Locale and Report


To: The Queendom

From: DBA Jesus Christ

28 June 2017

RE: Locale and Report

Breaking News – Letter of Distress Received by F.E.E.T. Of COP Locale 462 headed to establish COP Locale number 31.

Fayetteville, N.C. Now the home of the 5th Division (The Diamond Corps). Seems friendly and you can spend food-stamp right across the street from the bus station. Got plenty of munchies for less then $20.

Augusta, GA in a few hours, hope cabby is waiting. Saw someone, not sure, because I think I just saw her about 3 months ago. Major changes makes what I know is not dated properly seem true.

Will finish my report later if not by tomorrow morning. And will call at some point to let  them know I AM coning in tonight or fore-day in the  morning. Might get a cut rate or something, but most certainly something will be ready at off hours  for me,.

I AM on Sound-Stages.  They switched me at Fayetteville and I was supposed to switch at Florence.  So the changed my plans,  The bus driver just said, they are blocking all the exits.  This my be another kidnapping???

5 Stars

DBA Jesus Christ – The Only Living God



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