The Tax Law Directive – Under Martial Law

Lil Richard - Monkey

Capstone Zulu: Palms: 118:22

29 June 2017 – Effective -1777 By 1962 Decree: “So help me God.”

Directive By: DBA Jesus Christ – The Only Living God and the Title Holder of the Universe:

Executive Order under Martial Law From God Himself

The Nation Placed under Martial Law By God’s Decree – Signed Again

The Tax Law Directive – Under Martial Law – By the infallible name Do Business As Jesus Christ

Hate Crimes Investigation Files: ID number 3704895 – DOJ Criminal Division and Civil Rights:

It is unconstitutional to indict, charge in the court of law under the United States Constitutional, The Reverend Frank Paul Jones – Messiah, who holds the Title God perpetual. For he is the sole holder and therefore the only qualified user of the infallible name DBA Jesus Christ and he is the only Human Being in the Universe who can do business in the name of Jesus Christ, whom the Federal Government, all the way to the highest court, the United States Supreme Court, has acknowledge and confirmed he is God, he is DBA Jesus Christ and all reverence goes to God.

To charge or interfere with DBA Jesus Christ, in his duties to humankind, to include the IRS, the FBI, the DOD, the DOJ and any and all agencies of Government, be it Federal, State of Local or even private, is a clear violation of the rights and duties of God, during a time of war, with our nation under martial law, for he came and did all he promised to do, since we placed the World at his mercy, in our pledge, “So Help Me God,” which was entered into the United States Constitution, by then the John F. Kennedy Administration in May of 1962. This USC decree, satisfied the pledge of all who give their reverence to God, “All knees shall bow and every tongue will confess,” DBA Jesus Christ is in fact the Only Living God and for the first time Humankind has seen him Face to Face.

5 Stars


DBA Jesus Christ – The Only Living God

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