Summons # 4414986227 – The Scientific Explanation of Jesus Christ

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Summons # 4414986227 – The Scientific Explanation of Jesus Christ

On 30 October 2015 – I was awarded the Marriott International and Ritz Carltons and I bought the Trump Towers, New York City and Chicago around August 2015 and they called me God on 4 July 2015.

God 4 July 15

Declared God by the IRS 4 July 2015

Loving U


Public Enemy Remix 2


Queen of Queens Cookie with Magic.  Really?


Tupac and NAS  Really?

Cookie Janet Second Half


Queen of Queens Janet Really is this Janet D. Jones or crazy ass fake Jeanette Smith?


Alicia and Beyoncé

Magic Johnson is really Skip Jackson from Queensbridge and everybody loves Magic in Queensbridge and claim Skip is dead.  Bit that smile and showmanship always kept them watching.

Magic is in the screenplay.  He went from a $25 million per year 20 years, to saving lives, by catching AIDS and promoting inhibitors to keep people alive.  But do he act like faggot Jay-Z?  No! He knows he was blessed to serve God as was even NAS, Lil Wayne (light skin), R. Kelly ( Robert and Rahmel), see? But  Magic, do not you know all charity goes to God. He goes and gives up Star Bucks for a Sports Franchise. NFL, NBA and the MLB are all 501 c 3 nonprofit and now the intent will come back whereby athletes who are the one kids look up to can help them and not just themselves. 

That is Alicia Eva, she was born 8 month after Janet Beyoncé .  I like the name Beyoncé, but for now, I understand it brings back bad memories so accept that, if there is any love in your heart. 

The Queendom and Kingdom

Summons # 4414986227 Seems to authenticate the Original – The Case number to my award of all the Ritz Carlton and Marriott International Hotels and Condominiums.

Say My Name

Janet Mixes

By: Jesus Christ – God

This is going to be an on time written article.  That is my lil man.  He is Lil Paul among friends, I AM Big Paul, but they will call me Daddy P. for Father Paul.  What AM going to do is distribute this article at where I AM and then develop it into a powerful lesion.  The Bible and it’s fulfillment was about learning about the anatomy of Human-Kind and it was necessary that it can never be a part of the Spiritual World.  This should be fun,  I AM going to work on this page most of the day and create a really nice presentation. What I do not know, so check in and out, like I might even take a nap.


The Code is you cannot leave out of your vector, so “how can an electron rule over the nucleus?


God transmits parallel and Satan transmit serial


Plus God is omnidirectional as one we respond they most always be told what to do.  They can only run codes and if you get caught in the Matrix, he can rule over you. 

The Spirit is the six sense. You have Wi-Fi, you have fiber optics, you have satellite communications, you have the atomic structure which is based to the configuration of the universe as the solar system too, is structured like an atom.

Atom model. Atoms are made up of three particles: protons, electrons, and neutrons.

omnidirectional transmissions

The Father is the Source Transmission to all of Human-Kind

hypnosis 2 transmissions

Satan’s Transmission to Mankind

He has to operate serial that nobody knows God truly exist

He preps you to be post ordained:

Gen:3: 1-5  Now the serpent was more crafty than any of the wild animals the Lord God had made. He said to the woman, “Did God really say, ‘You must not eat from any tree in the garden’?”

2 The woman said to the serpent, “We may eat fruit from the trees in the garden, 3 but God did say, ‘You must not eat fruit from the tree that is in the middle of the garden, and you must not touch it, or you will die.’”

4 “You will not certainly die,” the serpent said to the woman. 5 “For God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.


Who is Hakim & Jerimiah?  Jesus Says – My Sons!

The Preachers Wife to the Bible Story of Job


This is the cross Queens Queen Elizabeth had to carry and the hardships she had to bear.

AM I Going to Hell?  By: Capstone Zulu

I got mad with Queens Queen Elizabeth for jumping onto Bobby Brown when she was forced to pay that $400G ransom to get him back because they allegedly was going to beat him down. So I was watching this whack ass movie and instead of investigating it, I was being a des-satisfied consumer, instead of being her King of Kings?

 Bill Cosby

The Key! When travelling do not think everything that is presented as entertainment is in fact entertainment?  Now my heart said Denzel Washington was one of mines?   He was on Latifah show?  Bill Clinton was on her show talking about keeping his $80 billion.  Boy!  And he seems to be mocking these dudes throughout the film.  The name Henry is repeated.  Henry William Cosby?


I see men from the Coming back to America crew in the shadows.  Eddie Murphy’s boys and the girl who played his American Queen instead of the African tradition as to say Americans are not Africans?   Remember Whitney was extorted by the JDL so it always seems and the hands would then be the NWA.

 fat lady

Something important was gained from this:

 The fat guy who played Servant and tithes collector photo is hard to find?

  • African nations often look as fat woman as beautiful (food)
  • Coming to America was about Eddie and Arsenio bloodline to Congo Africa (Pigmy Land) Type O Blood?
  • Fat means power and top of the food chain, they (Eddie and Arsenio are kind of slim and they are actors? No more? More? Less?
  • In coming to America the fat guy who is now the tithes collector in this show was from Africa and was a servant a fat servant? By whose authority is the servant fatter than the master among Pigmy cannibals?
  • Investigate the fat fuck on this show and the whole Coming to America, he is fat, he is a leader and not a servant. He gets the top chops.

1st Conclusion: We are not taking any satanic casualties to Highlands City.  I do not want to hear about, oh I will man up and now I AM down with you.  Unless you was on a mission from me when I sent you in.  None of the women on this show are our friends and do not enter our home.   Reason is this is a Satanic Matrix and not a one on one.  Everybody has to play a ruler good or bad.

