The Paul Castellano Studio Basics & Future Design – Power by Microsoft

Studio Seriesb Basic Setup Comfiguration

The Basic Setup will look like this to a technician

Powered By: Microsoft/IBM & Sony – The Castellano Studio Fundamentals 

Double Standard Demonstrate Excellent FX in Reason Environment

So Much Better Remix Demonstrates Powerful Editing Environments 

Designed by: Apostle Paul Castellano

pc-studio-qd-loc pc-studio-new-feat-v-v-t pc-studio-new-feat-v-i-d-i pc-studio-4 pc-studio-3 pc-studio-2 pc-studio-1

The First thing you will need is a Desktop Computer to build a Home, Office of Private Recording Studio DAW.

I feel 16 GB is minimum high quality standards in the future of DAW technology. You should look at 64+ Gb, this is for my professional artist

This DAW Computer can costs over $22,500 just show you this can be a major investment. Or as low as $1,000.

Sony XDS-PD1000 Professional Media Station, Studio/Desktop, XDCAM


B&H Photo-Video-Audio

Next an Audio Interface to handling all you needs. I made Smooth Gangster with a Steinberg costing less than $200.  The sound card is what matters. You want ASIO drives and low latency and if you are working alone, the minimum quality audio interface comes with two condenser microphone inputs, one instrument input you can use for a dynamic microphone and phantom power to run the condenser unites.
Studio Series Audio Interface Mobile
A Mobile unit like this one costs about $99.99 to $129.99. Good for travel and backpack carrying.
Studio Series Audio Interface Mid
This has two inputs and probably has a good sound card.  For what I am looking at $199.99 would be fair and at most.
Studio Series 8 Channel Rack Type Audio Interface
This is a little more high end and should be mounted to a rack.
Studio Series Audio Signal Processor Wave Amplification Studio Series 8 Channel Rack Type Audio Interface Studio Series Audio Signal Processor
Next you should be looking at an audio signal processor if you plan to use any external effect devices. They run about $1,500 easy. But with the porper RAM and Processor Power, you can skip this. I never used one before.
Audio signal processing, sometimes referred to as audio processing, is the intentional alteration of auditory signals, or sound, often through an audio effect or effects unit. As audio signals may be electronically represented in either digital or analog format, signal processing may occur in either domain. Analog processors operate directly on the electrical signal, while digital processors operate mathematically on the digital representation of that signal.
You have to protect your investment. A surge protector is a must.
Studio Series Basic Surge Protection  Surge Protection Pro
This is an inexpensive option, but not suggested, but beats a blank. The (r) is professional grade and rackmountable.’
MIDI Keyboard to fit your individual style
Studio Series MIDI Vocoder Studio Series MIDI PadsStudio Series MIDI Controller
You have MIDI Vocoder – MIDI with Pads – MIDI with Pad and high tech automation channels:
Microphones are needed to introduce audio signal into the audio interface and then into the computer program as a digital signal.  Inn this studio we will use a condenser microphone.  This could range from $299.99 to as much as $1,500.  Anything over that on a DAW with all these virtual effects is stupidity to some degree.  The object is to send a clean and clear audio signal into the sound card and that is it.  After that everything become digital unto the Wav. MP-3 output.
Studio Microphones
A microphone is usually based on ones budget, just do the best you can up to a certain level in pricing.
Headphone should conceal noise to not leak into the microphone and studio monitors is about power to me. They are meant for mixing.  A suggestion is to connect a stereo receiver into the configuration for quality playback, because a monitor is really meant to have a flat output,. If you make that sound good, it sounds even better out of a receiver.  You can even create a surround sound system for that type of mixing platform.
Studio Monitors Studio Headphones
Headphones should conceal noise – Monitors I like quality sound personally:
