Jesus Visits the Kingdom of God


Jesus Visits the Kingdom of God

By: D.B.A. Jesus Christ – The Only Living God

Apollo 13: This was when I went to the moon.  They seem to be changing dates, I will check on it, I remember it being in 1969???  But the fact pattern remains, is that I was about 10 r 11 years old when this happened.  And Glenn Ford could have never fit in the passenger compartment at 6.1.

I go to Queensbridge and I noticed a few things. Few people who knew me, still knew I AM Hue-He. I AM the last surviving Zulu King, I AM not the tree and branch of David, no, no, I AM the tree and Branch of Zulu, the Capstone Zulu, the mythology of Shaka Zulu is non-sense, for the Reality is in Christ. Meaning, get you 1. a NIV International Holy Bible (2014) This is the one I had made for you for this time and hour. The true story of Shaka Zulu who is really Frank Jones, as in who is DOW, I know who is Jones. Get you an American Heritage English Dictionary, this is our official language, it is Hebrew, for Jesus Christ talks Hebrew and it means, “I say what I mean and mean what I say.”

Save the World

As often as needed Go to Goggle Search.”

Major Search Queries:

  • Apostle Paul Castellano

  • DBAJesusChrist – Conception – Garden of Eden, Birth the Kingdom of God

  • Elijah Muhammad – I came in the name Elijah!!!

  • Michael J. Jackson – This is My-Story – these are the things they really done to me and accused me of bein before all the world. “I AM MJJ.” Those are my songs and my performances and they use of a virtual image and this is really, really painful, seriously, evil, evil. They said basically, “Paul Jones is a homosexual, see, because I AM Michael Jackson on the world platform of media and entertainment. Oh, Paul Jones is a child molester for getting on a ride and having fun with my son, I met for the first time and gained an interest in him, because I thought he was an intelligent kid and wonder, why is he out here alone like this??? I have to help this child, who turned out to be my son from Mariah and they come in two’s as she did too.

  • See when we was kid’s, we use to go to Coney Island at least once per years and it be a big event as Father and Son bonds and get on rides and eat fun food. But I AM seen with a light kid on rides, eating, like I said here, he takes a hit and coughs, I take it back and say, good, you don’t use this, thank you, so I pull out a cooler I bought two and gave him one and then took it back and gave him a milk and said, you got milk, you need it, it will help you grow, he laughs and says, you fooled me, oh, I say, yea, yea. He was a really nice Prince who had gotten left behind, see, they claimed I was stalking Janet Jackson who is Janet Jones, but Jeanette Smith became known image and my child was bein held hostage as a ransom and there are many Rene Elizondo’s Rene Elizondo is a landlord by force over God’s House. Their intruders and interlopers.  Oral Brennan aka or is he Oral Ortega, Chris Bush aka Frank Lucas, but yesterday I saw the smart one face to face, I saw Jerrell Bush and now I can honestly state that Timothy Shands of 41-03 10th Street Apr. 5D, L.I.C., New York, 11101 is Barrack Obama. I saw him at Jeffrey Jennings barbershop. See me and Jeffrey go way back, Timothy ask, do you know who I am, I said, yes, he says who, I say, who AM I?, Oh, you cannot call me by my name but expect me to call you by yours. No, I Am God. Then you got Cat Eyes, the Blue Eye Devil running the damn center, you got people of every boat in the world running all my stores and selling my children candy, knowing it is addictive, having my children do tricks for banana splits?

While in Washington D.C. I was approached by a stranger who spoke to me about the security issues of the White House. I told him issues of the last Administration and realize the Coup di tat is Barrack.?  See, there is not Donald Trump, that is a Real Estate and Construction Company actually owned by me, but I did not run for Office, I AM no a Republican, I AM not down with Illuminati.  I think Timothy is hiding out in the White House???

  • Q. of Q. Janet Jackson – Mother of Beyoncé and Alicia

  • Q. of Q. Beyoncé – 25 Jan. 1994 – Consummated in Manhattan- Birthrights

  • Q. of Q. Alicia – 25 Sep 1994 – Consummated in Long Island City, N.Y. Birthrights

  • Frank Paul Gambino

  • Carlo Gambino

  • Lucky Luciano

  • Frank White

  • Malcolm X

  • Nicky Barnes

  • Prince

  • Josephine Baker

  • Diana Ross

  1. The Jehovah’s Witness -The Zulus

  1. The Church of God by Faith – The Jews

  1. The Nation of Islam – The Hebrews


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Anti-Christ (Watfch out for this shit type)

5 Stars

DBA Jesus Christ

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