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The Decision of Habitation of Macon, Augusta and Sandersville City, GA

Jesus Christ the 11th Hour Alicia Keys Ent. Version

By: DBA Jesus Christ – The only Living God

Elijah Muhammad file 4 or 20

Page 28 the Conception and page 76 the Birth.  They thought Frank C. was Elijah Muhammad, but I AM Elijah Muhammad and he become aka Frank White?

Frank Had a Cadillac of the 1950’s to those who remembered.  See?  Frank C. is not my Father, I AM Frank Jones and I AM Frank Paul Jones, because I has to do the Apostle Paul Castellano of Castellamere, Del Golfo, Sicily on the asses.

Smooth Gangster

Hot Like Fire

A Directive of DBA Jesus Christ


Name The NAACP Name Masjid Muhammad, INC Name Jesus Christ Certificate MY Florida Corporation, INC.

Sandersville City is the Garden of Eden. I was conceived there on 27 June 1958. Are you for me or against me? And three years prior, what provoke this announcement was in Austria, she declared herself a neutral government as to say, “Are you for me or against me? And exactly 8 months after I was conceived in the womb of Blond Eva Austin, I was born in the Kingdom of God. Long Island City and Manhattan are above the foundation rock. This diamond is figuratively the size of the moon, proving we are the beginning of civilization, because it took 380 million years for this rock to form. As too, in the Garden of Eden of Fort Sandersville City, GA., it took about 10 million years to form below the surface of this land, all the fertilizer in the world. Yes, for the next 300 years, on an average, in Fort Sandersville City, 5.5 million tons of fertilizer will come up to the surface of the Garden of Eden.

What will be a Haven of Spirit will be a safety hazard says Sir Moon-Walker Whoever, the archeologist. “Man think about it, how flames will just pop out of the Earth upon a mortal. True that, who can a non-spirit possibly survive within the areas of such high energy?

  1. a person who studies human history and prehistory through the excavation of sites and the analysis of artifacts and other physical remains:

    The Birthright of Jesus Christ and his Spirit Children: 

    Sandersville is known as the “Kaolin Capital of the World.” One of Georgia’s most important minerals, kaolin is a white, alumina-silicate clay used in hundreds of products ranging from paper to cosmetics to the nose cones of rockets.

    Kaolin is also used in medicines, paints and many other products, all of which are shipped around the world. At the end of the 20th century, kaolin was an $800 million business and Georgia’s largest volume export. Mining companies have reclaimed and restored more than 80 percent of the land that has been stripped since 1969. The lie is it is more like $1 Trillion or $800 Billion and current highway robbery.

    Proof: On Wiki: Kaolin production in 2011 was above 5.5 million tons at about $128 per pound. Elijah and Robert was born in the Garden of Eden and this is the fertilizer of the world. They planned to implode the world, but there is where the Spirit who left is at and where we are you cannot explode nuclear bombs or any weapon of mass destruction. You’ll are broke because your money is in Sandersville, GA. I told you Louis was hoodwinked. It took about 10 million for this fertilizer to form.

    About 2.5 million tons of kaolin is shipped annually from Georgia’s “white gold” belt in 13 counties along the fall line that girdles the mid-portion of the state.  This is less than half of the years natural production annually.

    Mineralogists say that 50 to 100 million years ago, particles of kaolin or aluminum silicate were washed down from the rocky piedmont hills, coming to rest at the edge of a shallow sea, marked today by the fall line. Fragments of fossilized shark’s teeth and shells hint at the clay’s origin near the shore of the prehistoric sea.

    An annual Kaolin Festival celebrates the importance of the resource. Washington County celebrates it’s heritage as people from all parts of the world gather to enjoy arts, crafts, antiques, music, food and a parade.

    Founded in 1784, Washington County is one of the oldest Georgia counties. Sandersville was the first U.S. city named for General George Washington, victorious over the British the year before, five years before he became the nation’s first president. Two hundred years later, Princess Anne, representing the Queen of England, visited Sandersville as a guest of Anglo-American Clays Corp., a subsidiary of English China Clays, Ltd., a major kaolin mining and processing company in Sandersville. She received a much friendlier reception than the British troops fighting American rebels 200 years earlier.

    Even before the Revolution, Georgia clay was being shipped to England. Some of it was carried, probably from near Augusta, down the Savannah River in canoes and shipped from Savannah.

    Josiah Wedgwood, famous founder of the Wedgwood Potteries in England, used Georgia white clay in the 18th century, before clay deposits were discovered in Cornwall, England. Georgia’s deposits are among the purest and whitest in the world. At first, only small amounts of its kaolin were used, however, and mining it was a small-time activity in a few places. It wasn’t until the 20th century that farmers in the kaolin-rich counties began to see the white outcroppings of kaolin as anything but nuisances to tillable farmlands.

    Today, workers are busy 24 hours-a-day, trying to meet the world’s ravenous appetite for “white gold.”

    They reported only $800 million on white gold mined in 2014. This is all the fertilizer in the world.
    At just 1% tax rate it would produce $8 million in tax revenue
    The population is said to be about 8,000, but more like 3,000 to 4,000
    But I say the reported number is more like 1% of the total fertilizer mined.
    Rail trains be taking it out probably to storage sites.
    Locate to storage and we will have the real numbers.
    This is the biggest RICO Fraud operation in world history.

    Immediate Homeland Security Alert Sandersville, GA

    I recognize this place, they killed everyone – These people are all murderers

    They reported only $800 million on white gold mined in 2014. This is all the fertilizer in the world.  It is more like $800 Billion.  We are talking about all the fertilizer of the world.

    At just 1% tax rate it would produce $8 million in tax revenue

    The population is about 8,000 but really more like 3,000 was there when I arrived?

    But I say the reported number is more like 1% of the total fertilizer mined.

    Rail trains be taking it out probably to storage sites.

    Locate to storage and we will have the real numbers.

    This is the biggest RICO Fraud operation in world history.

  2. Martial Law Order by God – Jesus Christ – The Only Living God

    Send in full forces and immediately occupy

    Sandersville, GA. Place it under a RICO crime scene investigation. Arrest or kill in battle every last person who lives there at current time. They are all guilty by association to this mass murder of poor black people, without cause.

    I was there and bring in Antonio Walker aka Bull-Back and NaQuila Hardy aka Rene Elizondo, for questioning concerning this evil event.

    John: 8:14-18

    John 8:14-18New International Version (NIV)

    14 Jesus answered, “Even if I testify on my own behalf, my testimony is valid, for I know where I came from and where I am going. But you have no idea where I come from or where I am going. 15 You judge by human standards; I pass judgment on no one. 16 But if I do judge, my decisions are true, because I am not alone. I stand with the Father, who sent me. 17 In your own Law it is written that the testimony of two witnesses is true. 18 I am one who testifies for myself; my other witness is the Father, who sent me.”

