Covert Ops Debriefing Processes

covert Operations

Covert Ops Debriefing Processes

By: DBA Jesus Christ – The Only Living God


Covert operation

According to the U.S. Department of Defense Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms, a covert operation (also as Cove-Ops or covert ops) is “an operation that is so planned and executed as to conceal the identity of or permit plausible denial by the sponsor.” It is intended to create a political effect which can have implications in the military, intelligence or law enforcement arenas.

Before you be a judge of yourselves I want everyone to begin by explaining in writing or audio or both, what they did and why.  Trust me on this (Trust only the Lord), many of you think to damn much.  In covert operations, until the debriefing, nobody really knows who is who and who is wrong, did wrong and/or who is in the right.  Or if it really matters in terms of Treasonous  acts.

Treason:  The Code is Disloyalty. Can anyone the Father has sent really be disloyal?

Treason is criminal disloyalty. Historically, in common law countries, high treason is treason against the state. It was differentiated from petty treason (or petit treason), which was treason against a lesser lawful superior (such as a servant killing his master). Petty treason was restricted to cases of homicide in 1351, and came to be considered a more serious degree of murder.

John 17:12: 

While I was with them, I protected them and kept them safe by that name you gave me. None has been lost except the one doomed to destruction so that Scripture would be fulfilled.

If I charge you with treason, it would be worst than murder and this scripture would not be fulfilled.

1. My Corporate Account should be around $1.4 Trillion. The basic Budget will be, $400 per month Food Stamps as the universal currency food currency o protect our food supplies, predict demand and control outbreaks by food distributors, $300 per day cash and $3,000 per day purchasing. This is done under the arrangement I made this morning. I have several cards already and will have to order and issue more  and budget are based on mission and living conditions and needs.

2. The universal currency for food is food stamps at $400 per month per family member.

3. Universal Healthcare is free, the goal is 99.99% employability, meaning a stronger GDP Gross Domestic Product, meaning high productivity, “you don’t work, you don’t eat.” This create a Humane incentive to create a healthy society, in body, mind and spirit.  Basically it states, if you assist in us have a GDP of Z50 Trillion at 5% healthcare, you earned Z2.5 Trillion, but if it stays like it is at $18.132, charity earned a mere $1.8 Trillion at 10% and healthcare earned $900 billion.  Period!  So by assisting in creating a society of achievers, not only you, but everyone living standards goes up.

4. The current agenda is to end homelessness, eradicate diseases and end illiteracy.  And if you see how this world has become as a result of illiteracy, you know we must teach our children how to read and write, improvise and make sound decisions..  People must learn to do their jobs based on the job descriptions and not simply doing what they are told to do. Our they will believe anything.  The New World Order Vetted

5. I have to setup and I have my new email address already.  This one is not for everyone yet. I AM not watching it and do not want people writing to it yet.

6. If anyone knows the rational we learned early, to avoid having a real enemies, sometimes you must create you own adversary.  Dante nd Vern v. Paul and Victor, the Bronze v. Brains and the Brains always won???

1. The Churchill Hotel  Washington, D.C. for $347.79  I presented to them my nonprofit exempt number and almost all the charges in Washington D.C. Hotels are taxations and I presented to them who I AM.  I requested PayPal not fulfill that transaction and was told they could not stop the payment.  In Washington D.C. the scam is they have about 25 taxes you pay when you go to a hotel.  All of them are under MY FLORIDA CORPORATION, INC.   I AM this corporation, which is all the nonprofit corporations in the Charity State of Florida under Field Order #15

2. The Econo Lodge pending transaction for $55.02 on 6/14/17, I do not even know what this is for or why my money has been in limbo so long?