I said, how can you miss-appropriate so much talent in one film. They are mocking God, they are the ones who extorted Whitney and therefore Hollywood.  That would make them the shadow behind the JDL.

2nd Conclusion: God made a wage with Satan and that this one you cannot turn against me, you do whatever you wish to him, but you cannot kill him and he will not go against God will.  William Henry Cosby is Job.


I met him at Bellevue and he said he had 1,000 women.  That is when I knew this old looking man had to be Bill Cosby, but in Bellevue and in a psychiatric ward?  He was a ward of the State, who needed Kidney Dialysis on a secret mission form God documenting all this corruption in these city hospitals and telling be careful they will kill you to me.  He could not pay his doctor bill and was a ward of the state and n ow they want his name to steal those stories from the world.  I said man you are Job, see he thinks he was unfaithful and his price for being a great writer was to be a hypocrite, but he was not unfaithful and the fool joined the King Solomon Temple Freemasons and that was who let me know, before I got to Chicago what they do.   He said, I do not desire sex anymore.  I said you will!


I had sex with those 1,100 concubines or King Solomon Prostitutes and disproved that having sex with them means becoming one.  They do not get pregnant.  They tie their tube and give up women-hood.  Each one of them is asking for financial restitution and not his hand in marriage. So how can you become one with a King Solomon Temple Prostitute?


Dirty Lies

Smooth Gangster

All Job told me is, “All I want to do is help people.”  See?  He is really blameless and is taking blame for something he did not even do.  Thinking he defiled God’s temple.  So I said, I AM going to make you the Director of Operation Solution and Response and you will live at 1 Central Park West Unit # 34-A.  Why, if you give him anything, he will just give it away.  Job choose God’s favor over abundance. Now who is Denzel Washington, because that angel sent was the evil one?

 Denzel Washington

Little Black Oscar

Then I meet who seems to be my son Jerimiah.  He is handsome and favors Queens Queen Elizabeth.  So my speculation is he is grown now.  And should be about the same age is Kristina Brown?  A switch and then a betrayal?  If Bobbi Kristina got killed then that fact pattern remains, they went for the $200 million they saw, but he is the one who is tempting everyone.  “You can be the next big Henry is you sell your soul and disobey God.”  He promotes in Hollywood.  Now Denzel did play Frank Lucas the American Gangster?  That was a propaganda move.  This Frank Lucas was supposed to allude God and the moves were ongoing?  Denzel is down with fat Oprah, who claimed she is a King Solomon Temple Prostitute code for illuminati?  She never said not me, I AM not Illuminati?

This means the people surrounding them in this show cannot be trusted.  And fat boy was the tithes collector, meaning extortion.  I get 10% of the GDP because I own everything, but Satan takes 10% from you. Therefore to pay him is to against me.  Fear no Evil!

Preachers wife

The Power of Dudley


The Speculation:

  1. The People you see are real, this are their real names. This is a gated community in up North New York State.
  2. This allow for Queen Queens Elizabeth to have normal functionality. But not everyone knows our relations, to include her mother?
  3. Denzel sees my son who says oh shit Denzel Washington? Denzel says, “Don’t tell anyone.”
  4. Denzel places Henry under hypnosis. Takes his mind and says, you will not remember me.
  5. But the shit is on film and real names are being used, in this small gated community. Sandersville is just like this place.
  6. Denzel has everyone but my son and Queen going, but the weakness is this is all placed on film and was edited for dramatic delivery.
  7. Denzel says, “I know you have a master plan, but sometimes you are hard to figure out?” He says, “This is not supposed to go this way?” This is on filmed using quality VVT effects.

The Satanic Creation on Film.

Lucifer Oz Rene DeBar – Master Plan Averted

Knights of the Goldenr Circle Symbol

The Knight of the Golden Circle

Rev. Frank Paul Jones <>


to Queen, Queen, Queen, Ella, Brenda
Ella Claimed she did not know my whereabouts?

I should reach Atlanta, headed to Sandersville, GA.  I reach Atlanta about 8:00 AM.  John and Billy POA makes them my hands the Church and the Freemasons.  Got to go to the restroom.

Halloween seems to be their day, people who love willingness
their door their their cf SD

Hallowe’en seems to

Rev. Frank Paul Jones <>


to Queen, Queendom, Ella, Brenda, Queen

At Atlanta Gray hound bus station at Garnett they do not go to Sandersville will go to closest city and tell while on the bus.  Going to get cash back to buy ticket and a bunch of emails should arrive I wrote on the train.

Rev. Frank Paul Jones <>


to Queen, Queen, Ella, Brenda, Bill, Bruce
Headed to Macon and I wrote the city of Sandersville, the only face I know is Henry Watts.  I am tired, horny and all that. Call him and make sure I am picked up

Rev. Frank Paul Jones <>


to Queen, Queendom
 Last night I called she is my only number I knew that I used.  Told her to call me at 10:00 pm.  I called her at about 6:30 am.  She did not answer me?  Knowing or thinking I am stranded?

I go to pay for one more day and the man tells me it did not go through, but he takes $16.49 and says $23.51 due?  How do you request $40 and get payment for $16.49 and what type of cash advance on every purchase stop at $50?  See?

The only person until I get through to know my location was the brother who sent me here and NaQuila?  See?

I will contact Sandersville Henry Watts later.  I need Wi-Fi you need to see all of this before I make any moves.  We are under attack and Satan is in our house.


