Lil Elijah Robert Operation Teamwork P.S. 1776©

Queensbridge Houses

The Queendom of God & his Birthplace aka The Queensbridge Projects, in Long Island City, New York

Lil Elijah Robert Operation Teamwork P.S. 1776©

Lovin U


A group of concerned parents’ band together unlike any passed black movement. After seeing daily reports of the many children being shot in the back in the streets of everywhere America, in a world where everyone knows several people deemed mentally ill or called crazy by white society. Where it is common to see people sick from diseases and dying, whereby almost 100,000 people around America is missing, in a community where it was discovered that nobody who dies gets buried. A community where over 80% of the community is considered illiterate and unemployment is everybody needs a job but a very small amount of people. A community where almost everyone seems to be selling drugs and the community turned good people into King Solomon Prostitutes.

This is the story told from change, to be used as a reference to solutions. This is the story meant to transform Black Community Everywhere into caring and loving people who have come to the conclusion, enough is enough and it is time to stand up and fight for Justice, Peace and Love. These are the adventures of Lil Elijah – A Spirit Child of God – D.B.A. Jesus Christ®

  • Executive Producer: The Queendom of Jesus Paul Messiah, INC
  • Sitcom Life Expectancy: September 2016 – September 2022
  • Rated: PG – For Adult (Grown) Language
  • A BET Channel Television Sitcom Series
  • Directed by: Sinbad (The Comedian – Upon Approval by Queendom
  • Music Director & Music Training: Queen of Queens Alicia
  • Choreography & Dancing Scenes: Queen of Queens Beyoncé’

Staring & Cast Selections:

  • The cast from A Different World & Queensbridge P.S. 76 and more:
  • Introducing: Prince Elijah Paul Jones as Lil Elijah son of Queens of Queens Alicia Eva & Prince Earl Frank Jones son of Queen of Queens Janet Beyonce.
  • And the: Southside Crew and  “The Good Boys” became Made Men

A MGM/Disney-World & Queendom Production

  • Location Southside Redevelopment Area, (SRA Studios) Avon Park, FL. In Association with MGM/Disney Orlando, FL.
  • Location the Lakeside Community Studios
  • A Queendom of Jesus Paul Messiah, INC Association Relationship
  • A Bill Cosby Project in Association Relationship


All Territories must be vetted by my Top Agents and Sanctioned by the Corporation. There is just too much damn faggot shit going on.

North of Tampa/St. Pete, Orlando and Daytona Rural and Military Bases

Tampa/St. Petersburg: The CRIPS – The Heads – Mark Jackson and Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent

Orlando: The LES Crew Dahoud and Rashawn Jones 

Daytona Beach – IBM/Microsoft – Sam Lawhorne and Kevin Jackson

Lake Wales: The A.P. Crew – Hon. Min. Frank Muhammad Zulu – C.O.P. Locale.

Avon Park – Jesus Christ – The Stronghold

The 5th Division – Avon Park

Sebring QB – The Felton Crew

Lake Placid – The Supply Depot and NASA  – Moves the Supplies up Towards Lake Wales

40 miles radius below Lake Placid towards Miami, the Supplies and Storage Depot – Under WWJ Protection, INC

Wakulla – Marion and Darion Jones of Q. of Q. Aaliyah

Winter Haven – Daddy O and P. Diddy Jones 

Lakeland – The Old Skol Crew

From Miami and up the Supplies Line – Zulus and Hebrews Haitian and Cuban Communities United.

Jesus Christ

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