The Malcolm X Conclusion

To: Mona and Angie & The Queendom of Jesus Christ

From: DBA Jesus Christ

RE: The Malcolm X Conclusion

Date: 27 June 2017

The payment schedule for SSDI in June of 2017 is Friday the 30th. So I should get paid tomorrow and for SSI it is today. Strange???

For some reason I feel I just was in the presence of Malcolm X. He is about what 6 feet or maybe 6.1?+ and is the same complexion as Frank C. Jones. I noticed his body movement and he would be about as old as he appeared to be.

He seemed to be a little homosexual in demeanor. I listened to him talk and his rational and he is more like Timothy then of anyone else. I remember when I first met my son name Malcolm- Louis and asked why would someone name you that, These guys are adversaries. And the first think he asked was, do I have to kill Louis Farrakhan for killing Malcolm X? And he said, his step-father is Louis Farrakhan friend. I said, I lost no-one the Father has sent. Malcolm is not dead.

Malcolm said he lived him the projects all his life. His maid is like very rough around the edges and the boy who he seems to feed is here now, but I do not think they are coming back. The Red Dude is next to me now, I think I was supposed to meet him. I cannot make a move on this,

  1. Have someone come and identify the guy sleeping all the way in the back of the waiting area, near the Fire Hose, He is his boy. And the one next to me up front behind the painting Peter Ruta to his right, I think he was supposed to get abandoned. Why? He is homeless and probably is lost and Malcolm tried to set me up. How I know? See, sometimes I go to pissing and cannot hold it. Especially as a result of being faithful. I AM pissing like crazy.

An officer got pissed saying I pissed on his care. I did not, I pissed between two cares. So he want off on me and I said little back and said, I do not have time for this and walked off. But his cleanup lady, said sadly, they usually give you a fine and tell you that you cannot come back. All he did was ran me offhand said, I did not put you out in the cold. He was right, it was not cold, but I woke up cold.

Malcolm tells me, they can help you on the 17th floor. That is the psychiatric ward. He said, they have X-Cons working here and laughed. He says, I know, I arrested some of them. That was funny too. I was thinking he was informing me, but he was bragging about his evil deeds.

You have Dr. King Blvd and you each Malcolm X Blvd. But not one Jesus Christ Street or Prophet Elijah Avenue. See? And they sure hate Louis.

The scripture asked, Am I my brother’s keeper. See when a brother dies or does not have children, the Hebrews would have a brother do it for him. But Malcolm was not dead to begin with. In fact, I think he was just down the block. And I was mad the whole time I was here. But often at the end of every journey, I understand why I had to do what I had to do, in the aftermath. If I AM right, I found out the truth about Malcolm X and he was no hero. Meaning Mona and Angie are probably of Frank C., whereby Mona would be Eva and Angie Dante Mother, Ms. Rodriquez? I do not know, but no man would leave his children behind, say he is dead and not be dead, drink everyday straight Vodka or Gin one, feed a punk ass bitch, while leaving his children think they belonged to some old man who is dead. They was ever supposed to find me?????

DBA Jesus Christ

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