Breaking News – Daddy P. Says Follow the Tags

Daddy P

Breaking News – Daddy P. Says Follow the Tags

In either the Nicky Jones Union blog or the Godfather Capstone Zulu tags, include the tags is the CIA covert operative who he and Oliver North fucked up and cause the Ronald Reagan Administration to cover up the fact, they started and escalated the drug war and knew it was unconstitutional.

The relevance in history: They documented, they was are lawless and is the problem and we was the solution.  What is good is evil and what is evil is good. 

The Illuminati is virus with a life expectancy of 6,600 years. His time is up and he is just trying to take as many people with him as he can.  It seems I have the ears of a Hebrew and that is beyond color lines.

Satan turned Loins against God’s people, whom was created to be their protectors while I was gone.  How?  By castration. Also to the fish of the air and the fish of the sea, he turned creations to love God and against God. And, I tell you those POOLE’S was evil, they are so few today, but not one Hilton is a Hilton, they are all Jones Girls Children and they came in Trinity.

Satan is some faggot shit the French Legion Disease with a life expectancy, turns niggers out into homos and all types of shit, got yelling women’s rights as she make you beg for pussy, you bitch ass niggers.

Mad Scientist, you haven’t met a mad God yet bitch, keep trying me.

John gets New Trump top floor and Nicky gets Chicago Trump top floor and start doing big time swapping to assure your family has both States accommodations. Both are my legal addresses, to insure smooth banking services.  Chicago is in some King Solomon shit.


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