Breaking News – Alert – Alert – Barrack Busted:

This is how they come at Cities AND Communities – No Joke

Breaking News – Alert – Alert – Alert – Setup or Got Setup

From DBA Jesus Christ

My Exit Plan:

Carl Alston: I lost your phone number, but you never return my calls anyway. What I had to say, you’ll will find out. I AM not your enemy, you are your worst enemy. You think this is a game and you depend on CNN, maybe you need to take this bus ride and see for yourselves.

Timothy Shands:

41-04 10th Street Apt 5D L.I.C. New York, 11101

Arrest him for Genocide against Humankind, Fraud and one billion counts of murder.

Please all FBI Informant witnesses on the FBI Vault as the duty of the Attorney General to allow public information, meaning information belonging to the public be accessible to the public.

If I do not get my loot and be able to leave NYC by tomorrow, freeze all banking transactions period.

And they can have NYC. It stinks, the people are grimy and disrespectful, so I will not look back at this cesspool of scum. They do not want me and now I do not want them.

It looks like they are running out of food, you know what comes next, they eat each other. Then this town like so many others will lifeless. What, since you say I AM crazy, just let me excuse myself.

Social Security owes me a months check. And we got Timothy Shands with his hands in the cookie jar. They took that 4 months out of my checks for about $200 to $250, to pay back Social Security for a payment to a closed account, that was paid back to me out of that closed account.. Meaning Shorty played Timothy. The account number is in my Chase Account..

My account did not get the money to my new account, it went to the old one at Chase. See? They got that account and they are caught in the act. That was the only reason they did what they did at the Social Security Office. Social Security owes me for the check they got out of that account and it comes directly to me and I need my loot tomorrow. See, I did not owe that money to the IRS, that check was from my Social Security Disability Issuance SSDI

If my money do not show up by tomorrow morning, I will go to a social security office personally and begin the grounds for an all out audit. They had no authority to touch that account without my authorizing signature and that may be the missing ID- Birth Certificate, but my new name is Jesus Christ anyway and my birth certificate comes from Sandersville, GA., life begun at conception for me. But until I get that done, it would have been nice to have my damn Certified Birth Certificate.

But because of this UN-authorized withdrawal from my personal account, I shut down to hand over the the IRS, but my payment from Social Security is not a debt to the IRS, it is a debt from nobody, it was not a part of that money pool. It was my eating money that got tied up and had me stranded in New York City and here we go again.

Between Wells Fargo and Chase I gather over $252 Trillion. With 70% unemployed on both sides, white, or black, in a nation whereby over 90,000,000 registered voters did not vote in the Trump v. Clinton Presidential elections. When in our nation, at any time, 90,000 people are missing in a two weeks cycle, because once you are Baker Act, which is unconstitutional, because it never passed the constitutionality tests and cannot not, after two weeks and all your family abandons you. Ye, if my family said the hell with Jesus Christ, what did they say about one who really depended on their support. This means they was eating at least 90,000 people in psychiatric wards throughout the United States.

In a Nation whereby, AIDS has been cured since 1989, we still have people draining our healthcare system, for $240,000 per year to live with AIDS? Or to pretend they are being treated, to get a fast $20,000 to act like a big willy. And when guys like Oral Brennan, Joe Jones, Bruce Gilbert, Thomas and his brother “Fat Boy” Nick Gordon, DD Jenkins, Joe Joe, June L. McAfee, James Wingfield, Judge Hauk and Sgt. Hauk his Gay Mob son of the Washington D.C. Police, Russell Lewis got to looking young, Timothy Shands, Chad Oral Brennan son Ortega, People like Jay Z goes to stalking me on Homeland Security infra red video, Little Richard the midget of Sandersville, GA, was my next door neighbor, he is their King Solomon aka Emmanuel as in Emmanuel Lewis with the head of Barry Gordy, Boo Green, and Herbert Kelly or is it Maxwell and Bobby Brown, must I go on, Vicki Dunn of the infamous Illuminati Blood line says “I own the Post Office,” Baker Act that crazy nigger, talking about Jesus Christ, when these Serpents are afraid of a Zika Mosquito, because they like that sweet blood, so they have to hide in jail until it cools off, or Zika, Zika, Zika will eat ya. Must I go on? When Mayor Giuliani is Captain Green at the Super-Max for Serpent protections, when Michael Bloomberg becomes, David F. Lanier the crooked lawyer, to steal up everybody’s properties, when my own children try to take me for a ride, what is there to fucking gain?

