The State of New York City

The State of New York City


It is almost to this Point – Be Aware


Every 5 Minutes one of these is Hunting for Food

VAMC Manhattan

I was told they are holding people on the17th Floor

Saint Valentines day massacre

You think they are Police, because of the uniforms and guns & badges, but they are Lawless and threatens patients.

The Police Officers seem to be foreigners and convicted felons

The French Foreign Legion

The Foreign Legion of France is a military service wing of the French Army established in 1831, unique because it was exclusively created for foreign nationals willing to serve in the French Armed Forces. Commanded by French officers, it is also open to French citizens, who amounted to 24% of the recruits as of 2007.

Chase ATM

Security Guards at the ATM Machines at Night

The Population density is low and the people in New York City seems to be afraid.  I believe this place has already been hit hard, but not total annihilation yet.  I got to keep on moving.

5 Stars

DBA Jesus Christ – The Only Living God


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