Amendments to Entrance of Eden

2. Bus in front of Masonic Temple not across the street going the opposite direction.

3. Breeze keep.  It is needed to get out of train station.  I had a kid give me one of his.

4. The Gold line going South towards Air Port.

6. The sign says Macon Inn
1044 Riverside Drive
Macon, GA. 31201

Homosexuals Saved:

They talk homosexuality into existence. They tell a child you are gay, a punk and all types of bullshit from birth. When old enough to remember the source they stop.  The kid says I am a boy and parent laugh, no you are a girl.

Then when they engage in
———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Rev. Frank Paul Jones <>
Date: Monday, October 19, 2015
Subject: I found a spot
To: Queen of Queens Janet <>, The Queendom <>

The Spirit told me the man said thank you.  His television was full of Churches in the hotel room.  On my way to my room he had to let me in, a nasty homo prostitute left his door open as an invitation, I said to him way leave door open, nobody want to see that thing?

He is a man of God and said thanks because I told TD Bank not to fail a dispute that would cancel my card, I was mad at him and told the banker I was going to give him Wi-Fi so that $16 cost him a blessing

No, renovate the whole Motel and rent for the same price but to people who love God.

The to Road to Sandersville.

1.  Atlanta Train Station

2. 110 bus across from Big Masonic Lodge

3. Purchase Breeze Card with Travel ATM we know location

4. Get off at Garnett stop

5. Catch bus to Savannah but get off at Macon

6. Go to this motel and catch our shuttle at 5:00 am home.


So fix it and run the prostitutes out.  I am going to buy food for food stamps and on the way to my room, I will say thank you!  His response will help me decide what do.  Check out is at 11:00 am


Rev. Frank Paul Jones <>


to Queen, Queen, Queen, Queendom, Brenda, Bill, Wal-Mart, Bruce, Tina, pcatala, Marc   This is the NAZI Army Barracks Arrest Them.

This $16 Million project to house 229 inmates?  Come on! Up from about 60 inmates. Meanwhile the people live in wooden shacks or at best aluminum siding homes.  Now do you believe me? What is $16 million divided by 200? About what $80G per cell or apartment, plus then comes funding to house them by they selling drugs on the streets. And the top cop thanked god? We know who his god is!  Rene “Son of Satan” Elizondo.

Now we know why MJJ wore the glove on his left hand. A new Freemasonry code, Satan had his tattoo he must wear on it, it is his power to rule over dumb assholes. See he must be destroyed without human hands, meaning my favorite nephew John the Baptist gets to cut them off, that nobody is able to continue to do his dastardly deeds anymore.

The congregation of Satan is his hands and my hands are the Correctional Officers and not Prison Police. We rehabilitate and not punish to make people come out worst than when they came in.

Let me share the story about a child just looking for love in the wrong places.

They brought a 13 years old boy to the jail house to scare him straight. They told him how they would rape him and pass him around, but he showed no fear and stood up to them. What I saw was an abused child telling them, you cannot do anything that they have not done to me already.

He told people he wanted to kill his grandmother. See a child will love his Grandma more than his mother at times, because while mother wants to get her groove on, grandma lap is there to fall asleep, so for a child to be this angry up the food chain means he gets no love at home.

Had they said, hey lil got, tell us what is going wrong so we can make it never happens again to you, he might have opened up and said, man I am being sexually molested and now I am old enough to fight my own battles. But instead they said, you kill them and we will do exactly what they did to you also?

What these fools did not see was Rene sends in their replacements, see in 20 years he will be 33 years old and they well into their 50’s. He will hate them for what they did to him and whack them if they are lucky.

We have to end this cycle of violence, forgiveness is the only way we can ever be free of hatred.

Jesus Paul Messiah

Deleted a Cover up

Rev. Frank Paul Jones <>


to Queen, Queen, Queen, Ella, Brenda, Maria, Bill, Bruce, cuba
 On Gilmore Street on both sides, where the Federal Building and M.C. Smith Funeral Home is located and the Downtown Sandersville Parking  Lot. This has to by major construction.

1. Bury all the power lines and cables.

2. Make sure we make ground infrastructure to support 5 story complex.

3. On both side build and we should let the Smith keep thief funeral home and let the dead go broke, we will not be in the business of dead people.

4. The Family Values Center will be the technology production and testing  site. This is where we decide what goes or do not go onto the market. And its production system.

5. It will be a major employer for Sandersville City and will be main supplier of Highlands City Entertainers Community.

6. that is it. We will produce computers, software and design gaming for children.

Jesus Paul Messiah

Rev. Frank Paul Jones <>


to Queen, Queen, Queen, Ella, Brenda, Bill, Bruce, Queen, cuba
Save by my seed, requires acknowledgement, so just how old is. Alicia, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Mary J, Nicky Minaj, the Tia and Tamara  Mowry and only your man Satan knows who else?  So when did you plan to tell the world? Mrs. Wissem?

You got Beyoncé Carter, Rihanna the hard up adulterer, Nazi rah done married Dahoud, Alicia married to Swiss Beats, got them all selling drugs. You fake ass tour I told you not to do, but you had to launder your man Rene Gambino drug money anyway.

I said blackball that evil album, but it becomes number one Billboard, I should blackball Steve Jobs movie but they spent what $30 Million on its production but not even $79 for me a hotel room? The Universal whom I own places it over 2,500 of my movie theaters? Really?

An emergency social worker tries to call a family member after I told them ever last family member rejected me multiple time, they proved me right, not one family member answered the
Phone. Oh so I guess next month I have check problems again being my mail goes to the condo in Trump Towers, where you bitch ass Illuminati Serpent hold up?

