Breaking News – Gen. Barrack H. Obama Declares Military Rule


Gen. Barrack H. Obama Declares Military Rule in Washington D.C.

AM I Going to Hell Remix

Save the World

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  1. Announces The United States is under Martial Law to the World

  2. Marijuana is legalized in Washington D.C. And hereby Decriminalized in all United States Territories and Cuba is a trusted Partner Nation.

  3. The coup was attempted and the State of the Nation is under God who is Jesus Christ, the only living God.

  4. Placing him above the law and I as his Agent we put into effect the Blue Dough Law.

  5. Then all cash transactions are stopped in the United States. ATM and EBT only, not even credit cards. This will stop the fraudulent NAZI operations.

  6. Announce a time table to release all non-violent drug offenders

  7. Announce a time table to remove homelessness from America but issuing out foreclosed homes, therefore creating an economic demand, to create an economy based on talent, education and natural resources.

  8. Lower pay but rent free communities, they will do well and not need abundance because they have God’s favor, like in Avon Park we eat Rib Eye Steaks for $6.49 per pound and they be thick.

  9. Announce the intent to override the FDA and all decisions will be made by God, concerning the time table to releases of cures to many diseases.

  10. Replace Psychiatry with psychology and sociology to prepare to accept my many victims of this unconstitutional drug war place upon the black man.

  11. Bring in as many Cuban Doctors to supplement our medical professionals.

The Taxation Declaration

The National Community Network, INC. Has Above Top Secret Management  and Finances and is only expected to file under $25,000 earners and limited assets to the public

All Charity goes to Jesus Christ, INC, with is 10% of the GDP, based on the Network calculations made public.  This all allow God to create plans that bring forth solutions to the many problems of the world.  These charities include but is not limited to YouTube the biggest video depository in the world, ASCAP which is how Queendom Jesus Christ Royalties will be issued.  And we cannot forget every Organize Religion under 501 c 3, as it is declared there is but one living God over the United States Constitution and he has been acknowledged.

Gen. Barrack H. Obama in the name of Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ

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