3. Econo Lodge 6/13/17, I AM charged twice for the same amount of $110.09 x 2 = 220.18  a) I stayed here for 2 days only and b) They virus my computer on a secured Wi-Fi system.  See, what happened, is they turned to a thug to bypass me, I guess somehow, I became a punk ass bitch needing protecting. And as a result, instead of running stuff by me, they went to a crook asking him can they, in my shit.  The result, now you have my ingenious fucking accountants running small operations, while pretenders are robbing my Luxury Hotels.

4. I hereby report what seems to be criminal activities.  Nobody is paying rent here.  It seems they are sqaurtering my hotel and other hotels I own.  The person of concern is Dahoud Smith aka David Smith aka John “Qak” Gotti.  He is inside my Ritz Carlton in New York City on Battery Park and because of his criminal enterprising, I could not even access my own shit.  I mean this has been going on in my Hotel years ago before the court decision was made to my ownership of the all the Ritz Carlton’s and Marriott Internationals.  He is a Gambino Crime Family head.  But he is not a Gambino, I choose Carlo and not the other way around. What he did was played my smart Guys, with Wise Guys and for some reason they looked up to him and down on me. Why? They are punk motherfuckers, thing a fucking Italian is supposed to be gangsters and they are a bunch of faggot homos. The cut their fucking nuts.  And since when Dahoud could ever stand up to me?  This was bitch ass shit.  FBI = Full Blooded Italian – The Gay Mob = Faggot as snitches. They write fake ass shit about people and run that shit on the news media and have dumb motherfuckers believing their faggots ass shit. The Pope is a fucking without balls and is a fucking Bishop, yet they vow to Apollo to practice medicine?  Come on!!!

I placed the New York City Housing Authority under Martial Law and military control and I do not even have access to my Apartment.  I rightfully should have at all times to my use.  Why? That is the Jones Superstore Location.

I have the only Venders license for Food and Soda, assigned to that apartment. It means, I can sell anything scheduled as a drug at 2 and up. That includes heroin, which I plan to sent to the hospitals. a) I cure heroin addiction.  b) I need that stuff so when I have people paralyzed walk again, can you imagine the Charlie horses they are going to experience?  Plus what they get for $5 on the streets, is worth more like $25 in the hospital.  You want dope, break a leg, weed I will give you, but dope go get burned and go to the burn unit.

950 East 4th Walk Apt. 11B
New York, N.Y. 10009

They got to go: I gave that store to Nicky and Egeria:

It was a place of dope dealers.  This apartment must be evacuated immediately and I and my children giving full access and control of said apartment.  They thought they ws being slick, but the license was applied to that apartment.  See, some people was hooked and had they not had dope, they would have been in pain, pain, pain. But Heroin and cocaine addiction is cured. But when was the last cure of anything passed by the FDA.

The White House in Washington, D.C. is being controlled by the Gay Mob, the Gambino Crime Family and all unauthorized persons must be removed and arrested on RICO Act investigation. There is no Donald Trump. He is a business name without being a physical entity.  Donald Trump does not exist.  But understand who is who. The Gambino Family represented the Hebrew Jews, lawyers, doctors, judges and then came the NAZI Jews and they are these guys.

Philippians 3:2 2Watch out for those dogs, those evildoers, those mutilators of the flesh.

Image result for nurtured dog

Even this dog ain’t down with this shit

Dogs get nurtured and not circumcised.

Please be aware that all Ritz Carlton Internationals and Marriott International Luxury Hotels,  I own and is verifiable on documentation and I should be able to pay for a room to enter any and all hotels to determine the legitimacy of the management system, which are all criminal. The Fake Gambino Crime Family (Gay Mob) must be stopped. They are just taking my properties and making me sleep in the damn streets?  And you thought you made a deal with the damn Devil.

I placed Greyhound under Homeland Security Contract for the safety of our nation, any and all transactions made to Greyhound should always process.  I would like a couple of my children to travel with me regularly and under these condition and financial controls, I can begin to turn this around.  Just allow use that set amount of $300 cash per day and $3,000 in purchases from the Business Account to be able to battle all this criminal activities.  Plus $400 per month food stamps. I AM immortal and they cannot kill me, if I can make moves without always being in a financial burden,  I can end this shit and fast. Either this or give me my damn one way ticket out of this damn country. I AM tired of them fucking me up and all you’ll do is just be hiding out and doing nothing.