    Baker Act Unconstitutional 

    Is the Baker Act Constitutional?
  3. Is the law of marriage constitutional?
  4. Do the supreme Justice protections extend to the Family of the United States Supreme Justices?  If yes.  How do we protect the integrity of the courts, ?once your family is allowed to go beyond these legal boundaries?
  5. Is God above the United States Constitution?
  6. State of Florida v. Frank Paul Jones

    Case: #28-2016-MM

    Constitutionality is the condition of acting in accordance with an applicable constitution;[1] the status of a law, a procedure, or an act’s accordance with the laws or guidelines set forth in the applicable constitution. When one of these (laws, procedures, or acts) directly violates the constitution, it is unconstitutional. All the rest are considered constitutional until challenged and declared otherwise.

    Under Baker Act You Have No rights as a Citizen:

    This is an easy one to solve.  To lawfully Baker Act someone under this unconstitutional act to steal ones right to think as they place, practice their faith in God and it is even an end run to one’s rights under Miranda.  When you are Baker Act, you are being taken into custody by law enforcement to be transferred to a hospital not even of your choice, but you are not being arrested under the law in the State of Florida, so the Miranda Rights is not acknowledged.

    Violation of the 5th Amendment

    You are being said to be a danger to yourself or someone else and it means homicidal or suicidal. And the main flaw is it is based on your own testimony, which is against the 5th Amendment right, you no longer in acknowledged as having anyway, because you do not require Miranda Right, meaning you have no rights as a citizen on this law.  And the claim to take your rights, is that have ideas in your head to harm yourself or others, with is a civil action as punishment for even thinking about a criminal offense you never even tried too carryout.  And even in civil court, you are subject to being found guilty by a preponderance of evidence at least. But under Baker Act, you go straight to lock down and two weeks later and bunch of shoots also, they say you feel better you can go home. Leaving you without any civil or criminal recourse.  This is NAZI written all over it.

    Baker Act is Florida Law & not Federal Law Enforcement:

    The Florida Mental Health Act of 1971 (Florida Statute 394.451-394.47891 (2009 rev.)), commonly known as the “Baker Act,” allows the involuntary institutionalization and examination of an individual. The Baker Act allows for involuntary examination (what some call emergency or involuntary commitment).

    RE: MENTAL HEALTH–BAKER ACT–UNITED STATES–LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS–VETERANS AFFAIRS–federal veterans’ affairs police officer not a law enforcement officer for purposes of Baker Act. ss. 394.462 and 394.463, Fla. Stat.

    Federal law enforcement officers do not constitute law enforcement officers for purposes of Florida’s Baker Act, and thus possess no authority under the act to initiate the involuntary examination of a person or to transport such person as law enforcement officers.

    The Martha Mitchell effect is the process by which a psychiatrist, psychologist, or other mental health clinician labels the patient’s accurate perception of real events as delusional and misdiagnoses accordingly.


    According to Bell et al., “Sometimes, improbable reports are erroneously assumed to be symptoms of mental illness”, due to a “failure or inability to verify whether the events have actually taken place, no matter how improbable intuitively they might appear to the busy clinician”.[1] They note that typical examples of such situations, may include:


    • Infidelity by a spouse
    • Physical issues

    Quoting psychotherapist Joseph Berke, the authors note that “even paranoids have enemies”. Any patient, they explain, can be misdiagnosed by clinicians, especially patients with a history of paranoid delusions.

    Of note is how habitually patients are diagnosed as delusional when their grievances concern health care workers and/or health care institutions, even when the patient has no history of delusion. “A patient arriving claiming to have been injured by another health care professional is regarded as a crazy person who potentially could ruin the career of an innocent colleague.”[2]

    Here are five key points about the PATRIOT Act:


    1. It protects civil liberties and provides for the common defense. The Constitution requires the President and Congress to respect and defend individual civil liberties but also provide for the common defense. The Constitution weighs heavily on both sides of the debate over national security and civil liberties—it is important to recognize both factors.
    2. Expectation of privacy is not unlimited. The Supreme Court has ruled that Americans enjoy a “reasonable” expectation of privacy; however, this is not an unlimited expectation of privacy. This means that anything one exposes voluntarily to the public—or even to a third party—is not considered protected. Congress of course can expand these rights (and it has repeatedly); however, these protections yield to criminal and national security investigations.
    3. The law provides significant safeguards. The PATRIOT Act does not provide investigators with unfettered power to spy on innocent Americans. What it does do is ensure that national security investigators have the same tools at their disposal to investigate terrorists that law enforcement agents have to investigate and prosecute drug dealers and rapists. These tools come with significant procedural safeguards, oversight, and reporting requirements and are subject to routine and aggressive oversight by the FISA court and Congress.  
    4. It has passed constitutional muster. No single provision of the PATRIOT Act has ever been found unconstitutional. This is a testament to the act’s limited applicability, procedural safeguards, and extensive oversight mechanisms—as well as the fact that it often provides more protections than are afforded in criminal proceedings.
    5. Disagreements over the role of government are different from actual abuse. Mere expansion of executive authority in the context of national security investigations alone does not in itself create actual abuse. Certainly, there are fundamental disagreements over the role of the executive branch during wartime. However, careful monitoring and vigilant oversight are oftentimes the answer to potential abuses of power—not all-out prohibition.


     Following a lack of Congressional approval, parts of the Patriot Act expired on June 1, 2015.[5] With the passage of the USA Freedom Act on June 2, 2015, the expired parts were restored and renewed through 2019.[6] However, Section 215 of the law was amended to stop the National Security Agency from continuing its mass phone data collection program.[6] Instead, phone companies will retain the data and the NSA can obtain information about targeted individuals with permission from a federal court.[

    The USA Freedom Act (“H.R. 2048”. , Pub.L. 114–23) is a U.S. law enacted on June 2, 2015 that restored in modified form several provisions of the Patriot Act, which had expired the day before. The act imposes some new limits on the bulk collection of telecommunication metadata on U.S. citizens by American intelligence agencies, including the National Security Agency. It also restores authorization for roving wiretaps and tracking lone wolf terrorists.[1][2] The title of the act originally was a ten-letter backronym (USA FREEDOM) that stood for “Uniting and Strengthening America by Fulfilling Rights and Ending Eavesdropping, Dragnet-collection and Online Monitoring Act.“.

    Baker Act 2009 – I came to Florida November 2009 – What is the intent?

    Fact: I was Baker Act perhaps 20 to 25 or even 35 times in the last 7 years here in Avon Park, FL. by a psychiatrist named Dr. Doris Borden, at the VA clinic in Sebring.  I was even Baker Act out of a U.S. Post Office, under Federal Jurisdiction, by the County Sheriff Department, of Highlands County, Florida and then arrest after 36 days in a psychiatric ward, the next day, for going back to make a complaint to the Postal Inspector because the Van Dyun Family child Vicky Dunn said she owns that Federal Post Office, we the big bad Illuminati Dyun Family because I spotted Chelsea Clinton posing as fatty stealing my mail and shit.  Now you understand how they use these unconstitutional  powers to control the masses.

    The Florida Mental Health Act of 1971 (Florida Statute 394.451-394.47891[1] (2009 rev.)), commonly known as the “Baker Act,” allows the involuntary institutionalization and examination of an individual.

