Queendom Open Letter: Plan of Actions – The Plot Thickens


The One that did not Make it (Looks can be deceiving)

The Plot Thickens

To: The Queendom of Jesus Christ

From: Jesus Christ

RE: Plan of Actions

Date: 22 June 2017


Aaliyah – The one I found at the end again

Choosey Lover

  1. NaZirah is out, but she was never in. She is not a good fit. Ena is angry with me as well as Sabrina and all of you know, You could not had left her until I kicked her to the curb. She is a lesbain and not bi-sexual.
  2. The story I knew perhaps a year ago, it came to me in a vision. David and NaZirah are forever incompatable. He like guys and she like gals. But they are a team of divide and conquered. She keeps running games to keep all of you away from me and he uses that power to fuck me over. They wanted me to get angry and say something out of nature to have an excuse to Baker Act me, knowing it is unconstitutional, to begin with. But you’ll would side with them on this, if only to keep me out of trouble, but by doing so, place me in a world of trouble.
  3. Ms. Virgie BKA Katherine, as in Eva, Katherine and Elsa-lee. She said, just let her know when my bus leaves. I want Patricia on the bus with me. All her children should be grown. I really miss Pat. I cannot explain how we ended up almost estranged. I need he in my life as of now. I really love Patricia and it make my feelings for her other half Latoya mean so much more.
  4. If I must, I will stay in the Salvation Army Shelter. But know in your hearts, I need to be loved and I know me, if I go into heat and I AM almost there and it is partially due to all this dishonor towards the end.
  5. I need about $300. Ms. Virgie seemed to be alright with getting me about $200 or even the bus ticket at $150. I still have $300 in food stamps. I AM not enjoying the food I have to but to survive, but I M eating and shitting real good.
  6. If I HAD ¼ OF DRO weed, my food stamps, I can survive comfortably, if I can pay the $7 per day, to not have to carry all my shit with me everyday. If Pay rides with me, carry one bag and one back pack.
  7. Contact the “Hotel we used,” we got that. There is new management there and my room is good to go. If our rent is covered perpetually and my stamps come in next month and my SSDI. Me and her will do fine until everyone else gets to town.

I want to leave as soon as possible and if Patricia is riding with me, any time is fine, because we will be going to the hotel and can go there at any time, but the shelter, I have to get in town prior to like 5 PM, to get a bed by 6 PM. NaZirah she is not my cup of tea and nobody wants her and I did all I could to make it possible, I can let go, do not ever look back and feel good about my decision.

DBA Jesus Christ

PS: The woman who wanted to threesome her little child, it looks like she switch my hot spot.  It does not even charge. I never saw these things not charge at all. She approached me with a little girl must have been about 7 years old, asking for photographs of my hot box and my this and that. If this is not mine’s, it shows what she intended to do, because she did it.  Therefore I have to do an inventory on everything. That is why I have to leave here, they are a bunch of grimy grumblings.

The Plot Thickens

I go to the VAMC, because I just do not ENERGY to make the walk to L.I.C. New York. So I decided to rest until tomorrow and then find a way to Queens to get my bus ticket out.

So I tried to charge up this Hot Box. But it is broken and mine’s had money on the account. I can turn on a phone with it or just buy another Hot Box, in any case, she miss me up, but what she planned to do was way beyond this.

She was going to let me in. Then sex me and then turn my fresh nut into the hospital as a rape kit. I was not going to have any communications out and was going to be arrested tonight in 950 East 4th Walk.

Her having my Hot Box, is proof of her intent. And what she was going to do, to have planned this, she already made her mortal error. She mind fucked that child into thinking this is how she is supposed to approach me. How do you justify taking someone else’s child to a man to have sex, to have him arrested for rape. Anyway you look at it, what was going to be the final result for that child and me too.

DBA Jesus Christ

PS: Off-line – No Internet tonight, but we did not lose communications, I M at the VAMC all night and into tomorrow morning.

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