Veterans Called to Arms – Operation Take Back


Apostle Paul Prior to Paul’s Journey

Message to the Black Veterans for Social Justice

Veterans Called to Arms – Operation Take Back

Veterans Call to Arms



Proof of Granting Authority – Print a Copy


The Queendom of Jesus Paul Messiah


The Order of Zews


Georgia Homeless Law

Veterans Called to Arms – Operation Take Back


Direct Order by: D.B.A. Jesus Christ

Veterans Man up. Those bitch ass motherfuckers in the VAMC takes order for the Gambino NAZI. The officer as not even America. Stop letting them tell you what they will and will not do, based on this decree.

I went to the Social Security Office. I was receiving disservice. So I go to talkin Hebrew, you know how we used to do. Saying shit like “man fuck this shit, fuck, mother fuck, shit, I came here for nothing?????.” He says Mr. You are going to have to leave here and I will call the Police and have you put out, if you do not stop all this profanity?

Oh, so I AM talking profanity, No, oh, hell to the fucking no. I came here for a benefit I by the law of God has and you refuse me? But I AM profane???. No! In my dictionary you are talking profanity. See in my dictionary, profanity is blasphemy. And when you denied me you denied God, because what you denied he promised me. Do you not know profanity is blasphemy?

Hey, when you go home, you are going to suck a dogs dick bitch and then he is going fuck you up your fucking asshole. See? Now that is your reality. Then when you go to bed, you are not going to wake the fuck up.

Then I walk out and about 200 yards away, I say, damn, I just killed that nigger, so I went back and said, to the effect, you will be alright, do worry about what I said, it will not happen and closed the door at the office and happened to catch a ride. See, what pissed me off, is I just walked 8 miles to update my direct deposit and he was walking shit, like I had to respect and beg his ass. But the real deal was he was the only person in there for me. I saw him send my information thru the Fax. But they did not. But had he not, what I said was my right in a world under God.

My Veterans, stop letting these evil foreigners rule you. Under the law of God, the price of blasphemy is death. They refuse God you destroy.

Yesterday a Veteran Said, while going to dinner and signing for the meal in this shelter. He does not sign yes as Veteran and says, “I am not a Veteran, until we finish World War III. The Veterans have been called to Arms.

  • Salvation Army The Gambino Scam
  • They even committed hate crimes against the Homeless.
  • state of Georgia pays $140 per day per homeless

They have a policy whereby if you pay $7 per day you get a locker and if not you don’t. But a shelter gets like $150 per day and that is not per night. So explain what a rich homeless can stay here for 30 days but a real homeless gets 8 days without a locker, has to come in each night to a new bed number, has to abandoned his property to take a shower because people steal towels but my shit does not matter.


  • No wheelchair accessible toilet a violation
  • 2 out of 6 toilets out of service and one with water all on the floor.
  • 4 out of 6 showers out of order.                        homeless-shelter-showers
  • No toiletries and even shit paper or soap
  • So filthy it is too shameful to upload

And why this. John Joseph Gotti me he built BAVR for me in Long Island City, New York.  She I was in New York, they would not even let me go there, but my report is they turned the please into a homeless trap.  And from what I see, here at the Salvation Army Shelter, all those dogs find this shit funny, they give a new meaning to evil.

They kick them out their home and the lose their houses on mortgages that cannot pay, the throw them into the streets and do not even give them proper homeless services. Why?


Because they knew I would have no place to rest my head.


Dark Colors – Blue or Black

Space Age – Beat

Say My Name


Urban Warfare Gear:

A Back Pack of good but not necessary expensive in the $69.99 to $99.99 range, look for durability and not fashion and get a quality pack on-sale.

  • A laptop
  • A Tablet with Camera of good quality about $100 to $200 at most
  • A Cell Phone with Camera.
  • High Brilliance Flashlight – An Animal is blind by fear when light is shined in their eyes, so at night, they cannot attack you if you see them in advance.  A Serpent too will steer into a high brilliance flashlight. Capture one and try it?
  • Toiletries
  • Change in socks and underwear and you can always buy something clean at the thrift shop when traveling light.
  • A portable Hot Spot a plus, you can setup in a hotel and turn it own and link your tablet to it and pow, Wi-Fi, one mile radius.
  • Weapons & Pit Bull and Big Dogs must be walked in the hood and only if we know you.  Hey Stranger, that dog cannot be out here, we have children here.

United States Interagency Council ON HOMELESSNESS

The U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness leads the national effort to prevent and end homelessness in America. We drive action among our 19 federal member agencies and foster partnerships at every level of government and with the private sector.

We know how to end homelessness in this country. Together, we are making it happen.


D.B.A. Jesus Christ

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