Aldrich Hazen Ames key to codes of CIA Treason

Aldrich Hazen Ames key tocodes of CIA Treason
By: Rev. Frank Paul Jones aka Apostle Paul Castellano bka Jesus Christ
Have someone go see him immediately.  He is the missing key, being hid away. Or is he really still there?
Robert Gates 
Born on September 25, 1943, in Wichita, Kansas, Robert Gates served in the air force before joining the CIA and, later, the National Security Council. Gates was appointed head of the CIA by George H.W. Bush and became secretary of defense under George W. Bush and Barack Obama, dealing with the conflict in Iraq. He supported overturning the policy of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell before retiring in 2011.
In 1974, Gates joined the staff of the National Security Council, serving under presidents Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter until 1979, when he returned to the CIA. He rose to the post of deputy director of the agency in 1982, and President Ronald Reagan nominated him director in 1987. Gates, however, withdrew amidst questions regarding how much he knew about the Iran-Contra Affair.
  • Iran-Contra Affair guns for drugs was not explained. 
  • The war on drugs based on the lie by Nixon was not mentioned.
  • The creation of AIDS was not mentioned. A great Evil of America
Leon Panetta
Though elected to a ninth term, he left the House in 1993 after President Bill Clinton selected him to be Director of the United States Office of Management and Budget. He is credited with developing the budget package that would eventually result in the balanced budget of 1998.
Chief of Staff:
In 1994, President Clinton asked Panetta what was wrong with his administration and was told about the lack of order in the White House. Clinton named Panetta as his new Chief of Staff. On July 17, 1994, he was appointed White House Chief of Staff by Clinton, a position he held until January 20, 1997. He was an important negotiator of the 1996 budget, which was another important step towards balancing the budget.
The duties of White House Chief of Staff vary greatly from one administration to another, and in fact, there is no legal requirement that the President even fill the position. However, since at least 1979, all Presidents have found the need for a Chief of Staff, who typically oversees the actions of the White House staff, manages the president’s schedule, and decides who is allowed to meet with the president. Because of these duties, the Chief of Staff has at various times been labeled “The Gatekeeper”, or “the power behind the throne“.
  • This shows his true loyalty and reward for all the evil he already got away with.
  • Everything Clinton did, he was in on, if not running him from behind the scene.
  • If there is not dirt on Bill Clinton and you find something, this was a cover up for him and an attack on you.
CIA Director:
Then-President-elect Barack Obama nominated him to the post of Director of the Central Intelligence Agency on January 5, 2009.[1]
After his selection, journalists and politicians raised concerns about his lack of intelligence experience, aside from his two-year service as a military intelligence officer.
  • I think at this level, he became the ultimate treasonous actor.
Role as First Lady:
When Bill Clinton took office as president in January 1993, Hillary Rodham Clinton became the First Lady of the United States, and announced that she would be using that form of her name.[117] She was the first, First Lady to hold a postgraduate degree and to have her own professional career up to the time of entering the White House.[118] She was also the first to have an office in the West Wing of the White House in addition to the usual First Lady offices in the East Wing.[48][119] She was part of the innermost circle vetting appointments to the new administration, and her choices filled at least eleven top-level positions and dozens more lower-level ones.[120] She is regarded as the most openly empowered presidential wife in American history, save for Eleanor Roosevelt.
Health care and other policy initiatives: We all know it was about defrauding Americathru Medicaid, Medicare and poor healthcare services due to foreign influences. The Nazi’s.
Whitewater and other investigations: 
  • This is Hillary skeleton.  This was a cover up at high levels. A cover up!
Lewinsky scandal:
  • They let him go with lying to America. A cover up.
Traditional duties: Whatever went on, he was aware of it., If you find one thing and he didn’t say anything bad about Clinton, it is a cover up for him, but a act of treason against you.
Aldrich Hazen Ames: The key behind this whole shit is him I bet?
Aldrich Hazen Ames is an American convicted in 1994 of espionage against his country. He is serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole in the high-security Allenwood U.S. Penitentiary.[2] Ames was formerly a 31-year Central Intelligence Agency counterintelligence officer and analyst who committed treason against his country by spying for the Soviet Union and Russia.[3] So far as it is known, Ames compromised the second-largest number of CIA assets—second only to those betrayed by Robert Hanssen.

Aldrich Ames- Arrest:
In March 1993, the CIA and FBI began an intensive investigation of Amesthat included electronic surveillance, combing through his trash, and a monitor installed in his car to track his movements.[33] From November 1993 until his arrest, Ames was kept under virtually constant physical surveillance. When in early 1994 he was scheduled to attend a conference in Moscow, the FBI believed it could wait no longer, and he and his wife were arrested on February 21, 1994.[34] At arrest, Ames told the officers, “You’re making a big mistake! You must have the wrong man!”[35]
On February 22, 1994, Ames and his wife were formally charged by the United States Department of Justicewith spying for the Soviet Union and Russia. Ames’s betrayal resulted in the deaths of a number of CIA assets.[36] He pleaded guilty on April 28 and received a sentence of life imprisonment. His wife received a five-year prison sentence for tax evasion and conspiracy to commit espionage as part of a plea bargain by Ames.[37]
In court, Amesadmitted that he had compromised “virtually all Soviet agents of the CIA and other American and foreign services known to me” and had provided the USSR and Russiawith a “huge quantity of information on United States foreign, defense and security policies.”[38] It is estimated that information Ames provided to the Soviets led to the compromise of at least a hundred USintelligence operations and to the execution of at least ten USsources.
Ames said he was not afraid of being caught by the FBI or CIA but was afraid of Soviet defectors, saying, “Virtually every American who has been jailed in connection with espionage has been fingered by a Soviet source.”[39] Additionally, when asked about the polygraph tests, Amessaid, “There’s no special magic. Confidence is what does it. Confidence and a friendly relationship with the examiner. Rapport, where you smile and you make him think that you like him.”

Call Russia:
Request intelligence on their end. They are saying Russiaturned in their own insider. But him under protected custody and review these records.  They made him take the fall on either die or do life and prevent a public hearing.  This bring you to Bill Clinton and Robert Gates that has ties all the way back to Richard Nixon, when this all started.
What is sounds like is a takeover of our intelligence community and it was held under tight raps.  This may mean non of them are much good to America.
This needs to be confirmed or we have a problem:
Following their arrest and guilty pleas, Ames was debriefed by FBI agents, at which time he detailed compromising the identities of CIA and FBI human sources, some of whom were executed by USSRauthorities. Pursuant to his plea agreement, he forfeited his assets to the United States, and $547,000 was turned over to the Justice Department’s Victims Assistance Fund. Ames is serving his sentence in the federal prison system. Rosario Ames completed her sentence and was released.
A covert operation was shutdown and men were killed because of it. And his punishment doesn’t suit the crime.  Something major happened at the timeline in history. And they never figured you would have direct access to Russian intelligence.
Rev. Frank Paul Jones aka Apostle Paul Castellano bka Jesus Christ
The Emancipator of the World

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