    The Baker Act allows for involuntary examination (what some call emergency or involuntary commitment). It can be initiated by judges, law enforcement officials, physicians, or mental health professionals. There must be evidence that the person:

    • possibly has a mental illness (as defined in the Baker Act).
    • is a harm to self, harm to others, or self neglectful (as defined in the Baker Act).

    Examinations may last up to 72 hours after a person is deemed medically stable and occur in over 100 Florida Department of Children and Families-designated receiving facilities statewide.

    There are many possible outcomes following examination of the patient. This includes the release of the individual to the community (or other community placement), a petition for involuntary inpatient placement (what some call civil commitment), involuntary outpatient placement (what some call outpatient commitment or assisted treatment orders), or voluntary treatment (if the person is competent to consent to voluntary treatment and consents to voluntary treatment). The involuntary outpatient placement language in the Baker Act took effect as part of the Baker Act reform in 2005.

    The act was named for a Florida state representative from Miami, Maxine Baker,[2] who had a strong interest in mental health issues, served as chair of a House Committee on Mental Health, and was the sponsor of the bill.

    The nickname of the legislation has led to the term “Baker Act” as a transitive verb, and “Baker Acted” as a passive-voice verb, for invoking the Act to force an individual’s commitment. Although the Baker Act is a statute only for the state of Florida, use of “Baker Acting” as a verb has become prevalent as a slang term for involuntary commitment in other regions of the United States.

    mount-sinai-emsEmergency Means Emergency not Survey looking for Food @ Mount of Deception
    Baker Act Transport clearly states – There is no transfer of custody from State to Federal in Baker Act law 

    In summary, law enforcement is required to complete the front side of the mandatory CF-MH 3100 form titled “Transport to Receiving facility” for every individual on involuntary status.  if the county contracts with a medical transport company for the primary transport of persons under the Baker Act, the law enforcement officer is still required to complete the form, but the back side of the form must also be completed by law enforcement and the transporter to document that the continued presence of law enforcement is not needed for the safety of the person or others.

    No one except law enforcement has the authority to take a person against his/her will or without express and informed consent to a facility under the Baker Act unless there is a specific exception under the law.  Only after an officer has determined a lack of dangerousness can the individual be “consigned” to the care of a medical transporter.

    Q. I have read the statute on transportation and understand that once a patient is on a BA that LEO must be called to transport to our central receiving center.  The question I have is #1.  How is it that other VA Hospitals that have Community Based Outpatient Clinics (CBOC) can transport via ambulance to the VA hospital/mother facility?  Are they going against the statute since the CBOCs are in different counties?  Should they be calling LEO and sending those patients to the local receiving facility?  And  #2. If the above is possible, then what would we need to do transport a BA in our county to a VA hospital which is in a separate county?   Would we require a Transportation Exception Plan that would permit us to use an ambulance to transport to the other county?

    Only law enforcement is authorized to take persons against their will or without their informed consent under the involuntary provisions of the Baker Act.  The officer can only decline to transport if one of the specified exceptions identified in the Baker Act is met.  There are 4-5 counties in the state that have contracted (at the sole cost of the county) for medical transport of persons under the Baker Act.  In addition, if an officer believes for the safety of the officer or person in custody EMS is required, the officer can request assistance – this often results in EMS conducting the transport.  In any case, the officer is required to report to the scene and must complete the BA-3100 Transport form.  The officer can assess whether medical transport is needed and if so, co-sign the back of the form with the medical transporter documenting that the continued presence of law enforcement personnel isn’t necessary for the safety of the person or others as required by law.

    If other VA outpatient clinics around the state aren’t following the law, this should be corrected and shouldn’t be a basis for you to do likewise. The law requires that a person under involuntary examination status be taken to the nearest receiving facility.  Your county has a legally sanction exception to this provision approved by the Board of County Commissioners and the Secretary of DCF that allows adults to be taken to the Central Receiving Center instead of the nearest receiving facility.  This is the only legal exception that has been approved in your County.  You can see the various exceptions approved around the state on page P-6 of the 2011 Baker Act Handbook.

    You could seek another Transportation Exception Plan for veterans to be taken to a VA hospital once the law enforcement officer had completed the transport form.  However, this isn’t a quick process and may not be needed by the time your new VA hospital is completed.  For the time being, you may want to collaborate with the CRC to see if the transfer from the CRC to the out of county VA hospital can be expedited.  You might want to investigate whether a “virtual” transfer might work, if legally sufficient to meet the requirements of the law.

    One of the authorized reasons for a Transportation Exception Plan is for a “specialized transportation system that provides an efficient and human method of transporting patients to receiving facilities, among receiving facilities, and to treatment facilities” (see bottom of page 89 and top of page 90 in the 2011 Baker Act Handbook.  This would
    permit VA to arrange and pay for ambulance transport from your county to the out of county VA hospital if the law enforcement officer had completed the 3100 form with concurrence from the ambulance driver and the Board of County Commission/DCF Secretary had formally approved the Plan.

    Q. The Baker Act appears very clear in its requirement that law enforcement respond to and transport Baker Acts. In our county, the Sheriff has instituted a policy in which they only respond to and transport violent Baker Acts.  When Staff try to place a call to “911,” the dispatcher asks detailed questions about the individual being Baker Acted. If the dispatcher determines they are not violent at that moment, they instruct the caller to call non-emergency transport. We have attempted to explain the law to dispatchers, EMS, and law enforcement officers, to no avail. Once, a “911” dispatcher hung up on us.  Our clinicians only initiate a Baker Act if the individual is mentally ill, an imminent risk to self or another, as a direct consequence of their illness and refusing voluntary treatment. We do not have the authority to physically restrain someone if they choose to elope. We continue to follow the law and call our local law enforcement agency when we Baker Act someone, but frequently struggle with this issue.

    ROE v. DBA Jesus Christ (U.S.S.C) 2017

    Good Morning Family and Friends

    It is a nice morning in New York City. The weather seems to be a little humid. But overall, it is the type of day, when you might want to get you a bottle of water and take a walk and adopts block.

    To adopt a block is to go somewhere in your neighborhood or one of a friend or family and clean up the area and show some type of self-love and pride for self, family, community, nation and God.

    If a contractor sees potential in this development, he will b attracted by a loving and welcoming community of people, wanting a better way for their children, who are tomorrow and make tomorrow today.

    In Washington D.C., they use this type of ordinance to help give community residents and passer byers a safe haven from all types of unconstitutional acts of aggression against the poor and other the Veteran’s community, because everybody knew until today, “Veteran don’t get Veteran Benefits.” So who does? The criminals, who took over America. The criminals, for good is bad, so the baddy, baddie is called the good guys or Wise Guys. The undercover FBI Informant, who call the FBI the Full Blooded Italians.

    This is constitutional, because you can tell on someone for doing something wrong and if they are found to have violated the constitution, then that person must stand as a witness. Therefore the basis for assuming the investigation was based on a credible witness and not an adversarial decision based on personal issues.

    But if that person is found to have not done ant wrong doings, that person, should know why this investigation took place. Therefore these Whistleblowers should be imported by the new Veterans calls to Arms, granting jobs in the right places, based on VETS First.