The SE Reflection Filter foes for $299.99.  With this used properly that audio signal to the sound card and the use of Electronic Gates in the Reason 8.3 platform is almost noise free. And programs like Soundsoap Pro, can actually clean the noise and allow you tom actually see what you are removing to prevent an artificial sound. Bias went out of business as far as Soundsoap Pro is concerned.  I will pick it up and that will be an excellent Editing feature included.  I never needed it however, i just work at slow noice hours, but for those who cannot avoid noisy neighbors, this will be very helpful and user friendly.
Stdui Series SE filter Reflcetion Filter and Mic
The SE Reflection Filter and Microphone stand.
Security and teleconference capabilities.  A good  surveillance and the use of VST technology allowing studio sessions to work out of separate locations.
Studio Series camera system
good  surveillance System:
And what I want from Microsoft, IBM and Sony electronics can produce this, is a mixing board what has virtual tracks and channels, because DAW technology offers unlimited tracks, that cannot be limited by a hardware only mixing board device.  A DAW mixing board show be no bigger than this photograph. The Castellano Studio Mixing Board will be made to synchronize with out software applications.
Studio Series DAW Mixing Board
Small board, but unlimited tracks and effects deployment.
In future DAW and I used this feature when I was in ReWire Mode. Duel Monitors inputs come with almost all Desktop made today.
Duel Monitor
Duel Monitors range from about$299.99 to about$599.99
I should not look much more complex than this example.
Studio Setup Real Basic
I am in the process of putting together a Sony product for about $399.99 that offer recording , editing and video applications.  Then we want to create a synchronized application allowing Reason and ReCycle to operate as one synchronized DAW application.  It would have certain feature in the follow programs, but not all by far.  But constant upgrade will be offered to fit you needs.
Acid Pro the Best Audio loop based music production application ever made.
Studio Series Acid Pro
 Acid Pro 7e – Currently in 32 bits must become 63 bits ReWire.
A great Audio Editing Program application, I will endorse is Sound Forge.
Studio series sound forge
Sound Forge Pro Editing Software.
Vegas Pro a great video production Program.
Studio Series Vagas Pro Studio Series Vegas Pro Music Video Studio series sound forge
Sony has many level of video software applications from audio studio applications to ful movie productions.
Reason 8.3 seamlessly synchronizes with ReCycle 2.2, which also ReWires, VST Technology at 64 bits.
Reason 8.3 Reason Complex View Reason Multi Track View
 Reason is actually very user friendly. It has many feature as you can see above, but nobody operates in such a complex environment.  As seen blow, you can see the track view made simple to comprehend.
ReCycle has yet to be fully explored. With the new seamless integration both Reason and ReCycle operates as one program application.  The secret behind ReCycle seem simple but it give an artist unlimited audio processing ability with REX 2, Wave and Acid made available in one seamless application.  For this reason we need to do a beta project. To fully understand the possibilities of all these applications running in full synchronization.
ReCycle 2.2 ReCycle Slices ReCycle Slices 2
ReCycle slicing technology will allow one to actual pull the famous words of Michael Joseph Jackson straight out of a song.  “Hee, Hee.”
Add some lip synchronization software to you animated video production and in the making is motion manipulation software.  It will be possible to actually create a motion music video right of of you desktop.  The issue will be copyrights. For example we own every Michael J. Jackson video and therefore all the dance steps we can convert into loops inn the same fashion as loop music production.  This is a great way for dancers to earn a living
Studio Series Lip Sync Software Studio Series Vice Sync Software
The Future of DAW Technology will integrate  Lip Synch technology and motion manipulations programs to allow oe the ability to take screenwriting programs, to automatically covert scenes into actual motions.
Movie Magic Screnwriter Movie Magic Audio feature
Movie Magic has an audio playback feature that can be designed to be non robotic and made to export.  This could be  fun for kids as well.
IBM Future Production Site
In Skid Row Los Angeles, CA
In the plans is the first Castellano Studio Production site, building DAW Studio often custom made.
p33 p34 p35
King of Kings Jesus Paul Messiah – God Is Real

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