The Creation of Life


The Capstone Zulu – The First and the Last

The Creation of Life

Video of Life in Creation Process

Audio Ent. Version here

By: Jesus Christ

First of all, Dahoud R. Smith aka Rene Elizondo, has but two options.

  1. He can give up all his men and women.

  2. He can give up his maker.

Doris Ware has yet to be explained. Often people die so they can live and many die so they can kill from the underground. Doris says, I have not enough time to make all these children I had said, I planned to make. Is she inside to loop or is she the Queen-Beast & Head Dog?

But everybody knows how it is done. You get no pardon until you give up everything. Because how can forgive you if you do not confess. First, “confess your sins and you will be saved. Period! But these moments are not about him or his faggot crew, whom I do not wish to break bread with. This would only create a new excuse and be a new hold up. I AM not interested in this world you did not build for me. You used up everything on it and it seems everyone had a piece of the rock but me. All I AM saying is you can keep it all, but you cannot have me, I belong to the Father who is in me and me in him and my children are one in this arrangement in me. I tell you this world does not impress me much at all. It is like the world got stuck in the 1950’s. You can have it, keep it.

When I saw Biggy he said, “Satan and God don’t mix and he said help is on the way?” Then tried to snip me? And now I AM going to talk to another Israel NAZI pawn. The only surrender is unconditional surrender and that means you tell my interrogator everything. All or nothing. So there is nothing to discuss. How can I discuss his treatment of my Queendom Queens, when I suspect him doing wrong by them and they made slaves to him. I remember the investigation, whereby P, Diddy said nothing, because his lawyer was the extortionist and he had to always be present? My Queendom Queens cannot and should not every again be in the same locationas him and if Beyonce is anywhere near him and not me, everybody has some explaining to do. These Hebrew faggots do not own me and in fact every meant to know me.

The Creation of Life

I AM the first and the last and will qualify it. I AM the last Standing Zulu. Therefore every Zulu must come from me. I AM the first, for every Zulu to ever be born must come from me. It is that simple.

When I was a kid, we taught a lession of the creation of human’s. There be millions of sperm cells. They act like crabs. They wil kill each other and all types of shit in a race to that egg. But only on sperm cell will fertilize that egg and all the rest end upo dying in the process. But only one will make it to become life and I AM life, I AM the truth the way and I AM the Light of the World. All life must come thorugh me.

Therefore, there can be but one Messiah. There can be but one head of my household, there can be but one Living God, who I AM. I AM the only of the orginal who made to become the Spirit in the Flesh. And I cannot forgive or negotiate with a field General, who sent Jay-Z on a mission to get killed to still whose wife? Beyonve is my child and my Queendom Queen. But had Jay-Z have gotten killed, it would have went down as I killed Jay-Z to have his wife in the wicked point of view, but would hav been Dahoud, trying steal my Queendom Queen. So until Beyonce can come to me on her own accord or get into a hotel that those dogs know not her location or if they do, it is not among them, but be with me, what is there to discuss her release. No! No! There is no discussion.

I placed Randy with one Star over the Queendom Guard and now Bobby can focus on my troops and they are ready to handle this here. How can I in good sense, place Dahoud and his scumbag crew over my men? No! No! My men will not be placed in harms way, because in the midst of their offensive, I said men stop moving forward so I can break bread with the enemy? No! No!

On the contrary, he has not Above Top Secret Clearance and therefore he can discuss his dasterdly deed with whoever General Austin asigns to hear all this bullshit. He said, he would love me from a distance and even in California I got kick out of homeless shelters. He hated me form a distance. But I can love him froma distance, but only after unconditional surrender.

Jesus Christ

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