Breaking News – Who is Aaliyah Jones? & Fact Pattern


Aaliyah Jones, Tyra Jones and, & their Mother – Natalie Maria Jones aka Natalie Cole aka Claire Jones

Hot Like Fire

One in A Million

Carol Murray or Aaliyah?  Patricia Murray or Tyra Banks: The last time I saw Aaliyah was in Sandersville, GA, in about November 2015.  Since, I have sent in my rescue teams.  They need spirit children there, because if it was to be bombed with 5.5 Million tons of pure fertilizer coming out of the Earth for the next 300 years, an explosion would be the real life Battle-star Galactica.

The Wire a HBO Series Explains a lot about what happened:

Understanding: Black Hollywood is our underground railroad:

Fact Pattern:

  1. Natalie Cole Story – Claims her father is Nate “The Dope Kingpin” Cole – He is never home on Christmas, because he be working.  But he did not get rich off of Christmas Carole’s but from selling dope and Christmas day is the big shipment day.
  2. Nate the Kingpin Cole Died from AIDS.
  3. Natalie would say, I’d rather die smoking to not ne defiled and she knew they planned for her to catch AIDSs.
  4. She broke the legacy, when she song inseparable, so it all had to go to her.
  5. Then Aaliyah shows up in WASHINGTON, DC. The Wire is a long story.  But when the Female Police got shot, they thought it was the civil rights leader.  If you listen Jesus Christ showed up and those bad guys go it.
  6. Then Faggot Police who takes all 12 inches from James Wingfield of Fort Polk 3/19th FA.  He is called Fuck-Man.  Then Boo Green alleged son Johnathan Green, is son of Fuck-man and June McAfee and Judy Evorna Thompson, who fraudulent married me, make this RICO.  Fork Polk, Washington DC, New York City and Avon Park, coordinated operations.
  7. American Gangster.  Frank Lucas is Chris Bush of the 40th side of 10th street.  he got in, due to the Rockefeller Laws, make Dope peddling a fine for juveniles and life sentences to adults.
  8. The Big Frank Lucas bust was about April 1975, when we ended the conflict
  9. Found no bodies and could not take him down without the world knowing Vietnam was a dope smuggling operation and there was no war.
  10. From 1975 – at least 1979, who was the Bartender at the Spot?  Chris Bush, he had to be wearing a wire.
  11. Danny Bush told me yesterday, Donald Murray is home, to bury his sister. So I guess it is Michael Lou and Donald.  While Keith Wilson is P Diddy and that dude Cad is not my son, as in Billie Jean, L.L. Cool was raised in the house with P. Diddy.  He would not let me con him out of his first gold chain, so I said he can keep it.
  12. Crazy shit, NaQuila so loved Aaliyah, this is how I found her picture.  Now NaQuila is Joe Hardy daughter and Egeria is her mother.  And fake Joe Hardy is Chris Bush, I think Danny is an uncle.  Joe Hardy, the real Joe Hardy is Nicky Barnes the Undercover Brother.  And his aunt is Josephine Baker and I AM Jesus Christ, we are the riches family in the world, so why would we kill our Keepers.  “You don’t work, you don’t eat,” I preach, but this dope filled world says, you don’t work you eat and if you work, you will starve.  Taxes, taxes and more damn taxes and her is some dope to ease the pain.

The Natalie Cole Story


The Wire Season One

Greggs get shot and she was the roommate of Aaliyah.

McNulty visits Greggs at hospital.  That she person is Aaliyah Jones and do she not look just like Chili of TLC, just a few years older.

DBA Jesus Christ

DBA Jesus Christ – General of the Army

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