MAGIX and Steinberg Jesus Christ, INC – Prepare for MIS


Ps: 118:22

Smooth Gangster

Public Enemy – The Remix – Produced on??????

MAGIX and Steinberg Jesus Christ, INC – Prepare for MIS
The Paul Castellano Studio BETA Configuration Project:
(Lead Researcher: D.B.A. Jesus Christ
Special Instructions Microsoft
The Mission is simple for Microsoft to do.
1. update to a new version of the Steinberg e-licenser to Microsoft System Integration (MIS) compatible – Allowing all software to work on this one dongle for license verifications.
2. Invite, Native Instruments, Antares, IK Multimedia and many others and say, “look, you can continue to sell these VTS products, but not without dongle protection, because to are giving away my VST data owned by Steinberg a subsidiary. And the same applies with ReWire. Propellerhead is in on it, but how, when Steinberg co-owns it and Steinberg is VST the Master of the ReWire slave.  Without VST, their is no master to control this slave application.
3. Train men who get involved in this BETA project and use their videos instruction on how to in DAW and start paying them fairly.  You sell people binary codes to replace hardware and not people interaction, this should improve or you really haven’t done anything, but replace yourselves.
4. I need certified Microsoft DAW Sales Agents in all Guitar Center, Circuit City, Best Buy and on the fly.  The Moto: “One setup don’t fit all artist.”  We customize to your needs and will find you something that fits you genre and pockets.
5. The free upload the Microsoft MIS it is the application that integrates all the others. It is free, you have the choice to go MIS.
Transfer All Software DAW Applications Steinberg USB Dongle
e-licenser Dongle Number – 1#54#9# 4#F5#0
These are the Current DAW Applications Recovered
  • Cubase 7
  • Virtual Guitarist 3
  • Groove Agent 3
I have the disc and Serial Numbers to install:
  • Virtual Basis – Vir2 – Bass Guitar VST Instrument
  • Amplitude Jimi Hendrix Guitar Amps and FX
  • Native Instruments ABSYNTH 3 – Need to Recover all of my Native Instrument accounts
  • Have Disc to – Native Instruments Massive & Battery 3
  • Have Disc and Serial Numbers to: Antares – Harmony Engine, AVOX vocal toolkit, Auto Tune 5, Auto Tune EFX Native, have account number and password to upgrade these Vocal FX.
  • Have Serial Number to Sound Soup Pro 2 – Audio Cleaning Technology beyond others was too expensive $499?  or some crazy shit.
  • I have all types of Reason Samples.  They have several Virtual Instruments and In have many voices for them.
  • Reason stole my Reason 6.5, ReCycle 2.1, Piano, Strings and all types of shit from me and I made Save the World – Smooth Gangster and Alone Connected on their shit.  Fools!  I might not tell anyone. Their file management system sucks, their sound is superior, because they modelled their sound using microphone placements on those drums and all types of research and then rob me?
  • Acid 7e is installed and working, needs update to 64 bits and you will be able to sell them. Will have a hard time keeping up, as it replaces REX2 as the loop player, because REX2 is proprietary software.
  • MAGIX Audio and Music Lab – Full Install in this computer
  • Borrowed: MAGIX Samplitude – A Mastering Secret?  Sony Vegas, Sound Forge,
  • Many Loops over 1,000 $$$$$ in investment cost.
Jesus Christ
I forgot how to transfer the dongles.  I think I have to write the numbers down and then type them in one number at a time, you cannot copy and paste it in.  I will do that tomorrow.
I will use this foundation applications to design a studio at artist and production levels.  We will be designing for 64 GB to 256 GB RAM laptops and towers.
I plan to integrate ACID into the Cubase app, remove all REX2 support, using Acid as the loops player and develop ReWire into an Acid platform at 64 bits and more
I will send them both Jesus Christ, INC certificate of status and the corporation doc.
D.B.A. Jesus Christ – Title: God Perpetual
Do Business As

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