The Iran Contra Affair Conspiracy Exposed

The IranContra Affair Conspiracy Exposed
By: Rev. Frank Paul Jones aka Apostle Paul Castellano bka Jesus Christ
This is proof that the Reagan Administration carried out a conspiracy to sell drugs and an illegal gun smuggling trade. It backfired and was covered up as the worst breach of CIA security in the American history. The Ronald Reagan Administration covered up what should have been an impeachable death sentence for treason.
1: President Ronald Reagan President of the United States
2: Edwin Meese – Attorney General – Controlled DEA, who ran drug smuggling operation
3; Aldrich H. AmesCIA Director Counterintelligence – Assignment The Medellín Cartel – He was the one with all the information. He knew every agent and their locations and assignments
4: Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria – Notorious Colombian Drug lord and an exclusive cocaine trafficker.  Under United State Protection, distributed drugs all over the world and supplied the Contra rebels.
5: Oliver North – National Security Council – Lieutenant colonel -He ran an illegal gun smuggling operation out of Nicaraguan.
6: German Intelligence – Federal Intelligence Service (BND)
What happen is over 30 agents got killed. They screwed up the cover of several agents. Pablo Emilio Escobar, got really big and was a notorious killer. Under the Ronald Reagan Administration we gave him protection and distribution through pipeline on the Mexican border. It wasn’t until later that they decided to take him down. He knew too much!
The cover up is they call this case the Aldrich H. Ames Espionage Case and Its Implications for U.S. Intelligence. They wrote it up as a Russian intelligence SNAFU, whereby we lost many of our undercover men to the Nazi German’s.
Rev. Frank Paul Jones aka Apostle Paul Castellano bka Jesus Christ

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