    What the Law Implies – The Organized Crime Control Act of 1970

    The Organized Crime Control Act of 1970 (Pub.L. 91–452, 84 Stat. 922 October 15, 1970), was an Act of Congress sponsored by Democratic Senator John L. McClellan[1] and signed into law by U.S. President Richard Nixon.

    The Act was the product of two sets of hearings in the Senate, the Select Committee on Improper Activities in Labor and Management hearings of 1957-1959 and the McClellan hearings of 1962-1964.

    The Act prohibits the creation or management of a gambling organization involving five or more people if it has been in business more than 30 days or accumulates $2,000 in gross revenue in a single day. It also gave grand juries new powers, permitted detention of unmanageable witnesses, and gave the U.S. Attorney General authorization to protect witnesses, both state and federal, and their families.[2] This last measure helped lead to the creation of WITSEC, an acronym for witness security.

    Part of the Act created the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act.[3]


    The Basis of such Needed Protections:

    United States

    Further information: United States Federal Witness Protection Program

    The United States established a formal program of witness protection, run by the U.S. Marshal Service, under the Organized Crime Control Act of 1970. Before that, witness protection had been instituted under the Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871 to protect people testifying against members of the Ku Klux Klan. Earlier in the 20th century, the Federal Bureau of Investigation also occasionally crafted new identities to protect witnesses.[15]

    Many states, including California, Connecticut, Illinois, New York and Texas, as well as Washington, D.C., have their own witness protection programs for crimes not covered by the federal program. The state-run programs provide less extensive protections than the federal program. They also cannot hold or have as many people involved as the federal program.[16][17][18]

    Before witness protection funds can be sought, law enforcement must conduct an assessment of the threat or potential for danger. This assessment includes an analysis of the extent the person or persons making the threats appear to have the resources, intent, and motivation to carry out the threats and how credible and serious the threats appear to be. When threats are deemed credible and witnesses request law enforcement assistance, witness protection funds can be used to provide assistance to witnesses which helps law enforcement keep witnesses safe and help ensure witnesses appear in court and provide testimony.[19]

    Special arrangements, known as S-5 and S-6 visas, also exist to bring key alien witnesses into the US from overseas.[20] T visas may be used to admit into the United States victims of human trafficking willing to assist in prosecuting the traffickers.[21]

    The Enforcement Act of 1871 (17 Stat. 13), also known as the Civil Rights Act of 1871, Force Act of 1871, Ku Klux Klan Act, Third Enforcement Act, or Third Ku Klux Klan Act, is an Act of the United States Congress which empowered the President to suspend the writ of habeas corpus to combat the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) and other white supremacy organizations. The act was passed by the 42nd United States Congress and signed into law by President Ulysses S. Grant on April 20, 1871. The act was the last of three Enforcement Acts passed by the United States Congress from 1870 to 1871 during the Reconstruction Era to combat attacks upon the suffrage rights of African Americans. The statute has been subject to only minor changes since then, but has been the subject of voluminous interpretation by courts.

    This legislation was asked for by President Grant and passed within one month of the president’s request for it to Congress. Grant’s request was a result of the reports he was receiving of widespread racial threats in the Deep South, particularly in South Carolina. He felt that he needed to have his authority broadened before he could effectively intervene. After the act’s passage, the president had the power for the first time to both suppress state disorders on his own initiative and to suspend the right of habeas corpus. Grant did not hesitate to use this authority on numerous occasions during his presidency, and as a result the first era KKK was completely dismantled and did not resurface in any meaningful way until the first part of the 20th century.[1] Several of its provisions still exist today as codified statutes. The most important of these is 42 U.S.C. § 1983: Civil action for deprivation of rights.

    The Basis Review:

    The KKK v. Organized Crime or Civil Law v. Criminal Law

    The Enforcement Act of 1871 (17 Stat. 13), also known as the Civil Rights Act of 1871, Force Act of 1871, Ku Klux Klan Act, Third Enforcement Act, or Third Ku Klux Klan Act, is an Act of the United States Congress which empowered the President to suspend the writ of habeas corpus to combat the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) and other white supremacy organizations. The act was passed by the 42nd United States Congress and signed into law by President Ulysses S. Grant on April 20, 1871. The act was the last of three Enforcement Acts passed by the United States Congress from 1870 to 1871 during the Reconstruction Era to combat attacks upon the suffrage rights of African Americans. The statute has been subject to only minor changes since then, but has been the subject of voluminous interpretation by courts.

    This legislation was asked for by President Grant and passed within one month of the president’s request for it to Congress. Grant’s request was a result of the reports he was receiving of widespread racial threats in the Deep South, particularly in South Carolina. He felt that he needed to have his authority broadened before he could effectively intervene. After the act’s passage, the president had the power for the first time to both suppress state disorders on his own initiative and to suspend the right of habeas corpus. Grant did not hesitate to use this authority on numerous occasions during his presidency, and as a result the first era KKK was completely dismantled and did not resurface in any meaningful way until the first part of the 20th century.[1] Several of its provisions still exist today as codified statutes. The most important of these is 42 U.S.C. § 1983: Civil action for deprivation of rights.


    42 U.S.C. Statute 1983

    Every person who, under color of any statute, ordinance, regulation, custom, or usage, of any State or Territory or the District of Columbia, subjects, or causes to be subjected, any citizen of the United States or other person within the jurisdiction thereof to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured by the Constitution and laws, shall be liable to the party injured in an action at law, suit in equity, or other proper proceeding for redress, except that in any action brought against a judicial officer for an act or omission taken in such officer’s judicial capacity, injunctive relief shall not be granted unless a declaratory decree was violated or declaratory relief was unavailable. For the purposes of this section, any Act of Congress applicable exclusively to the District of Columbia shall be considered to be a statute of the District of Columbia.

    (R.S. § 1979; Pub. L. 96–170, § 1, Dec. 29, 1979, 93 Stat. 1284; Pub. L. 104–317, title III, § 309(c), Oct. 19, 1996, 110 Stat. 3853.)


    ROE v. DBA Jesus Christ (U.S.S.C) 2017

    A Precedent Supreme Court Decision – Based on Writ of Certiorari by DBA Jesus Christ

    This is a precedence setting case, based on the proper interpretation of ROE v. Wade, the 5th Amendment, Mapp v. Ohio and Miranda v. Arizona. And also it is supported by the essence of the Department of Families and Children and the offices of Probation and Parole. In that all persons have a right to advocacy, rather an in-emancipated child, one who is retarded under the law or one who has be judicially injured.

    And the consequence for doing these types of unconstitutional acts, clearly places the convicted person(s) of the decision of indictments based on 42 U.S.C. Statute 1983.

    In ROE v. Wade, two things was made very clear, 1. Marriage is unconstitutional, due to this woman having the right to choose without any joint discussions with her husband, who did not want her to get an abortion.

    But then we had to define abortion. To abort it to prevent, before conception, because life begins at conception. Actually this case was her conviction. Yes, you had the right to an abortion, but that child was a living fetus and that constitutes murder in the 1st degree.

    Then comes the question of rights to all humankind. As sure as we allow Forster Care to operate and place person’s on probation and parole and have a failing education system, people not only have a right to an advocate, but it is the duty of this nation to provide them to each and every person whose rights are being violated. Therefore that unborn child, had a right to a guardian advocate to prevent her mother from murdering her. Just as we remove a child from a home of an abusive parent how much more urgent is the case of a fetus removed to be killed?

