The Economic Plan for Highlands City & Avon Park, FL.

Greetings Avon Park, FL

The Plan for Avon Park & Highlands County

 By: Jesus Paul Messiah

5 computer stations downstairs with switchboard phone system to talk to associates and line up donations as many people will want to be blessed for giving the Lord 10% of their production process.


The Bus Stations Coming to Highlands County

Bus Ticket online to Sebring, FL.

Expedia Hotel Reservations

Affordable and Quality Hotel In Sebring Location



Storage Areas, we need warehouses, Clock’s Restaurant back up as a Truck Stop & Greyhound Bus Stop

 Truck stop

Supporting the Truckers with Safe places to Eat and Lounge


Open Clock’s and all we will probably have to do is stock up food and supplies and if Greyhound does not want the work, we will create a local bus company such as Highlands Bus Company, that will pick people up and drop them off in Sebring & Avon Park, while running economic shuttle services in and out of Lake Placid and Frost Proof.  We will be running express services to Lakeland and to Orlando, you can then connect to Greyhound.  Investment at our end is $15,000 – Pays for itself and makes everything and anything possible.

 Winn Dixie Parking Lot

Also, we will open the parking lot where our shopping stores are at on Highway 27, from Big Lots to Winn Dixie, to truckers to park and rest between the hours of 12 AM and 6 AM.  This requires a few restaurants and service stations located in the area other than Clock’s Restaurant.  We will open at least 3 twenty four hours restaurant’s, whose main hours are from about 11:30 PM until 7:00 AM which is when we bring in the truckers off of the roads as a community to gather, get cleaned up if necessary there is a motel in the area and we need a cleanup crew with the proper small equipment to come in from 11:00 PM until about  7:00 AM, these are 8 hour shifts and it means when the truckers pull out it and we must provide properly located portable rest room in a specific location, in addition to the many rest rooms always available here, but during these hours less stores will be opened and the portable rest rooms will supplement this need and not be too noticeable to the daytime consumers.


The World Reserve of all Production Processes

 Lease a Warehouse – Remember most of our products are downloads and or ship directly from the warehouse, but that has to transform to our warehouses here in Highlands City, FL., Sandersville, GA, New York City and Washington D. C. represent the World Reserve on all trade blessed by God.  I can control the prices by how much I sell something.  The difference with an ORG and an INC, I will spend the money I make and use the products I receive to make the lives of the once poor, poor no more.


Insurance can only be based on God & Landlord

Setup insurance companies to identify property owners, so when we destroy to properties at the end of the filming of “Everybody Has Demons” the insurance that pays for the replacement cost and not the value.  For example 3 or 4 years ago the Rib Shack was worth about $19,000 but the replacement cost was about $84,000.  And such benefits has to go only to the proper landlord and not the tenant.

 nonprofit postage

Nonprofit Postage Discounts & Machines


Get Postage nonprofit stamp and machine from the Post Office to ship stuff.

 AP Storage

The Storage Business

 $3,000 per month we put up office space must be included and within the City Limits of Avon Park, FL 33825.  The business to go into is storage bins security and construction.  As I emancipate Hollywood, my angels will move to Highlands City and in Highlands City will be lots and lots of storage sites of products I want to push.  For example I might have a situation in the computer industry and place 50% of all my computers on the marker at once for 50% it retail price.  Or decide OK, since these Jews want to play hard ball, I will increase my Apollo Diamond Jewelry Production by 1,000% and place 999% of them into a safe and say this is not the value on one caret.  Or the price of one 50 caret Blue Diamond.

 Marijuana Ad

The Internet Marijuana Industry


Arrange for marijuana to be sold over the Internet out of Washington D.C. Los Angeles and Denver as was prearranged on the Queen of Jesus Paul Messiah Store® this is World Wide.


The Local Coffee/Pot Shops


I sanction for those who love God, the right to sell marijuana loose and in packages in what is going on all over the country called the future Starbucks.  Post Everybody Has Demons we bring franchises as well as create franchises. But for now it is this simple in Avon Park and Sebring.  Open a Coffee Shop and sell Ice Coffee using Instant Creamer, because it is refreshing and has caffeine.  Marijuana is measured by its THC content and it make you relax, so the two can neutralize. Marijuana/coffee shops are sanctioned and marijuana cannot be sold where alcohol is sold the two is a losing proposition, one drink and joint and I have a lazy customer I cannot even get to go home and will go to acting crazy.

 starbuck and food

The Coffee/Pot Shop Consist of:


  • Free Wi-Fi and electrical outlets for laptop users
  • Marijuana maximum savings on one high quality ¼ ounce ¼ at $25 = 0ne ounce at $100
  • Coffee
  • Food
  • Accept Insurance Payments Via Washington D.C. Covert Operations


 Marijuana Pills

The Castro & Jones Pharmaceutical Agreement


  • Place THC and CBD on our drug shelves. THC is schedule three and is an over the counter drug, CBD will be sold as a supplement in the vitamin section and therefore by law must go into testing by the FDA and unlike K-2 whereby it kills people, they change one chemical and place it back in stores to kill our children, they will find cure after cure starting with my son Taytan to be renamed Joseph. He has seizures and they just will not let kids like him have a normal life. Now why? This begins the process on ending the war on drugs.


 Police & Community Together

The Split

Federal Government 5% of all the States of the United Union

State = Union 5% of all the States

County =  Municipality 5% of all the Municipalities

Local Administrative 5% of all the cities = Lights

Universal Healthcare = 5%

The Operational Production Process 65%

God Gets 10% of anything blessed = 10% = 9% charity to the World and 1% love begins at the home = Royalty Budget.

King of Kings Jesus Paul Messiah – Lord of Lords – God Is Real




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