Frank Paul Jones as a solider



Only I can wear 5 Stars under martial law


My blood is the miricle cure to all diseases


 By: King of Kings Jesus Paul Messiah

1. Motown Records goes back to Detroit and gets brand new offices and the recording studios are designed like the incubator studios as described.  There will be advanced Castellano studio configurations powered by Microsoft., built by IBM and the studio hardware and studio software by Steinberg and Sony.

Features new in Motown:

Virtual Video Technology supported by VST TECHNOLOGY.

Loop based motion analysis and manipulation – meaning all my copyrighted music videos motions by professional dancers can be manipulated and or duplicated.  Creating a new market for professional dancers.

This mean I who cannot even slow dance can do the moonwalk to my song Smooth Gangster and now MJJ can jump into the air, walk on water and do his spectacular spins and gracefully land in synchronized fashion.  We will even include professional grade lip sync.  As people will say, “man that is impossible.”  Until they meet my Son Prince Paul?

Better yet, like Acid and Wave Loops, we will market motion loops for home studio DAW MUSIC/VIDEO PRODUCTION.

This will create studio production work for dancers who can do extrodenary dance steps and moves,  be able to work while not on tour and make a good living In the social media marketplace.

This will have to be a market based on some high level MP-4 environment. It will require synchronization software to include audio, video, looping, motion analysis,  background simulation and whatever you find  necessary to created a virtual but not too animated production.  This is 21st Century entertainment embryonic.


GM MUST be revived to create the cars of the future.  I have the largest oil reserve in the world located not in the Middle East,  but in South  America and 7/11 IS a multi trillion dollar holding. What you want .a record deal dream or a set of GAS STATIONS THAT COLLECT LOTTERY TICKETS ALL DAY?

I HAVE OVER 4,200 MARRIOTT INTERNATIONAL HOTELS TO LOCATE WORLDWIDE A D. NATIONWIDE AT A 7/11 near you.  These are my artist options for longivity.

The new D-Chip, which are microprocessors made out of diamonds, which is the future if space exploration,  meaning we will run space projects using robotics hundreds of years using chips that virtually will never overheat and manufacture them as fast as we grow highly fertilized cows, creamate and compress the carbon into perfect diamond chips.  Hey I will even make them affordable to women who say men is a woman best friend,  since we are the ones raising the cows.  Lol.

Just 150 years ago we had an ice age, now we have global warming?   My energy vision looks forward 1,000 years.  We will convert H2O into cleaner combustable fuel and where we need warmth burn more gas and oil products  fuel diversity is about self preservation.

We will build homes to accommadate Stars and the new middle class and eliminate the poor. And my salt in Detroit it’s not good to eat it too much, so a box will cost $1.00.  Why?  Because just like my fertilizer in Sandersville just tripled I  price, so will the salt in Detroit triple in price, as Europe needs it during cold months to move their cars.  The  Nazis have stolen my natural resources long enough and now we will share the wealth and charge them a fair price so places in Africa and poor nations can also have fertile soil to end world hunger.

King of kings Jesus


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