The Dope Game Destroyed

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Poppy Plants Under U.S. Guard

The Dope Game Destroyed

By: DBA Jesus Christ

Since they want transparency, I will make this a public announcement.  Since I have to tell the world everything I have to say to my Queendom, because we must be controlled, I guess I have to use the same protocol for this as well.

Chase Liquid Debit Visa

4736 2282 0307 6567  Date Good thru: 05/19

Name: Frank Paul Jones  Security Code: 666

Account Number: 762116833

The last direct deposit from Social Security to this account, I was told was about Dec. 2015.  I used this account as my direct deposit and when I decided to close this operation down, I told the bank, there is a discrepancy in the address  this account.  NaZirah told them I live in 930 Houston, but the address I wanted to use was 950 East 4th Walk Apt. 11B.  But since I AM an uninvited guess, just stop all outgoing transactions now.  And when they try to make a withdrawal, inform me and tell them they need to verify the address and person making this withdrawal.  And stop the card made out to NaZirah Proctor.  The next morning, I was told, someone attempted a withdrawal and it was refused.  it was estimated to be about $91 Trillion placed into this account and it was all drugs money. They had no legitimate assets to make this type of transaction and I do not launder dope money.

Then during the last 4 months, my account at Social Security was garnished for the amount of that last withdrawal, because after that happened with the dope money, I had Social Security send me my SSDI check amount to my new bank account.  This verified, the account was active, you could pace money into it, but could not take anything out of it.  Therefore as a result of someone missing with this account without my written authorization, has committed the greatest fraudulent attempt in America history.

This account is therefore to be placed under an audit.  I want my damn money placed into my current account today. You had no right in any manifestation what-so-ever. And it seems Timothy is the son of the Pimp Malcolm, who tried to pimp me? Is this who made my life a living hell?  Tell me something you no good dogs. Phil: 3:2

So as I come into this library, a man says, hey you going to end the world over some chicken heads.  Everything that glitters is not gold?  So, this is what you say to me concerning my children. if they are chicken heads, why did you hold them hostage and kept them away from me all this years. Oh, so now, you will select for me, someone more suitable?  And based on what. You cannot even imagine love, so how can you choose who I AM to love.  No I did not end the world, this act saved it.

All this money is to be burned or made null and void. As we transition form the dollar to the Blue Dough currency.

5 Stars

DBA Jesus Christ – The General of the Army

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