You type a child of God and add naked and what do you get, them fucking each other with fake dick and come all over them and having sex orgies with white men without testicles? Yea I saw Beyoncé getting it on with your man René? My child and your child doing porn with a Serpent. I did  not know she was my child at the time of viewing and certainly not your and you was unaware or is that the how you become his official slave you dirty ass bitch?

I say I am selling family values and you sell this filth and control my money saying I am afraid he will kill Rene?  You are so damn evil and I am supposed to believe anything you say? How are you or who do you think you are?

I did my research on the Indiana Reproduction Experiment. Every man is a sexual predictor? First subliminal  messages of sex acts, then men want the sex acts they can never have, then every man is registered a sex offender and bitches like you steal the sperm and you got the cream of the crop. Got me being faithful while you create an Army of my spirits serving you? No because you serve Satan? OK!

Remember this he who gives life can take it away. So you got Hollywood under control now? Stole how much sperm the other day?  What enough for another 50 to 100 pretty monster dick haters? Fine, so now I will create my Army of God loving Spirits. See my code is I marry the one who loves me and not the one I love. And I will learn to truly love her due to her love, kindness and attention she give to me.

Jesus Paul Messiah

Rev. Frank Paul Jones <>


to Queen, Queen, Queen, Ella, Brenda, Maria, Bill, cuba, Bruce, Wal-Mart, Tina, pcatala, Marc



Sandersville, GA Parking Lot lookin from City Hall


Police Department




Police Department


Vacant Government Building


Vacant Lot


Vacant Building

Where is the money and we know only $800M is more like 1%/of all the fertilizer sold to the world. But Wells Fargo is the only new bank building in town, yet one of the oldest banks in America?

Barrack check to books


Empty Public Housing


The Name to make Advanced Accommodations


Little Activity of James Brown BLVD

The Library Needs Books


The Code: Class Library and nobody in them.  No Population is here.  The Exodus In Effect

Augusta, GA – The Discovery is the South has been abandoned and you can just move in all over the place:


Black’s are Consumers

People Crying

Making Cannibalism the only option.

The Grand Architecture of America Pt. 1

The Secret war fought by the Knights of the Golden Circle Revealed!

By: Rev. Frank Paul Jones – President and CEO – The National Community Network, INC.

God is amazing! Through the spirit of God in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,  I must give all the credit to, for what I have come to realize and therefore can now share with you.

Please try to follow me:  I had a mental picture about the future Avon Park, Fl and Highlands County many years ago.  I saw the Queensbridge Project’s in the borough of Queens in New York City as my birthplace and Avon Park, FL as my promise land.  It’s funny how one’s promise often seems to be the place where the  foundation of his family begun.  Though I was not born in Avon Park, I have birthrights here.  And in New York City my rights were established through accomplishments in seemingly everlasting escrow accounts, where I had no birthrights, yet I was born there.

This is the story of most African Americans. Though we were raised in the North, our families originated in the South.  Please understand this, before I continue, African Americans are not originally from Africa, Africans were brought here to America from Africa and all family ties were eliminated for almost all African American’s and there tongues were symbolically cut to prevent them from speaking in native languages.  Therefore the African American in almost cases originated in the Southern States of America as slaves on plantations and as a result of being repressed by tyranny, many migrated to the Northern States into urban areas populating major cities in search of better opportunities”.

And then by design was forced into mere survival situations in urban subsidized housing complexes, trapped with no place to go but social services, such as food stamps, welfare and job training programs almost never resulting in creating an independent calls of people.

The only man who requires the granting of his birthrights given to him is a man who is absent of them. With the understanding that the African America birthrights in America were duly recognized by President Abraham Lincoln.  The Sherman’s Special Field Orders, No. 15,  revoked by President Andrew Johnson (who was obviously in agreement with the Knights of the Golden Circle and a Confederate sympathizer)  after the assassination of President Lincoln. It required 400,000 acres of land along the Atlantic coast of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida and the dividing of it into 40 acres, among about 18,000 freed slave families and others living in these areas. These are the facts behind why we have the birthright to demand not just “40  acres and a mule,” but also compounded interest payments based on the economic and population growth since the government reneged.  Or was it really only an empty threat by president Lincoln towards the Southern whites Or was President Lincoln’s assassination actually a conspiracy and thereby the South’s actual checkmate and final move against the North?

What people fail to realize is that the civil war wasn’t actually won on the battle field, as in most wars. What actually transpired was a long drown out political civil- economic war, that used social issues as a means of controlling the masses of many poor blacks, until this day. It was devastating in the South then and still is now, but be not fooled, it is and was oppressive from black people up North as well.  Because when black people went up North, we actually left our homes and surrendered our birthrights to tyranny state government that are still confederate states. They simply modified their tactic to win public acceptance for their business corrupt practices. Because it was always about state rights, which is the fight of the now Republican Party representation until today in Washington D. C. our Capital.

When you understand the mission of the Knights of the Golden Circle and how they disappeared by establishing new identities, you understand that the South never surrendered. And very few know the true  identifies of these people.  But promised to continue their fight in what they billed as the second civil war, which continues in America until present day.  For example I can testify that there are a lot of repressive laws right here in Avon Park, Fl., which is clearly based on confederate southern culture and governance.  They proved over 100 years ago that the key to winning the civil war in America was to control the figurehead in the White House called the President and deceive the masses through mass media.  Just as they did the slaves using the bible, by programming them with ideas like “Love your Master.”

General Sherman’s special field orders, No 15 was made under President Lincoln’s authorized martial law, during the civil war.  The orders were signed January 16, 1865 and was revoked by President Andrew Johnson in that same year in the fall, while we were still under martial law.  So the buck stopped their, regardless of the size of the Army or who won on the battlefield, the President had an iron hand to rule, as a result of Lincoln’s decision, but the authority was transferred to a hostile President in Andrew Johnson.  Which brings about an important question.  Are we still under martial law?  Because  martial law was never actually legislatively lifted.

