Who is Natasha and Malia Ann Obama?





Brought to you by, IBM/Microsoft, why limit reliability, Johnson’s and Johnson’s, old friends, new trends, B & H Video and Audio, located in Manhattan, the leader in electronics retail, management, stock and inventory and distribution, serving distributors such as Rhythm Nation Distributions, Best Buy, Circuit City, Guitar, Center, Sam Ash, Walmart and more.  And get on Wi-Fi the Queensbridge link to free movies and music videos on Internet Television, powered by Microsoft and IBM Protocols.


Sanctioned by God Shows and Movies:


Music Videos:


Anti-Christ (Watch out for this shit type)

Timothy Shands DBA Barrack Obama

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people standing and text


Michelle Ware aka  Michelle Obama

After the videos tapes are vetted, the question of law is:  Who is Natasha and Malia Ann  Obama?  These are issues of child safety, fraud, with the intent to overthrow the Untied States Constitution. Or you was setup up, up.


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