DBA Jesus Christ – Last Words

Dirty Lies

To: Queensbridge

From: DBA Jesus Christ

Date: 26 June 2017

RE: Last Words

I AM thinking about the past. And it seems like I have not one happy memory. No, I AM not depressed, I just understand life in a new light. I really AM disappointed not just in you but me also. Nobody deserved to be treated the way I was treated. And I realize I AM not the first one or time. But this is who you are and what you do. I really wonder deep in my heart if there is even one person in the whole world that really loves me for who I AM.

Frank Clark told me, I can count all my friend on one hand. I felt hurt and started to counting and said if all I have is five at the most, who are they. They all these years I ran after Janet and soon as I found her, she still had no time for me. And I wonder??? What kind of person do you think I AM. I can see lies a mile away and my life is not a lie, but there are many, many interlopers out to make my life pure hell. I saw Queensbridge and I know I have many, many children there and they will rise with or without me. See? They saw me and they now know who I AM and that all of you are liars. And once they understand the nature of the power they have as a Spirit entity, they will out live every last one of you how hate me and become greatness.

Yes, I AM tired of being alone and I foresee me moving on if necessary, to prevent my being sick from always not being counted, left out and used and abuse by people who careless about me. I have no sisters or brothers or my situation would not be what it is. I have no woman of Huwoman or their concern would be like mine’s and I would at least matter. No phone calls, no email, just ideas and Earl who is Carlo Gambino told me, “Paul they used drugs on you, And I know. But the only power you can possibly have over me is my desires. If I want love, I need to love whoever is with me, if nobody, I guess it is time to find somebody, somewhere. My main problem is always being alone and that I can end by next month. But for some reason, I really believe somehow someday, Beyoncé and Alicia will find me, but in my heart I feel the rest are liars.

I have not one sister, nor brother, nor cousin or uncle, all I have is promises that they never ever planned to fulfill. This includes Uncle Billy Boo and Eva too. I feel she set me up from the start. And no matter what, there is always another scheme or plot to fuck me over.

What do you want. I will sigh it over to you. I do not want what this world has to offer and this is your world and it is not about shit. People driving cars in circles, without any direction, almost everybody cannot even read, every time I turn around, you steal something from me. And my money is no good wherever you have influences, But I feel happy often when I AM alone and then when I want my Queendom who seems to give less than a shit about me, again I get lonely. So I guess I need to start fucking or something. How long AM I supposed to run behind bullshit and lies.

I AM done. When I get to Augusta, GA, say yes or no and it is time for me to move on. Perhaps travel and draft and just avoid you all. Because sure as they know you, I AM going to catch hell, because it is you all who is doing this to me. So all of you have all of you and so let me have me. I AM not down with this anymore. If Alicia wants these loops, come get them, I have no use for them anymore. I AM tired of this faggot ass lying promises never to be fulfilled. And had I known, they was lining them up in Washington D.C. And I know it was for me. Those Cuban Hebrews are fine. Fuck this lying ass dumb shit, I AM tired of being the fucking joke. Just keep it. This world has nothing to offer me.

5 Stars

             DBA Jesus Christ

PS: April Fools was fun, until it seemed to always be you.

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