Breaking News – Introducing YouTube Internet Television

Breaking News – Introducing YouTube Internet Television

By: Jesus Christ

This is an example of how I had to work through a lot of stumbling blocks to succeed. Now this is around when MJJ was taken out of the seen. We know Janet had no sexual relations with any of these men.


Q.Q. Beyoncé & Q.Q. Janet

At the same time, they knew this type of subversive talk would be very disturbing to me. Egeria tells me about Beyoncé. You should have Beyoncé she is nice, Janet is a lesbian. Here is the catch, Janet is the mother of Beyoncé and the dark child was not of Beyoncé womb. And at the time I really did not know much about Beyoncé.  They was setting up Beyoncé to be Jezebel and Janet as a lesbian mother of prostitutes. That is the image that had to accept.  Yo can see they knew and probably did it they are hands here.  Right?

Meanwhile John “Satan Faggot” Gotti says, Paul Janet learned to suck dick on Michael.  Bobby Lee says, Janet sucked my dick, she asked about you and I said, if she sucks my dick I will tell her where to find you.  See is already, she did not know what she was doing.”

In our media often stuff like this has to be presented in documentary format to explain the level of evils in media to exploit a self-destructive agenda.

beyonce-and-paula blue

Q.Q. Beyoncé & Princess Paula Blue

This is the challenge and they knew now Janet would be on her own?

Jesus Christ

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