Declaration of War Against Organized Crime – The Gay Mob


Declaration of War Against Organized Crime – The Gay Mob

Martial Law in Macon, GA.

Directive By: DBA Jesus Christ

4 July 2017

First of all, who is the Top Rene Elizondo?

Public Enemy

  • Tom Lashbrook?
  • Judge Anthony Ritenour?
  • Rene Elizondo?
  • General Sharman?
  • Ted Turner?

The many faces of Rene Elizondo and I ask one question. If you owned a Condos and was going to have people stay in your shit.

A) Would you charge them taxes?

B) Would you charge them rent?

See? A person charges taxes and extorts, because he is really a broke ass bitch.

It is time to move forward:

I hereby place Macon, County under Martial Law and Military Governance. I tell the people who plan to leave here. There has be a loss of 80% of the world population, we went from 8 billion to 6.4 billion. Nobody is coming back, they are gone forever. You want to have a bank, you need to open one. You need housing in Condos, you need to go into the service industry and work these hotels. Stop waiting on some white man to come here and fix it for you. There is no jobs, because you are not looking for work, you are looking for pay check a while man validation to right to eat?

DBA Jesus Christ – The Only Living God

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