The Foundation of RICO Act Investigation

Black Panther Symbol

F.I.S.T – The King of the Battle

The Foundation of RICO Act Investigation


Potters Field – Memorial

The Promise: “If you are willing to die for God, you children will live forever with me in God’s Kingdom.  For my Father has many rooms.”  They was called the Black Panther.

Black Panther

They Are the COP – Christians On Patrol

Jesus Christ – The 11th Hour – Alicia Keys Ent. Version – Powered by Microsoft

Breaking News

The White House in Washington D.C. A Homeland Security, led, DOJ order and multi-task Military units for Fort Jones, N.C. The White House Painted Blue. Inside is the Family of Donald Trump. But the problem is there is no such a person as Donald Trump.

It was found that small time con artist and old groupie of Queensbridge Projects –  Timothy Stands, you know the singer Al Green? Has been found to be behind the worst act of genocide in humankind ever.

It seems Timothy sold us out to the whos, who, homosexuals man.

We are keeping the Neutron option open. It will preserve the religious structures.

  1. Take Full Control over Queensbridge Projects – The Blue Diamond Corp.

  2. Freeze all Assets of Timothy Shands and Stephen M. Wright

  3. Buy lots of Blue Paint to identify those who are not subjected to the Ghost

  4. I stile have not receive one payment as General of the Army, but he gets 10% of the GDP.

  5. The U.S. Treasury who was under Shorty, just cut me short 4 months consecutively and right this moment own me about $800. That is why I AM broke, they are controlling my assets to keep me from using them.

  6. The VA owes me for 1989 to 2017, being made unemployable due to false diagnosis, which

    is a $1 million settlement, plus VA benefits for all my spouses and they to get their net-worth settlement. The DOD will settle with an undisclosed settlement.

  7. But for now, freeze their monies until they get up off of mine’s.

  8. I would like to go into transport soon. But as long as I M broke, freeze their shit and get ready to knock down the doors in Washington D.C.

  9. He became President in 2009-16 as the In-Constitutional President with a degree in Sociology and not the Law. He is the Confederate. His first act, the Baker Act. Established in November 2009.

  10. When I left NYC at SUS, they said Frank don’t go!!!Why?

  11. It was about November 15th of so. Baker Act was awaiting me. An unconstitutional decree, you cannot make the 5th amendment unconstitutional or the Miranda Right unconstitutional and say, Baker Act.

  12. Baker Act is in-constitutional. Barrack Obama the unconstitutional President.

  13. The name and DBA Do Business As Donald Trump as the Don of Real Estate, is like me becoming President McDonald’s the clown making fun to eat.  They are all trespassing the House of God, the Blue House in Washington D.C.

5 Stars

DBA Jesus Christ – The Only Living God

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