The Foundation to the Preservationist Economic Structure

The Foundation to the Preservationist Economic Structure


The Capstone Zulu: Palms: 118:22

Sinners Make me Sick

What Kind of Man

By: DBA Jesus Christ

Anything blessed by God gives 10% to charity. So the first thing we must do to develop an economic structure and solicit 10% or about that amount to have the supplies and logistics to carry God’s plans for the world in fiscal year 2017-18. It should be in services, production processes and many other types of gifts.

Major Issues and Production Processes in Consideration:

  1. Media to attract People to God and not Distract them. a) the Paul Castellano Studio, the introduction to DST (Digital Studio Technology) and the understanding of VST (Virtual Studio Technology)

  2. The Eradication of Diseases. a) AIDS b) Drug Addiction. c) Untying Tubes

    d) Circumcisions.

  3. Ending Illiteracy and Appointing Persons requiring advocacy must receive an Advocate to allow the proper due process of law in America.

  4. The Emancipation of Prisoners of War – The Judicially injured and therefore disenfranchised. We have over 6,000,000 in jails and prisons.

The Establishment of the Subsidization World Currency:

The current economy is based on $250 trillion, but there is only $10 Trillion in Gold to back it. So to prevent the destruction of our economic system, I had to replace the $10 trillion in Gold to replace it with $250 Trillion in Diamond Bricks.

On that day it will become: Z250 Trillion for $10 Trillion in diamond Bricks. This means Z1 Blue Dough to $25 Green Dollars.

The Financial Supports for Governance:

God 10% Union Governance 5% State Governance 5% Municipality Governance 5%

City and Local Governance 5% Universal Healthcare 5% The Production Process 65%

World Commodity Trade

Using the old bartering system. Everyone makes an overall agenda based on God’s agenda in support of our economic structure. The Preservationist Economic Structure is based on, preservation of natural resources to include all of the Universe. To not be wasteful and to know that abundance comes from accumulation and not repeated purchases of the same gag it over and over, while tossing the old into my land fills.


When Pres. George Washington crossed the Delaware, it was historically, because he crossed in during the Ice Age. Then came the industrial revolution and coal and then came the automobile Industry and now it is too hot. But by controlling how we maintain energy resources, we can control the weather. We must travel the Universe in due diligence and with Sound Mind and Memory.

With ownership of these specific entities;

  1. MY FLORIDA CORPORATION, INC. – All the nonprofits in the charity state

  2. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People – The NAACP – The chamber of commerce nationwide trade.House of God Plate

    How can anyone deny this is my house – My name is on it – Proof Mona gave birth to Tatyana (Ali) and Jada (Pickett) Mona is daughter to Malcolm X and if I was 6 years old and she was 13 and 4 days, how did that make Elijah a child molester?  I AM Michael Jackson too. He hate being black and Elijah just wants to kill all the crackers? Yea right!  But it is all about me?  Yet. I stay homeless, without one true friend, get rob, spit on, called names and now we need to make up, but charity starts at the home and charity is love. I need to mend my brother home and I really do not need you at all, all you want is my attention away from whom I was sent to and meant to pay ATTENTION TO!  So how is it about me who you take from and not he who you give my shit to.

    3. Masjid Muhammad, INC – These are properties built for me in the name of Elijah Muhammad – It is the House of God and I appeared as Elijah the Prophet, aka Elijah Muhammad. In that name I billed myself, not as God, but as a messenger of God.

    4. Jesus Christ, INC. Is my Eternal DBA – Do Business As Jesus Christ – Title: God. This name is above the Written Code, the United States Constitution and is the name infallible.


5 Stars

DBA Jesus Christ – The only Living God

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