This world is screwed up and everybody wants to have royalty meaning slaves and servants and all they have to offer is counterfeit money? See? I know they’re ready for me to leave. Yea, they are about to eat up New York City. On my way back to the VAMC, I saw a woman, stetting up to throw her son into the East River. Yea, now they want to get rid of the evidence, all those children, they don castrated, it is a sad day. My victory is not sweet, nor bitter sweet, it is plain straight out Bitter. What have I gained, but what I did not lose, which I had all the time. Was it worth my time and energy Father, all I want to know is why. I suffered and to save what?

What is crazy is it seem as if you all are all down for this crazy ass shit. I got to go.

Carl Alston – Evil Doer

So I see Katherine for the first time in a long time. I was talking to her and letting her know what time it is. She knows more than many think, but less than I thought. But I saw Queensbridge for the first time from within. And I do not like what I see. They do not understand the Foundation Rock under L.I.C. And Manhattan is a diamond figuratively the size of the moon. And under the surface will be the Kingdom of God. So I missed him the first time or he dodged me. So I came back a couple of days later and Ms. Virgie as you know her, but she and Blond Eva sister. See, my mother Eva and Ms. Virgie are sisters and her name is Katherine Jones. I guess Eva, the mother of all the living because I came out of her womb, is the oldest.

So she catches up to Carl. And I assume she told him to give me $300, because that was what I needed to settle in until, my Queendom begins to arrive. I saw Patricia Jones aka Alston and I met o

one of my sons, his name is I believe Cod and not Chad. And he is a handsome and strong looking human. I had to play it down. So I AM trying to find Carl, see, Carl was always my favorite. I remember him telling you are the Lord. Than asked why I love Janet, she loves white people? That is not true, but people believed that type of stuff. So, I felt he was on my side. But he proved me wrong.

So when I caught up to him, he says, why are you yelling at MY mother? What? I wasn’t yelling at Ms. Virgie. But you was yelling? Yea, I was preaching the work, what every preacher but me can preach? I was preaching the word. And if I yell it off of the top of the roof, those who know will know and those who don’t still won’t.

So he asked did I have money. I tried to explain my situation but it was not necessary, because the person I was doing business with was Katherine. So he introduces my son from Maria Theresa Jones aka Yay-Yay as his own. I said, is he family, he said he is my son, I said, is he family? He says yea, Oh, he is family? Yea. Then as I was about to explain to him who he is, Carl pulled him to the side, as he was asking Carl for money. Carl gave me $20. I got some weed and carfare back to the VAMC in Manhattan on 23rd street. And then I called him everyday, telling him stuff and waiting for this rescue money form Katherine. I slept good and needed the rest, but he tried to play me and played himself. I was supposed to hit him off hard. I was handing out $1 Billion, but $100 Million mike be wiser, because God’s favor beats abundance. But he gets nothing, let him get it from Faggot ass Barrack Obama aka Timothy Shands, the fraud about to go away for 1,000 years in the fucking pit. He is evil and he was never for me.

Timothy got the whole world fooled. He has everybody calling on President Trump. There is nobody named Donald Trump. Timothy is hiding out in the White House and Stephen “Shorty” Macro or is it Malcolm Wright or Jones, gave his bitch ass up. See, he went after the money I recovered and it is all to be burned as we will transition into a new currency called the Blue Dough, which will be the subsidization of the world currency and will be worth Z1 – Blue Dough = Zew to $25 Green-go and that cannot be stopped. We win the drug war, because our nation did not get destroyed, only those who destroy got destroyed but the infrastructure is still in-tact. What was supposed to happen is after the murder the population they bomb the cities and blame it on terror.

See, I really did not want to have anything to do with this shit. But it got so back, I was getting kicked out of shelters. They steal from me , my own family or fake family, because all I have is my children and they have to be separated from these evil materialistic people.

Long Story made shorter. I saw Timothy in Washington D.C. On the bus. He did not know I knew who he was, but he should have. I was talking to him, like I knew him about his past administration. His first presidency was legit, but what he is doing now is clearly treason. He is in the White House, pretending he is Donald Trump and there is no Donald Trump and that was why I had to place this nation into Martial Law. This is an overthrow of the United States Constitution by a bunch of drug dealers, that simple. But I AM a Five Star General of the Army. And Loretta Lynch does have 4 stars as Attorney General. And have my son Lt. Gen. Jeh Johnson, arrest him for crimes against God, Humanity and every evil thing he caused to happening this world. And since Carl Alston love him more than me, you can arrest him too. He stole from God during the battle of Armageddon causing God to be in harms way in enemy territory. I told him to bring Patricia to me, she is aging, I want to give her back her youth. But whenever, she must leave also. I want Jeh, to make this his priority and hire some of my sons to work security.

5 Stars

          DBA Jesus Christ

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