I know my son Lt. Gen. Jeh Johnson when I see him. If he was to stay near me,  we can setup some moves, make some forms to issue things like driver license, weapons and things people need to make moves.
I believe we have some major issues concerning unlawful sqaurtering in hotels.  It is unlawful to sqaurtering hotels.  But also I see in Washington DC those hotels under “MY FLORIDA CORPORATION, INC.” are all non-profit.  The scam is all the bills are basically tax after taxation. They have about 25 different taxes. Seriously?  Remember the scripture. “My Father has many rooms.”  OK.  So then it States a rich man will have it hard in the Kingdom of God!  Why? Because you have to be my guest.  See?
All those hotels are nonprofit.  I saw a Churchill School in New York City. They are all non-profit. How can a non-profit organization charge taxes. They are tax exempt, under 501 c 3 law and rules.  Furthermore, any nation under God, the people cannot be taxed at all.
This is also being link to PayPal. They wanted to understand the nature of my disputes. They have no authority to tax a human in a nation under God. These fools are taxing God himself. All you are paying in a Washington DC hotel is taxes. They are robbing me the owner and the people. They are merely Interlopers. And without taxation they are a bunch of broke ass bitches.
Meanwhile faggot ass Dahoud done punk my crew of brainiest. He had them running to him to get by coming to me. A fucking step up placed them at the bottom and me out of the fucking picture. Calling themselves protecting me from those big bad Wise-Guys. And those bitches are all a bunch of fucking faggots.
Now as for sqaurtering:
In Florida and Georgia, you can squatter not only homes but farms and land. See, they can handle cold and we cannot. But now Zika will fuck their asses up. They are hiding in prisons and spraying for bugs (Zika Mosquitoes) at 2 AM every night.  Zika will kill them. So they use VVT to convince us they are out there. But they are weak now. Very weak. So they shut everything down now, especially in the south. Then during the cold months say business as usual.
We have to start moving now. And under what the 2nd Amendment bear arms to protect our property. I will sign a bill enforcing this right and pardon whoever needs a pardon to bear arms.  See?  Then we need to establish gated communities.
By Winter we will have many strongholds in Florida and Georgia. And say come on you bitches ass motherfuckers try taking it.

Black Caesar
I think they call themselves doing the Robin Hood act. Stealing from the rich to give to the poor. But they was really stealing from me and themselves. I told Shorty to go with me to see Black Caesar. No! He had to go and see James Bond. See Caesar is the tax collector. A tax collector owns nothing. See? They was just stealing from me and turning my shit into ghettoes. Why? If you stealing from my house and say hey you want this here? You make an honest person dishonest and he becomes just as guilty as the person who broke into my home. He turned all my neighbors into thieves. Black Caesar. The Black Godfather. But I AM God the Father. And not a fucking Devil.
The key to stopping them is Kiosk. They have an exchange system and Super-max is in Highlands County and not Springfield, MO.  The extort people for commissary and tell them if you do not do as I say, somebody will visit you at your home. Yea, they tried Beyoncé Giselle right before my eye, 50 phone calls in one day. Cut off their exchange system and outside communications and they are at our mercy. The jails in Florida, everything in Florida is nonprofit and all charity goes to God. I own MY FLORIDA CORPORATION, INC. and I AM, Jesus Christ, INC, meaning I get 10% of the GDP as charity and charity love  and God is Love.  Right!!!
Lastly, remember who placed So Help Me God into the United States Constitution. JFK. And that was their defeat. They took all my shit in the name of Paul and had to give it back in the name of Jesus Christ.
        5 Stars
DBA Jesus Christ – The Only Living God
              General of the Army
                     Jesus Christ

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