The Freedmen’s Bureau (The Federal Agency), which included things like land distribution, was established in 1865 and ceased to exist in July of 1868, when the 14 Amendment was ratified, without President Andrew Johnson’s approval, but through a Congressional override despite President Johnson’s, constant vetoes to prevent African American emancipation, independence and economic growth.  But still as you will see, what we got out of the deal called the 14 Amendment was another 100 years of oppression in a nutshell.

The 14 Amendment did not  and was not designed to emancipate the slaves of the South, nor did it really give many blacks in the North true and equal citizenship as equal partners within the Union. What it was really all about, was the system of reintegrating Southern States to their homes and properties and what they demanded from the beginning, which what we all too often hear about everyday on the news. State Rights!  And it was clearly about the reintegrated Southern white back into the Union, with full benefits. That is all the 14 Amendment was and is.  If it was anything more, why were the civil right battles of the 1960’s necessary and today most of the grounds gained then is now seemingly being taken away again.  Because many forms of oppressive measures are still being obligatory force on  the black American.

The civil war wasn’t fought due to the love the Northerners had for the then oppressed and enslaved African slaves in the Southern States. The truth of the matter is morally they cared less.  The truth of the matter is that the Civil War of 1860-1865 -2014, is and was fought over States rights.  The War Between the States began because the South demanded States’ rights and were not getting them.  The Southern States arguments was that they were paying taxes without fair representation. It was two years later into the war when President Lincoln decided to free the slaves and had nothing to do with any declarations of war.  It wasn’t until September after the bloody” Battle of Antietam, or S harpsburg, on September 17, 1862″ this was why President Lincoln decided to make the promise to free the slaves, which was two years into the war. It was punishment against the Southern States. Negroes who think for one moment that these cousins killed off each other as they did, because they even cared about what they both preserved as cattle or food, is foolish at best. Our purpose fro being shipped here was clearly about a source of cheep labor, through oppressive policies.  It was about economics and trade rights. Slavery was just one form of trade rights, as is State rights.

The North really didn’t have a problem with the slavery industry of the South, but was actually concerned with controlling it and the regulation Southern trade or who the South was authorized to sell their cotton too.  All during slavery the Northern States did business with the South.  So how were they ever actually against the labor used to support their industry?   They depended on the South’s ability to produce cheep products in the same way as big corporations do business with third world repressive governments.  While the South offered us a job in fields for a plate of food, the North offered us welfare, food stamps and job programs, but few careers, to eat off of. And now they cal us lazy people, who do not want to work.

The position of the North was “you can have all the slaves you want as long as you sell all your products produced by their labor to us up North, to support our industries.”  Meanwhile the Southern economy was sinking fast.  Therefore the South wanted to expand their business ventures to Europe, which would have meant bigger profits for them and a greater demand for their products, meaning higher prices for the North and more competition, creating lower consumer costs.  But this could have crippled the North, whose economy was booming and growing fast under these arrangements.  This is why the seceded States of the Confederation took action against the Union and left them.  Therefore to preserve the Union to maintain their source of low cost raw material, the civil war had to be fought and the emancipation of slaves was really a strategy to undermine the Southern white with empty threats.  It was about money as always every war seems to be fought for and not about sympathy, compassion or humanity rights for blacks. The history taught about the civil war is deceiving, because the truth of the matter is that the South won the war through espionage, when they killed President Abraham Lincoln.

Understand that if Lincoln would have gotten his way, it would have required that black people be allowed to produce weapons of war. And truly have the rights to bear arms in America.  The second amendment wasn’t drafted as a means of personal self defense in the sense that it is promoted today by the National Rifle Association.  The NRA is just another scheme being used by  people like the Knights of the Golden Circle. The second amendment is about land owner rights and the right to protect your property.  Had the 40 aches and mull deal been enforced, it would have required black landownership and therefore the full protections of the second amendment.  This is something the South knew they could never let happen.

But instead they have us boxed in urban America without true gun rights, killing off each other on the streets over drugs, because jobs are hard to come by and we have no land rights in reality.  This is something the Southern white Confederates knew could never happen and had to be prevented by any and all means necessary, they could not allow 400,000 aches of land to fall into the hands of African Americans in the period of history, because it was against Master Plan of the Grant Architecture of America that begun with the drafting of  the Creation Theory.  Think about it at about $3,000 per ache multiplied by 400,000 would come out to about $1.2B, Oprah Winfrey probably has that herself. But now multiply this by 100 years at the interest rates they charge us of 22%.  Then we have to ask, if the North really won the war, they should compensate us as well with matching funds. Because how can you say you setout to liberate a group of people, only to destroy their homes and replace them back under the same tyranny by granting the right to have their own government against under a better financial system.

The 11 Seceded State in America forming the Confederation Government

  1. 20 December 1860 – South Carolina – 1st State to secede
  2. 9 January 1861 – Mississippi – 2nd State to secede 3.  10 January 1861 – Florida – 3rd State to secede 4.  11 January 1861 – Alabama – 4th State to secede 5.  19 January 1861 – Georgia – 5th State to secede 6.  26 January 1861 – Louisiana – 6th State to secede
  3. 2 March 1861 – Texas – 7th State to secede 8.  17 April 1861 – Virginia – 8th State to secede 9.  6 May 1861 – Arkansas – 9th State to secede 10. 20 May 1861 – North Carolina – 10th State to secede 11.  8 June 1861 – Tennessee – 11th State to secede:

And Missouri and Kentucky were border line states.

