The Danger Zone of Jay-Z in False Rape Allegations

Jay Z

The Danger Zone of Jay-Z in False Rape Allegations

Investigative Report By: DBA Jesus Christ

  1. My children are born in two, at 8 months apart.

  2. There is a false rape allegation under investigation by the DOJ Criminal Division concerning my 4 newborns.

  3. She got pregnant twice in a start time. Really!!!

  4. So she ended up with two pregnancies and therefore she carried one, which is two children 8 months apart.

  5. A Huwoman carried two for us.

  6. A kid, who was being played, go involved in a 15 minute of fame scam.

  7. He claimed he had sex, with the surrogate parent, who carried for us.

  8. She did not have sex with that man. But she did cry rape, because her boyfriend told her to do so. When asked why you wait so long, she said, I called my boyfriend first.

  9. There was no rape kit involved. Just some toilet tissue with semen on it.

  10. She said he came on he butt cheeks. He said, it was consensual. And she never said it was not consensual. So they decided to reduce the charges to a misdemeanor, from felony rape. But still rape, meaning registered sex offender.

  11. She signed a weaver to her HIPA rights, allowing her medical records to be released concerning her sexuality, diseases and such.

  12. They examined the children to determine what? But found out the children are not her children. So whose HEPA records are really being released?

  13. The semen came from me, when I was in NYC, I was in a room, where I got a little sloppy, I guess and left one behind. I mean the room was a mess to bein with. So now you have my semen and my children’s blood in a rape case that had nothing to do with us at all. And HEPA violation off the roof.

  14. Then the alleged rapist never had a driver license, but they ID him with my driver license number. I know because he asked me to look at his case.

  15. Before I saw him in lockdown, I was coming back from Augusta, GA, actually me and Beyoncé pulled out at Macon, GA, but the meeting point was Augusta, GA, where as I said, Jay-Z was stalking me and also on that bus was Michelle Ware aka Obama. Timothy, Timothy and Jay-Z? Remember Greyhound is under Homeland Security and every one on board get photographed by infrared. Both of them was and so was me and her coming back, she sat behind me, thinking if he is such a covert operative, why I can see what he is doing. See? Because I wanted her to feel safe and as soon as she did, she fell asleep and the photo was taking.

  16. And her is the crazy shit. The alleged rapist is my son Izzy Jones and his brother is Wizzy Jones as in Drake and Lil Wayne. They can from Queen of Queens Joyce. He has no nuts. This was a preventative measure to make sure my son’s who carry the title Prince do not et defiled. Now see, was I on point. Those fools would have been up everything but they will become breeders soon.

  17. Now Jay-Z is claiming them? That is boarder line conspiracy. And we know she did not know me, because we road on the bus together and she was in the seat to my right. See? Beyoncé was behind me. See?

  18. And the next morning, her boyfriend showed up at the Orlando Greyhound Bus Station and he spotted me, put she did not know I AM the Father of all my Spirit Children’s, children.

5 Stars

DBA Jesus Christ – The Only Living God

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