die

And this is the moral to the story, there are many little towns USA.

The Preacher Sells His Soul:

Did It Cost me My Soul?

  1. To become an ordained false preacher you must give your loyalty to Satan.
  2. To be a convincing deceiver you must believe the lies you tell, but know you are lying and that is why you must die. You are now in too deep.
  3. This is known in your society, but never understood how he has power over you.
  4. The code is: The rules and the great rule of deception is he tells you, “You will not remember me.” And you sell your soul when you say, “Yes I understand the rules.” And never again do you even remember the deal you made with Satan, until the ghost of death calls.

Preachers wife hamalton

The Visionary Hamilton dream is never realized and he becomes blind?

  1. He then praises a false god, as a result of hypnosis
  2. He tells Henry we need you here to keep them oppressed


The dream becomes a Satanic Reality

Save The World

human 3 human 1 human 6 human 4 human 2

The Final Destination

Netanyahu Freemason

Their Conclusion:

It says build your foundation on the Rock.  I have Jones Mining to show for it. Their final conclusion and pay close attention to this, “We must save this Church.”  But who is the foundation Dudley to my son and Denzel Washington to the world and that name Washington has long history.

Black Panther Symbol

People Crying Everywhere – Stackz Gotti – “The Real” Nicki Barnes

The Reality Seems:

He made a good move and had to back down, he found himself in a Matrix.  Had he known about the relevance of the Order of Zews and the private road on 923 S. A AVE, this may have been a concern.  They took $200 million, exposed themselves and look at what was behind this operating, Jones Mining and 3G Capital and unlimited credit line of the Universe.

Fat Albert

The Real Fat Albert is the story of Eric Hutchinson who was the fat bully when we was kids.  He has a small problem I will fix.  But he turned out to be the nicest guy you will ever meet.  From a bully he will become the child protector.  That is who Fat Albert was, he would beat my ass as  a little boy, but God touch him in a special way, because he was a good friend who had a loving heart and a small problem and did not know what to do as people started to take advantage of him, because he only wanted to be love.


King of Kings Jesus Paul Messiah – Lord of Lords God Is Real


PS: Now Elizabeth asked me for forgiveness when he touch her shoulder.  She loves me.


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