Identification, Birth Certificate & Bank Accounts

5 Stars

I figure to leave me in the streets, with these type of documents and missing shit and an ATM card with an account with this amount of money and say, I AM plausible denial. Well, you can have this card too, but just let the world know it is not me.

To: The Queendom of Jesus Christ

From: Jesus Christ

RE: – Identification, Birth Certificate & Bank Accounts

Date: 25 June 2017

Now my birth certificate done disappeared. I had three when I last left NYC. When I was in Sebring I still had two with one in my wallet. Now I cannot find on birth certificate, so I guess the fraud games continues. When all you have y]to say is this is what I want. But what you want is me to be believed to be you and you me.

So I tell everyone, I have the ATM card with all the dope money on it. When the account was opened, I and Nazi rah went to Chase Manhattan on Ave C and 4th street, I believe. She started giving them false information about me, my address she said was 930 Houston or something. So when I got back Elliott was on guard duty. My computer was locked out of the internet and I was not to get on that computer. I got through to the White House and informed the President, the Chase Account, is dope money and it is to be frozen. I told the bank, once someone tries to withdraw, lock it, freeze the assets and then call me.

Th next morning I got a call. Someone tried to withdraw from that account. Then later, I did not get my SSDI check, it went to this account. I go to the bank, she says, the account is closed. I go to Social Security and after raising pure hell, they had my check pulled from this CLOSED account and placed into my account.

Chase Liquid\4736 2282 0307 6567

Frank P. Jones 3/19 1-877-712-0088

Security Code – I’d keep to myself

In any case, there should be close to $100 Trillion in this account and a lot like that in my non profit account with Wells Fargo. And this same treasury department just took about $200 to $250 from my disability check, based on the fact that in reality sinners make me sick. I guess I must be JP Morgan too or does JPM in Jesus Paul Messiah?

Lil Richard - Monkey

DBA Jesus Christ

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