The Queendom Queens of Jesus, Son’s & Friends Music Videos

Daddy P

The Queendom Queens of Jesus Christ Videos Collections in Progress

The Queendom Queens of Jesus – Sons – Friends Music Videos Collections

Natalie Cole Music Videos 


Janet Jackson Music Videos

Nicki Minaj Videos

Beyoncé Music Videos

Alicia Keys Music Videos

Aaliyah Music Videos

Whitney Houston Music Videos

Mariah Carey Music Videos

Mary J. Blige Music Videos

Jennifer Lopez Music Videos

Faith Evens Music Videos


Rihanna Music Videos

Britney Spears Music Videos

Faith  Music Videos

Toni Braxton Music Videos

Queen Latifah Music Videos

Missy Elliott Music Videos


Brandy Music Videos

Brandy Soul Train Performance  2016

Ciara Music Videos

Solange Music Videos

Tatyana Music Videos

Ashanti Music Videos 

Zendaya Music Videos


Nazi Rah

Meet Zirah for two years, I could not consummate her. Last time I saw her, she went to telling everyone I impregnated her by the Spirit. I bought her a bus ticket and have not seen her since.  She be singing Zendaya songs, but cannot read so she recites them.



Imani – She I need to meet soon.  I AM not sure about Zira. She obeys Dahoud before me and calls him daddy.  Me, she will not even touch.  I met Renee on the bus headed to Denver and they had to kick me off the bus, because at first sight, we was about to get in on in the bus, once it got dark and the bus driver knew and we was under Homeland Security.

Destiny Child Music Videos

Latoya Jones Music Videos

Diana Ross Music Videos

Preacher’s Wife the Soundtrack

 capstone-zulu2PS: 118:22

Jimmy Durante was my composer and these are my copyrights


Josephine Jones as Baker aka Tracy Momma Patelia   Meet Josephine out of Newark, N.J.

That makes it Blond Eva, Virgie Katherine and Josephine Podolia?  Wow, wow, wow-wow.  See Jimmy was a drunk punk ass Serpent and Daddy Pee, was on the move.

Ella Fitzgerald Music Videos

Frank Sinatra

Dean Martin

Sammy Davis Jr

Duke Ellington Music Videos

Louis Armstrong

Miles Davis and John Coltrane

Ray Charles Music Videos

Marley Marl Music Videos

L.L. Cool Jones


Dahoud – The Prodigal Son aka Morris Child for Rothschild son of who?  Satan?

j  Edgar Hoover a Rothschild Family

All lyrical Content by Shawn “The Lying Ass” Carter BLACKBALLED – Copyrights Dahoud Smith

The Dumb Ass Nigger in Red – AKA Jay-Z who recites for him and read or write

Will Smith

NAS Jones

Tupac Shakur

Additional Performances:

King Michael John Jones aka MJJ

King Prince Music Videos

R Kelly Music Videos

Baby Face Music Videos

Baby Face and  L.A. Reid Productions Music Videos

P Diddy Productions Music Videos

Chris Brown Music Videos – They are all my sons but this one I have to say, he is my son, behind that Rihanna shit. OK?  Damn!

