The Veterans Travel and Transportation Reimbursement System Explained


The Veterans Travel and Transportation Reimbursement System Explained

By: Rev. Frank Paul Jones aka Apostle Paul Castellano DBA Jesus Christ & Title God

The intent of the Veterans Administration is too serve the veterans and not find reason not to. The reimbursement system is designed to accept the veterans may decide to relocate and they should have that option.  Under Title 38 CRF Part 70.30 payment Principles supports what I am saying by setting a standard written in stone. A veteran can go to any facility in the country without any explanation as to why. He is gets carfare from his home to the nearest facility with explanation, that is his travel benefit.  Meaning if I decide to go to California tomorrow and go to a hospital, my travel pay for simplicity is universal calculation, from home to the nearest facility from by home, without question, it is an automatic calculation.  However, if a veteran needs a service not being rendered at the nearest VA facility, he has to get paid to go where he can get medical services.  The essence of the VA Healthcare System is guaranteed and I say again Guaranteed Healthcare the life of that veteran. Therefore, before the transportation reimbursement can be calculated, why and where that veteran got healthcare has to be accessed.  That is the healthcare guarantee and the nearest facility policy is the minimum and not maximum reimbursement standards.

70.70 (8) Case by case basis:  I was mistreated by the Florida VAMC Healthcare System for over 6 to 7 years.  It is documented that I I Baker Act by Br. Borden about 20 to 25 times and never claimed homicidal of suicidal ideations Neglect at best and perhaps criminal and we can allow the FBI to determine this.  Dr. Borden whom I fired and have not seen in over 18 months, was giving out false medical information to Florida Hospital Orlando. My request is on a case by case basis, because I AM being denied in essence even the most basic medical services in Florida and criminally abuse. And I have the right to medical care under the VAMC Healthcare system, which is being denied and a criminal complaint is in the process of being filed.

What the VA did to determine how to reimburse travel is implemented 5 U.S.C. 5702.

This US Code has an intent that applies to how and why reimbursement is made and everything also applies to veterans, but at a 50% rate to include lounging. It was designed for a person like me, how is displaced and needs financial help to complete my purpose for visiting, regardless as to if it is even medical related, burn if at anything medical help becomes needed this system applies to all veterans. I get full toll for all receipt I produce under 70.20 (a)

Therefore, as long as I am in Augusta, GA, upon a visit to the hospital I get lounging at the rate of 50% what employees get but what are advantage is, is that our trip does not have to be job related, but it could be to do a job search.  Landing a job, who require relocation, so in many cases employment for then traveler would be solution.

Reimbursement for travel comes out to: $83 per visit, plus lounging at 50% employees rate per day, plus all tolls I can support with a receipt. This is there law that is intended to help all veterans and not just Jesus Christ.  That is while I AM here per visit.  meaning every time, I get an appointment to the Augusta, GA VAMC Healthcare System, I get paid around trip from Avon Park, FL to Bay Pines, FL., but I still get paid my initial transportation reimbursement from Avon Park, Florida to Augusta, GA.


Rev. Frank Paul Jones – Messiah


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