Real Janet D. Jones v. Fake Perverted Freak Janet


Real Janet D. Jones v. Fake Perverted Freak Janet

Yummy, Yummy – The Beat

www.DBAJesusChrist.Org  Coming Son

Janet Jackson Missing Two Years! Janet Jackson Dead?

Written on – Monday, May 25, 2015

Janet Jackson Missing for Two Years Plus According to Police Report

Reported by: Rev. Frank Paul Jones aka Apostle Paul Castellano bka Jesus Christ

Anyone who is a fan of Janet Jackson in Los Angeles should stand in front of the Havenhurst Mansion and demand to see Janet and Katherine. Because that driveway is public property they cannot make you move, that is how I constructed it. Anyone who hate Nazi aggression, ask the News Media why they told nobody about this police report. All Leaders of all Communities let the world know about the JDL aggression to extort Hollywood. The world must know. Everyone who receives this post on Facebook, please re-blog this post to friends.

First I will share my test message to the White House yesterday on Memorial Day 25 May 2015.

Today is the day to remember our falling heroes. Sure many men died in the military but many more died that never got the honor of wearing a uniform. They were buried in Potters Field and this will be the last year they go unrecognized, even if it means personally visiting their burial ground on this day every year.

The Real Janet D. Jones – The Red Head – AKA Lori – Beau – Boo

Bottom (r) Jeanette Smith    (L)Beyoncé Giselle – (R) Alicia Keys

Far (r) Tina a Photo Generation

Jeanette and her Girl

Jeanette Smith and Friend

Understand the plot.  My children are in the photo together bottom right, minus Tina to the far right.  Janet can to visit me in Florida and NaQuila was living with me.  NaQuila did not know her, but insisted Janet Jackson is a rapitalli at bottom left.  And Jeanette Smith is also Missy Elliott at top right and there is no Tupac Shakur, my son is John Singleton.  All these consistent lies had the whole would confused.

DBA Jesus Christ – The Only Living God

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