Alicia Keys in The Voice in Future Production


Alicia Keys in The Voice in Future Production

By: Capstone Zulu

I sat and said wow, how fine can a person be?  Oh, damn, I keep forgetting, “I AM God” How cannot Alicia Keys be beautiful?  Then I said, she is not just a singer and producer, she is my composer.  Then I see these nutty buddie’s dudes.  Who do you want to be your coach? The decision is hard?  Homos?  They ponder, do I want a career or do I want a mentor?  It is like these young men are looking for mentors too punk them and not really learn and develop into entertainer?  Wow.  This world has really become the planet of the Serpents.

But I came up with some great I ideas, I want placed into development as I write.

Reason Multi Track View

DAW Technology

  1. The contest is based on not just raw vocals, but vocal sound development in DAW technology.  Now Microsoft becomes the main sponsorship.
  2. The stage is developed onto a laser light third dimensional entertainment demonstration studio presentation and production sight. Sound great? Look great? And make looking and sounding great solve a problem in the world.
  3. The person who makes the greatest contributions wins the best opportunities in becoming introductions to V.V.T and DAW presentation developed at Microsoft Studios, Daytona, FL.
  4. Send only winners, because we will need as many good entertainers as we can find.

Studio Seriesb Basic Setup Comfiguration Studio Series 8 Channel Rack Type Audio Interface Studio Series MIDI Controller Studio Headphones Studio Monitors Surge Protection Pro

The Incubator Studio-Line

Every Contestant Gets:

  1. A Premium ReverbNation and free conversion to Rhythm Nation Distribution. @ 70% to 30%
  2. A Premium Word Press Blog Business Account with Commerce.
  3. $3,000 in Facebook Ads Band Campaign
  4. A Week in the Ritz Carlton for up to 5.
  5. 30 Days AMTRAK travel voucher to make moves around the United States and 30 hotel accommodations at Marriott International Hotel Chain.
  6. A Role in the Social Solutionary Movement.  “We are not a revolution; we are the solution.
  7. An Incubator Studio Arrangement Type Recording Environment.


Jesus Christ

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