Breaking News – Gen. Obama Emergency Measure of Nation

Daddy P

Breaking News – Gen. Obama Emergency Measure of Nation

TracFones Phones with rollover one year service plan and nice 4-G cell phone with 1,000,000 apps available, Internet to all Americans.  This might end up the only supported Network.  Take one it is free to all Americans.

$1,000 In Stamps to all Americans by end year as food surplus War Rations. All municipal and government employees will be issued an EBT card first, ass well as the poor, but to protect our food supplies EBT will be required to buy food in order to protect our food supplies.

$500 Emergency ATM Benefits. Every American gets $500 inn ATM for cash transactions. Paper currency will no longer be honored as we move to what we brand as not artificial intelligence dependence on robots to human intelligence, you want to make a transaction, you need to know some essential profiles about yourself and might have to place you finger in a fingerprint scanner. I can not understand who someone 5.2 spend money on an ATM belonging to someone in the opposite sex at 6.8, an with makeup on and no authorizations.

Public Hot Spots Nationwide granting Wi-Fi access across American common communities.








Jesus Christ

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