The NCN Recording Studio Incubator Program

Black Panther Symbol

The NCN Recording Studio Incubator Program

Save The World

Smooth Gangster

Public Enemy Remix 2

Say My Name – Bitch Ass Nigger Remix Beat

The Proof:  Who AM I, to have these many files in my FBI Investigative files?

Directive by: King of Kings Jesus Paul Messiah

Each compound will include a minimum 10-20 incubator studio units with a Castellano Studio installed

Part of the National Community Network – Operation Solution & Response Fiscal Year 2015-16

Recording studio Personal

An Incubator Studios are personal size sound-proof isolated booths

Hyperlinks Below to see the fundamentals of the Castellano Studio for custom design

The Castellano DAW System Powered by Microsoft

  • Powered by: Microsoft – Sony – Steinberg and IBM
  • Management – Former President George W. Bush – President’s Leadership Foundation
  • Program Budget – Operation Solution and Response – PTS Movement Funds
  • Oversight – The National Community Network, INC.

Beats By Capstone Zulu:

Capstone Zulu Beat

Chill Groove Beat

Cool Breeze Beat

Funky Groove Ole Schol Beat

Living in the Sunshine Beat

Space Age Beat

The Bankruptcy Beat

The QB Front Beat

Treat Men Right Beat

Young Girl Beat

B What U Do Beat

As part of our commitment to the PTS Movement and my awareness for of the therapeutic needs of many who were victim of the most evil plot ever against mankind, those who remain alive all are survivors of the holocaust.  Thanks to me mankind survived the final ploy of Satan, to fuck you all up, because Rene “Satan” Hitler is a liar and has nothing but lies to use to attempt to rule by oppression.

As an IBM – Microsoft – Sony -Steinberg Joint Charitable Program.  I am not going to set a price, until I redefine this economy.

The goal is to create an industry of entertainment being based on advancing family values, truth in reality, instead of fantasy dreams, glamour in the name of charity and God is charity.  My vision is an emancipated artist who earn a good living based on things life talent, but the fact is music and the arts of entertainment, his always be not to entertain but to control the mindset of the world’s masses, it is all about mind control and information sharing. And the reward is not a record deal, but the business ventures you created by those messages you transmitted to world and your benefiting or enjoying the fruits of your labor.

Because of the level of power given to this section or group over the minds of the masses in society, all candidates will be examined to determine and then those excepted re-taught in reality in Messiah, who is the Christ.  Successful completion of program lead to a customized Community Leadership Portfolio to further advance community.

Recording studio Personal

Each compound will include a minimum 10-20 units



shared eating area

Shared Dinner & Cafeteria


Starbuck Lounge

Free WiFi and High Capacity Restroom accommodations.

Comfortable Lounging by Starbucks Weed and Coffee Lounges :


Library Facility for Research

Comfortable High Tech Library for Research – Free High Capacity WiFi, Printing and so forth.


Social Group Configuation Business Configuation Office style Phone Booths

Meeting – Conference Rooms – Phone Booths:

Support Services

Support  Services to include Charitable links, Social Services and sponsorship grants

  • Great Benefits Package for all participants to include housing.
  • Community Leadership Portfolio upon graduation

Hip Hop Community

The National Community Network, INC.  Building a better community.

King of Kings Jesus Paul Messiah – Lord of Lords God Is Real


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