Breaking News – Alert – Alert – Alert – Setup or Got Setup

Timothy Shands DBA Barrack Obama

Barrack Obama – BKA Timothy Shands of 10th street

41-04 10th street Apt. 5D, L.I.C. New York 11101

Breaking News – Alert – Alert – Alert – Setup or Got Setup

From DBA Jesus Christ

My Exit Plan:

Social Security owes me a months check. And we got Timothy Shands with his hands in the cookie jar. They took that 4 months out of my checks for about $200 to $250, to pay back Social Security for a payment to a closed account, that was paid back to me out of that closed account.. Meaning Shorty played Timothy. The account number is in my Chase Account..

My account did not get the money to my new account, it went to the old one at Chase. See? They got that account and they are caught in the act. That was the only reason they did what they did at the Social Security Office. Social Security owes me for the check they got out of that account and it comes directly to me and I need my loot tomorrow. See, I did not owe that money to the IRS, that check was from my Social Security Disability Issuance SSDI

If my money do not show up by tomorrow morning, I will go to a social security office personally and begin the grounds for an all out audit. They had no authority to touch that account without my authorizing signature and that may be the missing ID- Birth Certificate, but my new name is Jesus Christ anyway and my birth certificate comes from Sandersville, GA., life begun at conception for me. But until I get that done, it would have been nice to have my damn Certified Birth Certificate.

But because of this un-authorized withdrawal from my personal account, I shut down to hand over the IRS, but my payment from Social Security is not a debt to the IRS, it is a debt from nobody, it was not a part of that money pool. It was my eating money that got tied up and had me stranded in New York City and here we go again?

5 Stars

DBA Jesus Christ

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