    Therefore the same rationality to assist those who are illiterate of or retarded due to the lack of understanding of the nature of the charges being presents for a plea. Due to being judicially injured, without civil rights, all you can do is remain silent as said in the reading and understand Miranda has to be read and not recited. A Convicted Felon has to be mirandized and represented before the court appointed attorney, due to their inability to represent self.

    Public Information Laws North Carolina and the United States Federal Agencies

    Understanding Public Records

    Questions and Answers:


    1. What is the public policy regarding public records?

    The North Carolina General Assembly has declared as a matter of public policy that the public records and public information compiled by agencies of North Carolina government or its subdivisions are the property of the people. N.C.G.S. § 132-1(b)


    2. What are public records?

    Public records are documentary materials that are either made or received by government agencies in North Carolina in carrying on public business. Public records include documents, papers, letters, maps, books, photographs, films, sound recordings, magnetic or other tapes, electronic data-processing records, artifacts or other documentary material, regardless of physical form or characteristic. N.C.G.S. § 132-1


    3. Who may inspect or get copies of public records?

    Any person may inspect and get copies of public records. N.C.G.S. § 132-6


    4. To whom should a request for public records be directed?

    The Public Records Law does not describe any specific procedure that a person must follow in requesting to inspect public records.  Normally, a request to any employee in a government office is sufficient to get access to records in that office. However, it is the custodian of public records who is specifically required to allow those records to be inspected. The public official in charge of an office is designated to be the custodian of records for that office. N.C.G..S. § 132-2


    5. When are public records available for inspection or copying?

    The Public Records Law says that inspection and examination of records should be allowed at “reasonable times” and under the reasonable supervision of the agency. “Reasonable times” is generally understood to mean during regular business hours. N.C.G.S. § 132-6


    6. May citizens request copies of public records in any media available?

    If an agency has the capability to provide copies of public records in different kinds of media (for example, in print or on computer disc), people requesting copies may choose to get copies in any and all the media available. People requesting copies of computer databases may be required to make their requests in writing. N.C.G.S. § 132-6.2(c)


    7. May an agency charge fees for public records?

    Government agencies may not charge fees for inspecting public records. Fees for certifying copies of public records are provided by law. However, unless otherwise provided by law, no public agency shall charge a fee for an uncertified copy of a public record that exceeds the actual cost to the public agency of making the copy. N.C.G.S. § 132-6.2(b)


    8. Must a public agency provide information in verbal form?

    The Public Records Law requires that government agencies permit people to inspect or get copies of information that is in recorded form. The law does not indicate that government agencies are required to provide information verbally to people who request it. N.C.G.S. § 132-6.2(e)


    9. What about inspecting or getting copies of records that contain both public and confidential information?

    Some records contain both public and confidential information. Government agencies may not refuse to permit inspection or to provide copies because public records contain some confidential information. Agencies must permit inspection and provide copies of the public, non-confidential parts of these records. N.C.G.S. § 132-6(c)


    10. What are the remedies available if an agency refuses to release or disclose a public record?

    Any person who is denied access to public records for the purposes of inspection or examination, and any person who is denied copies of public records, may bring a civil action in court against the government agency or official who is denying access or copies.

    Courts are required to set public records suits for immediate hearings and to give hearings of these cases priority over other cases. The court may order the agency to permit inspection or provide copies if the court determines that the person seeking the records is entitled to them. N.C.G.S. § 132-9


    11. Are certain government records exempt from disclosure?

    The public records law exempts certain types of records from required disclosure. The law says that records containing certain communications between attorneys and their government clients, state tax information (N.C.G.S. § 132-1.1), trade secrets (N.C.G.S. § 132-1.2), certain lawsuit settlements (N.C.G.S. § 132-1.3), criminal investigation records (N.C.G.S. § 132-1.4), and records about industrial expansion (N.C.G.S. § 132-6(d)), are not public records.

    Several statutes regulate public disclosure of personnel information of government employees. Although some personnel information is public (for example, name, age, date of employment, current position, title, current salary, date of most recent salary or position assignment change, location of current assignment and the written notice of final termination decision) personnel files of state, county and municipal employees are generally confidential. See N.C.G.S. §§ 126-22, 153A-98, 160A-168, 115C-321, 115D-29, 122C-158, 130A-42, 131E-97.1, 162A-6.1. These rules apply to personnel information for applicants, current employees and former employees.


    12. If records containing “criminal investigation” information are not public records, does that mean that all law enforcement records are confidential?

    N.C.G.S. § 132-1.4 (a) states that records of criminal investigations conducted by public law enforcement agencies or records of criminal intelligence information compiled by public law enforcement agencies are not public records. However, unless otherwise prohibited by law, certain information collected by public law enforcement agencies is public record as defined by the Public Records Law.

    For example, the time, date, location and the nature of an apparent violation of the law reported to a public law enforcement agency, and the name, sex, age, address, employment and alleged violation of law of a person arrested, charged or indicted are public information. N.C.G.S. §132-1.4 (c) (1) & (2)

    Note: State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) records are not public records and access to them is not available under the Public Records Law. Case law has held that access to SBI records is controlled entirely by N.C.G.S. § 114-15. Similarly, case law has held that prison records are confidential and are not subject to inspection by the public or by the inmate involved.


    13. Does the Public Records Law cover access to records of federal agencies?

    Records of federal agencies in North Carolina are not covered by the Public Records Law. However, in 1966, Congress passed the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). The Freedom of Information Act (5 U.S.C. § 552) generally provides that any person has a right, enforceable in court, of access to federal agency records, except to the extent that such records (or portions thereof) are protected by one of the nine exemptions or by one to three special law enforcement record exclusions.

    Persons seeking federal records under FOIA should contact an agency public information officer. If this informal contact is not successful, a formal written request should be filed. Appropriate contacts may be determined by calling the agency or by referencing the Federal Register, available in the documents sections of larger institutional libraries or through the state library.



    Have Questions?

    Argument for the 6th Amendment

    United States v. Wade, 388 U.S. 218 (1967)

    The 6th Amendment – Litigation

    United States v. Wade

    No. 334

    Argued February 16, 1967

    Decided June 12, 1967

    388 U.S. 218




    fbi witness protection violation rights to cross examination of witness

    The Jencks Act 18 U.S.C. Statute 3500

    The Jencks Act, 18 U.S.C. § 3500, provides that the government (prosecutor) is required to produce a verbatim statement or report made by a government witness or prospective government witness (other than the defendant), but only after the witness has testified. Jencks material is evidence that is used in the course of a federal criminal prosecution in the United States. It usually consists of documents relied upon by government witnesses who testify at trial. The material is described as inculpatory, favoring the United States government’s prosecution of a criminal defendant. The Jencks Act also covers other documents related to the testimony, or relied upon by government witnesses at trial. Typically, the material may consist of police notes, memoranda, reports, summaries, letters, related to an indictment or verbatim transcripts used by government agents or employees to testify at trial.[1] This also includes a witness’s grand jury testimony, if the witness testified at trial.[2]

    After the government’s witness testifies, the court must, upon motion of the defendant, order the government to produce any statement of the witness in the government’s possession relating to the subject matter as to which the witness testified. The court’s denial of such a motion by a defendant is reversible error, although the court need not order the disclosure sua sponte.[3] The usual remedy for failure of the government to produce the documents is a mistrial and dismissal of criminal charges against the defendant.[4]

    Call United States Department of Justice – Civil Rights Division: 1- 301 583 7350

    Under the Jencks Act, every record and the name and fictitious name of any and all witnesses protected by the FBI Witness Protection Program, must be upload as public information on the Official FBI vault website.  This is the duty of the Department of Justice, to be carried out with due diligence and in sound mind and memory, for the people, who this information belongs and to the accused as a their right to cross-examination in all future court appeals.

