The Research and Execution of the REAL ID Act of 2005

Daddy P

Breaking News – The Research and Execution of the REAL ID Act of 2005

Research and Historical Data Gathering:

  • Confirm the AMTRAK Love Train of 10 is up and running and secure.
  • Confirm and assign interpersonal controls at Federal or AMTRAK Union leva at all Love Train Hubs.
  • Establish proper procedure and verification of all commuters at Homeland Security Data Based linked to the Federal Oversight of all DMV in every state of the Union, under The REAL ID Act which should now be in full effect.
  • The REAL ID Act Veterans Advantage under the United States Constitution is simple.


Do the research this is out of my head but on point.

The Execution of the REAL ID Act of 2005

  • Under the REAL Act understand the interpretation and the research document already exist to prevent the infiltration of French Foreign Legion offensive at out Nationwide DMV.
  • A veteran only requires a U.S Department of Veterans Affairs – VA Healthcare Enrollee ID, you know the new VA health care ID & Verification’s any VA Clinic under Martial Law, which without VA assistance to accomplish the same level of authentications, two more credentials, to establish a birth record, a social security card and minimum health insurance identification.
  • But the problem is people cannot ever get everything for state to state (A CONSPIRACY), meanwhile people from all over the world get State ID and driver licenses with only a passport? Come on! At a minimum you need an unexpired VISA, a I think it is a I-94 and documentation of every stop you made beginning with you home of origin and something else, not really need to know to prove and explain my offensive.
  • All these people have is an ID based on a Passport. That simple. Yet we cannot gain citizenship from state to state. Meaning they are restricting the movement of America. This can make us defenseless.
  • Yet they are all illegal aliens under REAL ID Act of 2005.
  • Now we start paying veterans travel pay and nationwide appointment in different VA facilities nationwide, which the real intent of the VA Network and configuration, but they are doing it and the Real veteran cannot.
  • And under the REAL Act of 2005 they admit exist, but simply misinterpreted.
  • The purpose is to defend our hotel establishments and transportation systems first.
  • The Mission is simple, start arresting anyone suspected as being wrong, who has a state ID based on Fraud and lack American Citizenship.
  • The REAL ID Act of 2005 is an Anti-Terrorism Act, for what is happening right now. And they are as stupid and arrogant as to use it against me. They should have hid this shit.


Made Simple and Proved:

The REAL ID Act of 2005, basically confirms the truth of a Veteran. A veteran is the first and last line of the defense of our nation. Only in a nation under foreign control can a veteran lose his rights as a free man.  The Transportation Reimbursement Act confirm America commitment to the United States Veteran, by saying under the Union Agreement a veteran by law gets 50% lounging and gas money that a Veterans Affairs Employee gets. Under the agreement is a quid pro quo arrangement meaning if the Worker gets it the Veteran gets it.   Freedom simply means the right to travel throughout the Union free of cost. And that is the Veterans benefit in a nutshell.

Furthermore, under the REAL ID Act of 2005, the United States Veteran, who entered prior to 1 January 1977 and has the old GI Bill and citizens who have their original birth certificate are the only people in America who can verify their birth, which is required to be a citizen in America.  A certified birth certificate, does not satisfy the requirements to prove an original ever existed.

Only a Veteran of the Arms Forces under the old GI bill is in fact an American Citizen under the REAL ID Act of 2005.  Therefore the Veteran must enforce it for all Americans under the Emancipation of 4 July 2015.


DBA Jesus Christ – GOTA 

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