Everybody Has Demons


The phrase “40 acres and a mule” has come to symbolize the broken promise that Reconstruction policies would offer economic justice for African Americans.  The “40 acres and a mule” promise featured in the Pigford v. Glickman (1999) decision.  Ruling that the United States Department of Agriculture had discriminated against African American farmers, Friedman wrote: “Forty acres and a mule. The government broke that promise to African American farmers. Over one hundred years later, the USDA broke its promise to Mr. James Beverly.” (a black farmer who lost everything due to discriminatory practices by our Federal Government)  “40 Acres and a Mule” is often discussed in the context of reparations for slavery.

However, realistically speaking, ‘forty acres’ purpose was to provide land for political and economic reasons and it had a price tag in dollar value and would have actually meant freedom to African Americans and reparations is about the unconditional compensation to African Americans as a result of lifetimes of unpaid labor or the compensation of unpaid labor by our ancestors.  But in the absence land distribution reparations would be a mere stimulus package and no more that would be the grounds to finally silence the world, by pretending to pay their debt was paid.   And therefore doesn’t actually address what transpired when the law of land distribution was not enforced. In fact, President Andrew Johnson, not only stop the process, but in a sense declared war against the African farmers and if not, how can it be justified that he gave black farmers property as they put it back to the Southern whites.  When in reality he took their land back from them, which they got as a result of land that was confiscated for an enemy combatant. Which doesn’t qualify was giving back something, which was stolen to begin with and lost as a result of a war.  The real issue of concern was and still is economic and political empowerment of African Americans to create a true partnership within the Union, which is the only way to gain equal rights and citizenship. This it the real and unresolved issue that must be addressed.

He planned to kill all the cows.  All the fertilizer is in Sandersville, GA, in all the world.  So he steals all he will ned for a long time to grow vegetation, but then there is a shortage of fertilizer, because the Garden of Eden is a well kept secret and Pres. Obama is only given but information they want him to see.

My vision is Barrack knew he had to respond immediately as Rapid Deployment Arrive into ghost town and say, “OK, we are here, but what do we do?”  Lock it down.  Setup a community for the Jones Family, everything is there to include Beauty Parlors, the first Rib King conversion from Burger King, a Maryland Fried Chicken, Office spots and the works.  I plan to build a Castellano Studio Production site across from MC Smith Funeral Home and put them all in prison.  They knew they was fucked, I got there in time to make sure the world knew this place existed and now we can also populate this area with the old school crew of Robert and Elijah, Cora and Bertha Crews down to Eva and Frank.  My men will handle the East Coast.

This statistic represents the average price of kaolin between 2007 and 2015. In 2013, the average kaolin price stood at approximately 146 U.S. dollars per ton. The main kaolin deposits in the United States are found in central Georgia.

In the US the main kaolin deposits are found in central Georgia, on a stretch of the Atlantic Seaboard fall line between Augusta and Macon. The deposits were formed between the late Cretaceous and early Paleogene, about 100 million to 45 million years ago, in sediments derived from weathered igneous and metakaolin rocks.[13] Kaolin production in the US during 2011 was 5.5 million tonnes.[14]

300 years multiplied by an average of $146 x $5.5 Million is expected based on their reports.


The main use of the mineral kaolinite is the production of paper; its use ensures the gloss on some grades of coated paper.[45]

Kaolin is also known for its capabilities to induce and accelerate blood clotting. In April 2008 the US Naval Medical Research Institute announced the successful use of a kaolinite-derived aluminosilicate infusion in traditional gauze, known commercially as QuikClot Combat Gauze,[46] which is still the hemostat of choice for all branches of the US military.

Kaolin is used (or was used in the past):


Kaolin is eaten for health or to suppress hunger,[53] a practice known as geophagy. Consumption is greater among women, especially during pregnancy.[54] This practice has also been observed within a small population of African-American women in the Southern United States, especially Georgia.[55][56] There, the kaolin is called white dirt, chalk or white clay.[55]


People can be exposed to kaolin in the workplace by breathing in the powder, skin contact, and eye contact.

United States

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has set the legal limit (permissible exposure limit) for kaolin exposure in the workplace as 15 mg/m3 total exposure and 5 mg/m3 respiratory exposure over an 8-hour workday. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has set a recommended exposure limit (REL) of 10 mg/m3 total exposure TWA 5 mg/m3 respiratory exposure over an 8-hour workday.[57]

Once all the inhabitants are murdered they place an add like this one, Sandersville, GA, the Fertilizer capital of the world, 60 miles in the middle of nowhere and nobody will know you are even here.

  1. You place a group of people I a small gated community away from population. It will be safe you say and away from crowds.
  2. You create a false religious community and a community church leader.
  3. You control the media in that area
  4. You place the key actors under hypnosis.
  5. His code, it took 30 years to get back to this place?
  6. How many little town USA are there, who are no more than cattle?
  7. The whole community became a meaningless existence waiting to die

And this is the moral to the story, there are many little towns USA.

The Preacher Sells His Soul:

  1. To become an ordained false preacher you must give your loyalty to Satan.
  2. To be a convincing deceiver you must believe the lies you tell, but know you are lying and that is why you must die. You are now in too deep.
  3. This is known in your society, but never understood how he has power over you.
  4. The code is: The rules and the great rule of deception is he tells you, “You will not remember me.” And you sell your soul when you say, “Yes I understand the rules.” And never again do you even remember the deal you made with Satan, until the ghost of death calls.

Preachers wife hamalton

The Visionary Hamilton dream is never realized and he becomes blind?