    One Spirit Many Parts


    KNIGHTS OF THE GOLDEN CIRCLE. KNIGHTS OF THE GOLDEN CIRCLE. The Knights of the Golden Circle (KGC) was a pre–Civil War, pro-Southern secret society founded in Ohio in 1854 by George W. L. Bickley, a Virginian, who soon moved the KGC to the South. Members were known as Copperheads.

    The Knights of the Golden Circle

    The Grand Architecture of America Pt. 1

    The Secret war fought by the Knights of the Golden Circle Revealed!

    By: Rev. Frank Paul Jones – President and CEO – The National Community Network, INC.

    God is amazing! Through the spirit of God in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,  I must give all the credit to, for what I have come to realize and therefore can now share with you.

    Please try to follow me:  I had a mental picture about the future Avon Park, Fl and Highlands County many years ago.  I saw the Queensbridge Project’s in the borough of Queens in New York City as my birthplace and Avon Park, FL as my promise land.  It’s funny how one’s promise often seems to be the place where the  foundation of his family begun.  Though I was not born in Avon Park, I have birthrights here.  And in New York City my rights were established through accomplishments in seemingly everlasting escrow accounts, where I had no birthrights, yet I was born there.

    This is the story of most African Americans. Though we were raised in the North, our families originated in the South.  Please understand this, before I continue, African Americans are not originally from Africa, Africans were brought here to America from Africa and all family ties were eliminated for almost all African American’s and there tongues were symbolically cut to prevent them from speaking in native languages.  Therefore the African American in almost cases originated in the Southern States of America as slaves on plantations and as a result of being repressed by tyranny, many migrated to the Northern States into urban areas populating major cities in search of better opportunities”. And then by design was forced into mere survival situations in urban subsidized housing complexes, trapped with no place to go but social services, such as food stamps, welfare and job training programs almost never resulting in creating an independent calls of people.

    The only man who requires the granting of his birthrights given to him is a man who is absent of them. With the understanding that the African America birthrights in America were duly recognized by President Abraham Lincoln.  The Sherman’s Special Field Orders, No. 15, revoked by President Andrew Johnson (who was obviously in agreement with the Knights of the Golden Circle and a Confederate sympathizer)  after the assassination of President Lincoln. It required 400,000 acres of land along the Atlantic coast of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida and the dividing of it into 40 acres, among about 18,000 freed slave families and others living in these areas. These are the facts behind why we have the birthright to demand not just “40 acres and a mule,” but also compounded interest payments based on the economic and population growth since the government reneged.  Or was it really only an empty threat by president Lincoln towards the Southern whites Or was President Lincoln’s assassination actually a conspiracy and thereby the South’s actual checkmate and final move against the North?

    What people fail to realize is that the civil war wasn’t actually won on the battle field, as in most wars. What actually transpired was a long drown out political civil- economic war, that used social issues as a means of controlling the masses of many poor blacks, until this day. It was devastating in the South then and still is now, but be not fooled, it is and was oppressive from black people up North as well.  Because when black people went up North, we actually left our homes and surrendered our birthrights to tyranny state government that are still confederate states. They simply modified their tactic to win public acceptance for their business corrupt practices. Because it was always about state rights, which is the fight of the now Republican Party representation until today in Washington D. C. our Capital.

    When you understand the mission of the Knights of the Golden Circle and how they disappeared by establishing new identities, you understand that the South never surrendered. And very few know the true  identifies of these people.  But promised to continue their fight in what they billed as the second civil war, which continues in America until present day.  For example I can testify that there are a lot of repressive laws right here in Avon Park, Fl., which is clearly based on confederate southern culture and governance.  They proved over 100 years ago that the key to winning the civil war in America was to control the figurehead in the White House called the President and deceive the masses through mass media.  Just as they did the slaves using the bible, by programming them with ideas like “Love your Master.”

    General Sherman’s special field orders, No 15 was made under President Lincoln’s authorized martial law, during the civil war. The orders were signed January 16, 1865 and was revoked by President Andrew Johnson in that same year in the fall, while we were still under martial law. So the buck stopped their, regardless of the size of the Army or who won on the battlefield, the President had an iron hand to rule, as a result of Lincoln’s decision, but the authority was transferred to a hostile President in Andrew Johnson.  Which brings about an important question.  Are we still under martial law?  Because  martial law was never actually legislatively lifted.

    The Freedmen’s Bureau (The Federal Agency), which included things like land distribution, was established in 1865 and ceased to exist in July of 1868, when the 14 Amendment was ratified, without President Andrew Johnson’s approval, but through a Congressional override despite President Johnson’s, constant vetoes to prevent African American emancipation, independence and economic growth. But still as you will see, what we got out of the deal called the 14 Amendment was another 100 years of oppression in a nutshell.

    The 14 Amendment did not and was not designed to emancipate the slaves of the South, nor did it really give many blacks in the North true and equal citizenship as equal partners within the Union. What it was really all about, was the system of reintegrating Southern States to their homes and properties and what they demanded from the beginning, which what we all too often hear about everyday on the news. State Rights! And it was clearly about the reintegrated Southern white back into the Union, with full benefits. That is all the 14 Amendment was and is.  If it was anything more, why were the civil right battles of the 1960’s necessary and today most of the grounds gained then is now seemingly being taken away again. Because many forms of oppressive measures are still being obligatory force on  the black American.

    The civil war wasn’t fought due to the love the Northerners had for the then oppressed and enslaved African slaves in the Southern States. The truth of the matter is morally they cared less.  The truth of the matter is that the Civil War of 1860-1865 -2014, is and was fought over States rights.  The War Between the States began because the South demanded States’ rights and were not getting them.  The Southern States arguments was that they were paying taxes without fair representation. It was two years later into the war when President Lincoln decided to free the slaves and had nothing to do with any declarations of war. It wasn’t until September after the bloody” Battle of Antietam, or S harpsburg, on September 17, 1862″ this was why President Lincoln decided to make the promise to free the slaves, which was two years into the war. It was punishment against the Southern States. Negroes who think for one moment that these cousins killed off each other as they did, because they even cared about what they both preserved as cattle or food, is foolish at best. Our purpose fro being shipped here was clearly about a source of cheep labor, through oppressive policies.  It was about economics and trade rights. Slavery was just one form of trade rights, as is State rights.

