Hot Box & Internet Use


Dirty Lies

To: The Queendom

From: Jesus Christ

RE: Hot Box & Internet Use

Date: 25 June 2017

Good-Morning?  Really?

The Social Security Office said, I get about $985 per month and the Treasury took money I owed the IRS or some shit. I have appointments next month in Augusta, GA. What $250 per month the IRS took and in the other hand say, hey, he is Jesus Christ, he is God? It seems the bills do not get paid at 923 S. A. Ave – Order of Zews, so I think it is time to change my citizenship to Georgia, when I go back next month. I guess I will have to live in a fucking shelter, but really care-less, it beat moving to a ready made community with a bunch of no good motherfuckers out to use me. I say, whatever you all want just say, this is mine’s and simply remove my name and all ties and we will get alone as long as we are apart. Dahoud said, he will love me from a distance, but he seems to always make problems for me. How is that being at a distance? Whatever.

So they stole my Hot Box or the battery out of it anyway. And now when I go to McDonald’s and even Starbucks, now it the table is for customers and all that shit he did before, where my money was no good and when I ran out, I have to keep on stepping. And at the end, I AM supposed to just love, love, love, these no good motherfuckers? Really? Do you really expect this?

Do I have to walk all the way back to Queensbridge? Or AM I supposed to let 950 East 4th Walk, humiliate me again and again. I AM washing my ass in the toilet at the VAMC and the water runs hot and it be shining clean, but the principles is that do you have to do this dumb shit or have you ever? When do you start treating me like you want to be treated? Never!!! then how can I treat you any differently? It is that or a psychiatric ward?  Right?

If this was good grooming for me, it has to be somewhat healthy for you too? I guess you can handle at least 35% of what you put me through for good character building?

I just want to live apart from those who are material. And you cannot hate me for not wanting any of this bullshit. You made me like I AM. You deprived me so bad and left me out so long, I really do not want to be a part of this game at all. I do not want much of anything this world now offers. I just do not like being mistreated. Sleeping in a streets or in the hospital entrances, being told you cannot use this table, in you own shit. And if you come back, I have to call the man and then if you are all you say, just prove it. Meanwhile Timothy say, it is plausible denial? Meaning, it is all your, but nobody can know, you cannot even eat in your on kitchen, because the guards will arrest you on site. Oh, bring in your documents and we will give you a little something, something, but those documents, man that is just paper here. Nobody is going to listen to you Paul.

Fine, so I have to be where they can see me, mistreat me and not listen to m, so you can continue to pretend you are me. And that is why they all hate me so bad, because all the shit you do in my name?

DBA Jesus Christ

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