Teddy Riley Videos

Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis Hits Music Videos

Morris? aka Day  and the Time Music Videos

New Edition Music Videos

Lil Wayne Music Videos

50 Cent Music Videos

Redman Music Videos

Drake Music Videos

Dr. Dre Music Videos

Snoop Doggy Dogg

NWA Music Videos

Suge Knight and Death Row Music Videos

Curtis Mayfield Music Videos  

Method Man, Redman and Wu Tan Clan Music Videos

All Tyrese Music Videos

Ja  Rule Music Videos

Craig Mack Music Videos

Notorious B.I.G Music Videos

Public Enemy Music

 Jodeci music videos

Ludacris Music Videos

Biz Markie Music Videos

Outkast Music Videos

Justin Baber Music Videos

Boys to Men Music Videos

The New Jack Era Music Videos

New Jack Music Videos

Earth Wind and Fire

The Gap Band Music Videos

War Music Videos

Stevie Wonder Music Videos

Brian McKnight Music Videos

Carlos Santana Music Videos

The Isley  Brothers Music Videos

Ernie Isley Music Videos 

Jimmy Hendrix Music Videos

George Duke and Stanley Clarke Music Videos

Lionel Richie Music Videos

Otis Redding  Music Videos

The Reddings Otis Sons

I met them in Germany for some reason I could not blow them up.  They was going to kill them. We drank in the EM club.  I had to  hide them and they was so afraid them, it bring tears tom my eyes.   They must know something. I did not forget them.

Larry Blackman Music Videos

Cameo Music Videos

Cameo Lead  singer met me working at the Frank Stand in the subway. He came to Corona while I was living with Uncle Brother (Elijah) he says lets start a new bank.  Larry is a fraud, he is a faggot and kick me out for being gay.  He claimed had relations with him, so  guess he came to try me. I did not believe him.  That is what happened.  he bought me a brand new Fleetwood Cadillac purple, but my favorite color was always blue.  I had no driver license, so I did not need a car and was going to  Technical Careers Institute to study electronics and he seemed very faggot, so I said no.  Then I was told I could trade it in, so I asked about my car, but Joe the Son of Vera, stole it.  She is a Fogle and they stole everything they have.  They even tried for steal my Church the Church of God by Faith and appoint a faggot over the Church build for the only living God.

All Cameo Copyrights goes  to  Otis Redding Sons, the Reddings. he stole from them.  All of this work is due to their contributions.

Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes. 

All Teddy Pendergrass copyrights goes to Harrold Melvin – Proof is simple.

On March 18, 1982, in the East Falls section of Philadelphia on Lincoln Drive near Rittenhouse Street, Pendergrass was involved in an automobile accident. He lost control of his Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit – the car hit a guard rail, crossed into the opposite traffic lane, and hit two trees. Pendergrass and his passenger, Tenika Watson, a nightclub performer with whom Pendergrass was not previously acquainted, were trapped in the wreckage for 45 minutes. While Watson walked away from the accident with minor injuries, Pendergrass suffered a spinal cord injury, leaving him a paraplegic, paralyzed from the chest down.

How he do anything since 18 March 1982?

Teddy Pendergrass Music Videos

Isaac Hayes Music Videos

Al Green Music Videos

Paul McCartney and the Wings Music Videos

Mick Jagger and David Bowie Music Videos

Ronald Isley Music Videos

Kool and the Gang Music Videos

Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly

Johnny “Guitar” Watson

Mint Condition

Marvin Gaye Music Videos

The Four Tops

Bobby Womack Music Videos

The Jackson’s Music Videos

Stevie Wonder Music Videos

Elton John Music Videos

Ray Parker Jr. Music Videos

James Brown Music Videos

Sam Cooke Gospel Music Videos

Sam Cooke and the Soul Stirrers

Sam Cooke Greatest Hits

George Clinton – Funkadelic



Kiss Music Videos

Sly and the Family Stone

Graham Central Station Music Videos

Zapp and Roger Music Videos

The Beatles

Little Richard Music Videos

Luther Vandross Music Videos

Elvis Presley Music Videos

Albert King Music Videos

The Rolling Stones Music Videos

B.B. King Music Videos

Smokey Robinson Music Videos


Barry White Music Videos


Johnny Cash Music Videos

The Temptations

The Ohio Players

The Commodores Music Videos


The Bee Gees Music Videos

Blue Magic Music Videos

Gladys Knight and the Pips

Aretha Franklyn Music Videos

Patti Labelle

Erykah Badu

Barbra Streisand Music Videos

The Supremes Music Videos

Madonna Music Videos

MC Lyte Music Videos

Foxy Brown Music Videos

D.B.A. Jesus Christ Presentation


Approved & Endorsed by God

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