    The North really didn’t have a problem with the slavery industry of the South, but was actually concerned with controlling it and the regulation Southern trade or who the South was authorized to sell their cotton too. All during slavery the Northern States did business with the South.  So how were they ever actually against the labor used to support their industry?  They depended on the South’s ability to produce cheep products in the same way as big corporations do business with third world repressive governments. While the South offered us a job in fields for a plate of food, the North offered us welfare, food stamps and job programs, but few careers, to eat off of. And now they cal us lazy people, who do not want to work.

    The position of the North was “you can have all the slaves you want as long as you sell all your products produced by their labor to us up North, to support our industries.” Meanwhile the Southern economy was sinking fast.  Therefore the South wanted to expand their business ventures to Europe, which would have meant bigger profits for them and a greater demand for their products, meaning higher prices for the North and more competition, creating lower consumer costs.  But this could have crippled the North, whose economy was booming and growing fast under these arrangements.  This is why the seceded States of the Confederation took action against the Union and left them.  Therefore to preserve the Union to maintain their source of low cost raw material, the civil war had to be fought and the emancipation of slaves was really a strategy to undermine the Southern white with empty threats.  It was about money as always every war seems to be fought for and not about sympathy, compassion or humanity rights for blacks. The history taught about the civil war is deceiving, because the truth of the matter is that the South won the war through espionage, when they killed President Abraham Lincoln.

    Understand that if Lincoln would have gotten his way, it would have required that black people be allowed to produce weapons of war. And truly have the rights to bear arms in America.  The second amendment wasn’t drafted as a means of personal self defense in the sense that it is promoted today by the National Rifle Association. The NRA is just another scheme being used by people like the Knights of the Golden Circle. The second amendment is about land owner rights and the right to protect your property.  Had the 40 aches and mull deal been enforced, it would have required black landownership and therefore the full protections of the second amendment.  This is something the South knew they could never let happen.

    But instead they have us boxed in urban America without true gun rights, killing off each other on the streets over drugs, because jobs are hard to come by and we have no land rights in reality.  This is something the Southern white Confederates knew could never happen and had to be prevented by any and all means necessary, they could not allow 400,000 aches of land to fall into the hands of African Americans in the period of history, because it was against Master Plan of the Grant Architecture of America that begun with the drafting of  the Creation Theory.  Think about it at about $3,000 per ache multiplied by 400,000 would come out to about $1.2B, Oprah Winfrey probably has that herself. But now multiply this by 100 years at the interest rates they charge us of 22%.  Then we have to ask, if the North really won the war, they should compensate us as well with matching funds. Because how can you say you setout to liberate a group of people, only to destroy their homes and replace them back under the same tyranny by granting the right to have their own government against under a better financial system.

    The 11 Seceded State in America forming the Confederation Government

    1. 20 December 1860 – South Carolina – 1st State to secede
    2. 9 January 1861 – Mississippi – 2nd State to secede 3.  10 January 1861 – Florida – 3rd State to secede 4.  11 January 1861 – Alabama – 4th State to secede 5.  19 January 1861 – Georgia – 5th State to secede 6.  26 January 1861 – Louisiana – 6th State to secede
    3. 2 March 1861 – Texas – 7th State to secede 8.  17 April 1861 – Virginia – 8th State to secede 9.  6 May 1861 – Arkansas – 9th State to secede 10. 20 May 1861 – North Carolina – 10th State to secede 11.  8 June 1861 – Tennessee – 11th State to secede:

    And Missouri and Kentucky were border line states.

    The phrase “40 acres and a mule” has come to symbolize the broken promise that Reconstruction policies would offer economic justice for African Americans.  The “40 acres and a mule” promise featured in the Pigford v. Glickman (1999) decision.  Ruling that the United States Department of Agriculture had discriminated against African American farmers, Friedman wrote: “Forty acres and a mule. The government broke that promise to African American farmers. Over one hundred years later, the USDA broke its promise to Mr. James Beverly.” (a black farmer who lost everything due to discriminatory practices by our Federal Government)  “40 Acres and a Mule” is often discussed in the context of reparations for slavery.

    However, realistically speaking, ‘forty acres’ purpose was to provide land for political and economic reasons and it had a price tag in dollar value and would have actually meant freedom to African Americans and reparations is about the unconditional compensation to African Americans as a result of lifetimes of unpaid labor or the compensation of unpaid labor by our ancestors.  But in the absence land distribution reparations would be a mere stimulus package and no more that would be the grounds to finally silence the world, by pretending to pay their debt was paid.   And therefore doesn’t actually address what transpired when the law of land distribution was not enforced. In fact, President Andrew Johnson, not only stop the process, but in a sense declared war against the African farmers and if not, how can it be justified that he gave black farmers property as they put it back to the Southern whites.  When in reality he took their land back from them, which they got as a result of land that was confiscated for an enemy combatant. Which doesn’t qualify was giving back something, which was stolen to begin with and lost as a result of a war.  The real issue of concern was and still is economic and political empowerment of African Americans to create a true partnership within the Union, which is the only way to gain equal rights and citizenship. This it the real and unresolved issue that must be addressed.


    U.S. Route 27 (US 27) in Florida – mp-3 format

    U.S. Route 27 (US 27) in Florida – mp-3 format – THE ENTERTAINMENT VERSION

    The Florida Agreement:

    I agreed o spend 50% of the earnings of the National Community Network, INC., in the state of Florida. I racked in about $200 Trillion, but the recovery was more like $100 trillion.  I keep 10% and of that I keep 10% for the Royal Budget which is about $1 Trillion to be converted into Z1 Trillion or at least 5 times any other world’s currency.

    I get 10% of the U.S. GPD of 2015 at $18.3 Trillion, my cut is $1.8 Trillion and about $2 Trillion this year, for a total of about $120 trillion or $12 trillion share at $1.2 Trillion set for fiscal year 2016-17. Not all money goes to the Network, but a huge chunk will.  I have entertainment in the Queendom, I have my armies and veterans, homelessness, cures to be distribute, prisons to be emptied, yes, we have more problems to solve than we have people to fix them.  I have many too many potential clients calling themselves Minister.

    U.S. Route 27 (US 27) in Florida is a north–south United States Highway. It runs 481 miles (774 km) from the South Florida Metropolitan Area northwest to the Tallahassee Metropolitan Statistical Area. Throughout the state, US 27 has been designated the Claude Pepper Memorial Highway by the Florida Legislature. It was named after long-time Florida statesman Claude Pepper, who served in both the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. Nearly the entire length of US 27 in Florida is a divided highway.

    Between Miami and Leesburg, US 27 follows SR 25, between Leesburg and Williston, it follows SR 500, between Williston and High Springs, it follows SR 45, between High Springs and Downtown Tallahassee, it follows SR 20, within Downtown Tallahassee it follows SR 61, and between Tallahassee and the Georgia border, it follows State Road 63 (SR 63).

    Concurrencies include State Road 80, between South Bay and Clewiston, SR 78 from Moore Haven to Citrus Center, US 98 between Sebring and West Frost Proof, US 441 between Leesburg and Ocala, which also includes a concurrency with US 301 between Belleview and Ocala. Others include US 41 between Williston and High Springs, SR 20 between High Springs and Tallahassee, US 129 in Branford, US 19 between Perry and Capps, and SR 61 in Tallahassee.

