Breaking News – Car Dealer-ships & Government Priorities


Directive of Jesus Christ

  1. Order me a sport car with automatic and tinted window with a plate that say Jesus Christ, meaning if you see it, pull to the side.
  2. Get my men vehicles also.  All auto dealerships must place this action as first and last priority.
  3. All Government Agencies and not just the NYCHA was placed under Military Governance on day one.
  4. At the food stamp offices, just give anyone who can identify themselves expedited $1,000 and then we can decide it the continue to get services.  Give them a return date and a food stamp card and keep it going.
  5. I said when in Washington D.C. In have more foreclosed homes than homeless people and if I gave every homeless person a home I now have no market for, I’d still have 2,000,000 more to go.  Barrack you said you would end homelessness by years end?  Just do it!  Then there will be a market for home repairs and I can create economies by given home owners jobs to make money to fix their homes or learn how to.
  6. Talking about many rooms?  4,300 Marriott International Hotels, 247 Ritz Carlton Luxury Hotels and the Housing Authority is the biggest real owner and seem to can never make a dime? They are losers.  These are concrete bunkers, it was known as the Manhattan Project.  When they built the first nuke, they spent 90% of the budget on construction and real Brink Masons to do it. These building are to for a long time.

Jesus Christ


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