The ASCAP Promise & Current Reality Getting Better

Cubase 8.5

The ASCAP Promise & Current Reality Unacceptable

Look I AM tired. The first major flaw in the whole attitude towards DAW technology is the rush job. A person gets a chance to install this new technology and user friendly music environments and eliminating the need for of use of beat you out of your money fake producers.  Jay Z? JD? Rene Elizondo?  Really Jimmy Jam?

Anyway YouTube is the biggest video depository in the world.  It was placed on YouTube with the intent to destroy and to control our media meaning communication among even family and friends.  But anything on and everything YouTube is considers nonprofit.  ASCAP is nonprofit, entertainment is nonprofit, you was just serving the Devil?

See they had a racket whereby they separated the ownership of royalties and copyrights to say the whole MJJ catalog is worth $1,000,000,000 ($1 Billion) but owes ($500 Million) 500,000,000 om back taxes and since you are dead we will split the rest of the prey.  But it is really worth $20,000,000,000 in ($20 billion)  easy.  But Paul McCarthy got his royalties as Sir. Paul and Sir. Benny and the Jets and Michael owes the copyrights?  Fools say I AM in the publishing business.  And claim to own the weak man’s royalties and they get 20% I keep 30% and 50% goes to the club?I can make $1 Billion over this Holiday season easy one his shit alone which is mine’s too.  So they was trying to rob God? How do you redirect a gift from God. Royalties are charitable gifts and ASCAP requirement is nonprofit status.

You download the software and have no idea what to do and yea it opens up and what the hell?

When the installation process takes place, do it in human time and not binary codes. One took a great tool the high-speed world of Internet connected user friendly promise and do not even introduce yourself or the product.

In English for $599.99 at a $400 savings you get at best this?

Run video footage for about 30 minutes with a 2 hours option, to not only introduce Samplitude and well as all these products lined to go out in two days via internet.

The reason why DAW did not pick up is the scam mentality. If you sell this great product of binary codes type intelligence, then I AM not paying for that at all, but for a human connection and society of artist.









Jesus Christ

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