    Sherman’s Special Field Orders, No. 15, issued on January 16, 1865, instructed officers to settle these refugees on the Sea Islands and inland: 400,000 total acres divided into 40-acre plots.[77][78] Though mules (beasts of burden used for plowing) were not mentioned,[77] some of its beneficiaries did receive them from the army.[79] Such plots were colloquially known as “Blackacres“, which may have a basis for their origin in contract law.

    Sherman’s orders specifically allocated “the islands from Charleston, south, the abandoned rice fields along the rivers for thirty miles back from the sea, and the country bordering the St. Johns River, Florida.” The order specifically prohibits whites from settling in this area. Saxton, who, with Stanton, helped to craft the document, was promoted to Major General and charged with oversight of the new settlement.[80] On February 3, Saxton addressed a large freed people’s meeting at Second African Baptist, announcing the order and outlining preparations for new settlement.[81][82] By June 1865, about 40,000 freed people were settled on 435,000 acres (180,000 ha) in the Sea Islands.[83][84]

    The Special Field Orders were issued by Sherman, not the federal government with regards to all former slaves, and he issued similar ones “throughout the campaign to assure the harmony of action in the area of operations.”[85] Sherman himself later said that these settlements were never intended to last. However, this was never the understanding of the settlers—nor of General Saxton, who said he asked Sherman to cancel the order unless it was meant to be permanent.


    Notice it runs down State HWY 27

    I built HWY #27 on the 400,000 total acres divided into 40-acre plots

    40 Acres and a Mule Agreement and there is no statute of limitations to fruad

    St. Johns RiverU.S. state of Florida

    The St. Johns River (Spanish: Río de San Juan) is the longest river in the U.S. state of Florida and its most significant for commercial and recreational use. At 310 miles (500 km) long, it winds through or borders twelve counties, three of which are the state’s largest. The drop in elevation from headwaters to mouth is less than 30 feet (9 m); like most Florida waterways, the St. Johns has a very low flow rate 0.3 mph (0.13 m/s) and is often described as “lazy”.[2] It is notable among some that the river’s course flows north, a relatively rare characteristic.[3] Numerous lakes are formed by the river or flow into it, but as a river its widest point is nearly 3 miles (5 km) across. The narrowest point is in the headwaters, an unnavigable marsh in Indian River County. The St. Johns drainage basin of 8,840 square miles (22,900 km2) includes some of Florida’s major wetlands.[4][5] It is separated into three major basins and two associated watersheds for Lake George and the Ocklawaha River, all managed by the St. Johns River Water Management District.

    The Parable of the Weeds Explained

    36 Then he left the crowd and went into the house. His disciples came to him and said, “Explain to us the parable of the weeds in the field.”

    37 He answered, “The one who sowed the good seed is the Son of Man. 38 The field is the world, and the good seed stands for the people of the kingdom. The weeds are the people of the evil one, 39 and the enemy who sows them is the devil. The harvest is the end of the age, and the harvesters are angels.

    40 “As the weeds are pulled up and burned in the fire, so it will be at the end of the age. 41 The Son of Man will send out his angels, and they will weed out of his kingdom everything that causes sin and all who do evil. 42 They will throw them into the blazing furnace, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. 43 Then the righteous will shine like the sun in the kingdom of their Father. Whoever has ears, let them hear.


Macon, GA., a place of great opportunities. Plenty of vacant land and properties. Wells Faro Building, Marriott International located on:

Macon Marriott City
240 Coliseum
Macon, GA 31217
Tonya Nettles
Front Office Manager


Martial law is the imposition of the highest-ranking military officer as the military governor or as the head of the government, thus removing all power from the previous executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government.


Court Decision: Summons #4414986227 Issued: 8 August 2015  Decided: 30 October 2015  Docket # 2015SN046425

Arraignment Charges: PL 140.05 00 0v – Trespassing at Battery Park Ritz Carlton – Upon Arrest DBA Jesus Christ told arresting Officers, “How can I trespass on my own property.”

By a Panel of Judges on 30 October 2015 – 09/24/2015 – DISM- legal insufficient


The Court agreed, this property and all Marriott International and Ritz Carlton International and all Associated Properties belongs to The Reverend Frank Paul Jones – The Messiah – DBA Jesus Christ and to the address:

917 S.A. Ave, Avon Park, FL. 33825 and this address cannot be changed on this court Decree – It is the address of thr Grand Lodge and to the heir of Prince Hall Estate.  Note address on Will and Pride of Avon Administrative Dissolution.

Verification of Beneficiary: FED Crim Req 1 FED Crim Req 2 FED Response

Birth Certificate    pride of avon  The Tax Law Directive – Under Martial Law  Executive Order under Martial Law From God Himself  Jesus Christ Certificate of Status 2016-17   ELLR Will 1 ELLR Will 2 ELLR Will 3 ELLR Will 4 ELLR Will 5 ELLR Will 6 Ella Admin 1 Ella Admin 2

Jesus Christ, INC. Perpetually Active:

Jesus Christ, INC Annual Report 2016-17

This is a DBA Jesus Christ property. Then on the other side of town, to have Mercer Law University and it is vacant.

I fine law School Vacant. And I AM above the written code, I AM above the law and be fulfilling the Law, until I explain it, how can you know the Law?

And along side these properties is Mansion after beautiful Mansion.  

In Augusta, GA., my main concern is 1) The Post Office, it will be our main Post Office.

2) The Federal Building lined up James Brown BLVD. The Augusta University Dormitory and Dental College, The James Brown Arena and the Veteran Administration Medical Center Augusta, GA, uptown and downtown. The Veteran Nursing Home Facility. And a major over hall in public transportation.

The USA Freedom Act (H.R. 2048, Pub.L. 114–23) is a U.S. law enacted on June 2, 2015 that restored in modified form several provisions of the Patriot Act, which had expired the day before. The act imposes some new limits on the bulk collection of telecommunication metadata on U.S. citizens by American intelligence agencies, including the National Security Agency. It also restores authorization for roving wiretaps and tracking lone wolf terrorists.[3][4] The title of the act originally was a ten-letter backronym (USA FREEDOM) that stood for Uniting and Strengthening America by Fulfilling Rights and Ending Eavesdropping, Dragnet-collection and Online Monitoring Act.

Communications Title 47

Code of Federal Regulations, Title 47, Part 15 (47 CFR 15) is an oft-quoted part of Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules and regulations regarding unlicensed transmissions. It is a part of Title 47 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), and regulates everything from spurious emissions to unlicensed low-power broadcasting. Nearly every electronics device sold inside the United States radiates unintentional emissions, and must be reviewed to comply with Part 15 before it can be advertised or sold in the US market.


DBA Jesus Christ- General of the Army

Verifiable: Attorney General Loretta Lynch – DOJ Director  and the The United States Supreme Court

Martial Law Defined Summary:

Martial law is the imposition of the highest-ranking military officer as the military governor or as the head of the government, thus removing all power from the previous executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government.

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