  1. He then praises a false god, as a result of hypnosis
  2. He tells Henry we need you here to keep them oppressed


The dream becomes a Satanic Reality

human 3 human 1 human 6 human 4 human 2

The Final Destination

Netanyahu Freemason

Their Conclusion:

It says build your foundation on the Rock.  I have Jones Mining to show for it. Their final conclusion and pay close attention to this, “We must save this Church.”  But who is the foundation Dudley to my son and Denzel Washington to the world and that name Washington has long history.

Black Panther Symbol

The Reality Seems:

He made a good move and had to back down, he found himself in a Matrix.  Had he known about the relevance of the Order of Zews and the private road on 923 S. A AVE, this may have been a concern.  They took $200 million, exposed themselves and look at what was behind this operating, Jones Mining and 3G Capital and unlimited credit line of the Universe.

Fat Albert

The Real Fat Albert is the story of Eric Hutchinson who was the fat bully when we was kids.  He has a small problem I will fix.  But he turned out to be the nicest guy you will ever meet.  From a bully he will become the child protector.  That is who Fat Albert was, he would beat my ass as  a little boy, but God touch him in a special way, because he was a good friend who had a loving heart and a small problem and did not know what to do as people started to take advantage of him, because he only wanted to be love.

Fighting Temptations

They all had to be Baptized in Satan & Right after his baptism ($$$) he lied again?

The Fighting Temptations Decoded

Cuba Jr., he is Cuba son, he sang in a singing group when I was younger and I knew a Cuba as a little boy in Queensbridge.  My life must have linkage.

His mother name was Mary Ann.  Mary Ann is the woman who washed my feet with her hair.  In the bible, the woman who washes Jesus feet was Mary and she was a prostitute.  Mary Ann in this movie is the symbol of a mother who is a prostitute.

His upbringing was on the road, in night clubs while she basically be fucking those niggers, thinks he is beating out of watches, but that was all she was worth to them a watch and to amuse her son.  Perhaps even fuck him too.  That we did not see.  Maybe that is the code they understood.  The son of a prostitute becomes a French Foreign Legionary spy.  Meaning he is a closet French faggot sympathizer and it is showed when he humbles himself to that bitch ass white faggot at the advertisement firm.

He is a liar and deceiver and nothing he ever says is true.  But he always gets caught and then he always comes up with something new.

In the Preachers Wife Denzel Dudley demonstrates how the post ordination of the false preacher.  The Fighting Temptation show you the process of selling your soul.

He sold his soul when he told them how to infiltrate all of small town America with drugs and alcohol, by selling a Hollywood dream of success and drugs.

Beyoncé throughout this movies says, you are trying to use me. I know people like you.  She became a single parent of a child of God.  She says, this is a child of God. Now Satan knows this to be true and he knows she knows he is no good.

Then what happened. He soul his soul symbolically, perhaps meaning castration and now must hide among us.  He goes back to the church and claims I am a changed man and for the first time, I must finish something I started.  He gets into Satanic Music Business, the Gospel music is the worst, the sing and call on god and make you think they mean God.

Then at the end, he deceives the world again. He just abruptly in the last 60 seconds marries the needy single parent Beyoncé and they have a son 18 months later.  But that was not my son, she handed him to the man next to her.

Now I look on Beyoncé Goggle Profile and see no more mention of Jay Z.  He just said that.  Yea, Beyoncé that’s my wife that shit and made it seem real. There was never even an agreement to deceive.  

While Elizabeth demonstrated the process of creating mind control, Beyoncé demonstrated to process of deception.  And Janet and Alicia are clearly being held hostage.

Then I understood the Prostitute and the Voice

  • In Germany over 50 of the finest women from all over the world, at $20 or $50 Marks? What you think? I met Inka years ago, a Zulu/German with a light skinned son.
  • In France Malcom named after my brother Malcom X was born about 8 months after I went there and we know about the attempt to commit ethnic genocide against the black Muslims of France.
  • In Fort Polk, I had about 100 of the finniest black women out of the Taxes area, but they was from all over the country, because that is what comes to military installations. A woman gets married and becomes a dependent and goes across country to a new duty station. Now cuts the orders? These woman came t me with nude photos in Player Magazine. See? $20 a shot, because they just loved me. When I came to the Casio they ran to my car 5 to 10 at a time calling me friend. Because they was coming to what?
  • You cannot become one with a prostitute, but who you know other than me that is doing all this fucking with these so-called whores. Labels are often fake.


The Conclusion and the Final Solution:



The Weapon of Choice Star Wars Technology Assigned to the Royal Family


The Old Country Castellammare Del Golfo

Castellammare del Golfo

Castellammare del Golfo (Sicilian: Casteddammari; Latin: Emporium Segestanorum / Emporium Aegestensium) is a town and comune in the Trapani Province of Sicily. The name can be translated as “Sea Fortress on the Gulf”, stemming from the medieval fortress in the harbor. The nearby body of water conversely takes its name from the town, and is known as Gulf of Castellammare.

Coming from its marina called “Cala Marina”, with many restaurants and bars, the urban plan is made of steps and winding streets that lead to Piazza Petrolo or towards the main central gardens, where the town center lies with many shops, cafes and restaurants.

According to the opinion of historians and geographers such as Ptolemy, Diodorus and Strabo, Castellammare del Golfo was born as Emporium Segestanorum, port of Segesta, a nearby city which shared the same vicissitudes until its fall. The Arabs occupied Castellammare del Golfo from 827 AD, and called it “Al Madarig”, which means “The Steps”, probably due to an uphill steep street leading from the harbour to the area of the fortified bastion. It was the Arabs who first built the castle fortress, later enlarged by the Normans. The Arab building rose on a rocky outcrop near the sea, linked to the mainland by a wooden drawbridge.[3]

Fishing has been important in Castellammare del Golfo dating back to ancient times. Today the town’s economy continues to be based on fishing with the addition of tourism.

The small town is also noted for having been the birthplace of many American Mafia figures, including Salvatore Maranzano, Stefano Magaddino, Vito Bonventre, John Tartamella, and Joseph Bonanno. This is the origin of the Castellamarese war, fought by the Masseria clan against the clan for the control of the Italian Mafia in New York City.

In the past twenty years Castellammare del Golfo has become an important tourist location as it is conveniently situated between Palermo and Trapani.

Weather Center

We control the Weather and it will get cold this year?


Communications to protect our citizens from Cannibals


This is what they planned for the Bloods AKA Black NAZI Niggers


Buckingham Palace Overview

250,000 savage dogs attacks Buckingham Palace?

Journey 2

The New Kingdom of God under Construction


City Underground

The Underground City


City Top View

The Satellite and the Queendom Dome


Our Cement Bunkers will Keep us Safe – The Final Solution is Near Prepare

Neutron bombs are purposely designed with explosive yields lower than other nuclear weapons.[citation needed] Since neutrons are absorbed by air,[citation needed] even a high-yield neutron bomb is not able to radiate neutrons beyond its blast range and so would theoretically have no destructive advantage over a normal hydrogen bomb. However, the intense pulse of high-energy neutrons that is generated is intended as the principal killing mechanism, not the fallout, heat or blast. Although neutron bombs are commonly believed to “leave the infrastructure intact”, current designs have explosive yields in the kiloton range,[23] the detonation of which would cause considerable destruction through blast and heat effects.


Blue Building

Home Design Plan Urgent

923 S. A. Ave – Order of Zews

Avon Park, FL. 33825

923 S A AVE

The Mailing address is clear cut fraud.  Ella Williams was not in the National Community Network, INC., since 4 July 2015.  On that day I was acknowledged by the IRS the Title God and the right to eminent domain to prevent an overthrow of the United States Constitution. And they say my home is not even tax deductible, I bought down the value of real estate.  I AM the Agent of all of Prince Hall Freemasons and Chaplin and I plan to redirect them toward me and not Satan.  They will become Order of Zews Freemasons and knowing that crazy shit they know, places them back and not forward.

Matthew 20:16 New International Version (NIV)MT:20:16 “So the last will be first, and the first will be last.”

The Storyline:

He has 33 degrees in Satanic knowledge and his follower has 3 degrees.  He talks the same language so the understand each other.  So he knows he is Avon Park, FL.. travelling South and the convey goes back to North Carolina, where they have only three degrees.  So he is a fool but no dummy, he says, “Hey back there, we have until 2025 and I am blind as a mu-fucker, but I know how to navigate a compass.  So I will let you be my eyes and ears, because the blind cannot lead the blind and not you follow he who follows him and we should all make it on time. A wise man would never assume, they have to come all the way to Avon Park, FL., first and make a U Turn?

Neighborhood:1042.00 – LAKE TULANE AREA SE
Millage:12 – Avon Park Southside Community Redevelopment Area
Map ID: 24A


Legal Description


queendom-docarticles-of-incorporation-20-oct-2009 blue-house-deedjesus-christ-inc police-report-docpride-of-avonCorporate Status Document 4 July 2015Corporate Status Document 4 July 2015

This is enough


I think we already have fully installed Central AC and Heat.

This unit is about 10 feet to 12 feet high & I have an electric water heater inside the Kitchen


Bees do not allow people on that balcony, they will chill when Daddy brings home his Mommies.

923 S A AVE
BAS=W26 S48 E8 FOP=S6 E10 N6 W10$ E10 E8 N48$PTR=N10 FUS=N48 W26 S48 E26$ S10$.


Element Code Description
Exterior Wall 15 Concrete Block
Exterior Wall 2 0 None
Roof Structure 3 Gable or Hip
Roof Cover 11 Metal Roof
Interior Wall 5 Drywall
Interior Wall 2 0 None
Interior Flooring 3 Concrete Finished
Interior Flooring 2 0 None
Heating Fuel 4 Electric
Heating Type 4 Force Air-Ducted
Air Cond. Type 3 Central
Bath Fixtures 3.0


The is a very strong door that locks.  It has to stay because the Kitchen is also our utility room.  Therefore, the lock has to be removed and replaced if ever left vacant.  I mean if cooking is essential we can expand the kitchen, but these utility controls must be securable.  And I just replaced the roof with tin.  $38,000 value does not even cover the Central AC/Heater and Blue Tin Roof? This is a lie and they was going to sell me out for $50,000 whole dollars.

Trane Specialist Lake Placid, FL


This is on the Unit – It Uses R-22 Only

● Refrigerant R-22, R-123, R-407c, R-410a etc.
● Refrigerant RS-44 (Drop-in R-22)
● Refrigerant Handling Equipment
● Trane Refrigerant Filter Drier
● Drier Core
● Trane Sight Glass

Trane: E46336220

Model: TwV04BB140A0

Serial # 336220

200-230 Volts

motor 4.2 Amps

PSI 300



  • I plan to go live on YouTube soon.


  • I plan to tell it like it is and mean what I say


  • The Voice of the Ragging Great Zulu King will awaken the Nation of God’s Children throughout the World.
  • If you hate me get away from me, because the day my voice is heard, is when it will get harder and harder to leave. If I AM one with my children and I AM an angry God, what you think they feel. Yea!



King of Kings Jesus Paul Messiah – Lord of Lords God Is Real




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