Breaking News – The New World under God

Breaking News – The New World under God

I say Apollo Diamonds (Cow Farms) and we see the greatness in designing Microchips made out of diamonds, which will fit on your finger tip in commercial electronics using the IBM PC/Microsoft Windows O.P. Means merger.  They are inseparable.

Jones Diamonds even brings up the diamond industry more.  Using high tech lasers, we will build homes made out of diamonds.  I mean hard, wind and bullet proof castles.

Wi-Fi becomes a universal solution to the security of our nation and free public internet to all Americans.  Creating the new Hot Spot industry, requiring proper identification under the Real ID Act of 2004, which will be put into effect based on its real intent to fight terrorism and the overthrow of our nation in the last days of America as it will fall.

An economy not based on slavery or the Confederacy (50 States) But of many tribes (communities and municipalities) as we rename is state and this nation in honor to the Queens of God.  And we will be one union in one spirit under one God who is the Capstone Zulu who in his new land has become King of Kings Jesus Paul Israel – Lord of Lords Israel (The IRS & Spirit Code Verified) – who is better known as Jesus Christ® (Trademark) – who is also known as Rev. Frank Paul Jones – Messiah® and this name and title is certified in the written code.

The Title God has been acknowledge by the IRS and there can be but one God, who is duly recognized, certified to be born and verified by the spirit.  The use of the title God that is worse than treason against Israel, this misrepresentation is treason against the world.  That could be real dangerous.

To misuse the name Jesus Paul Messiah or title God is blasphemy.

To misuse this tainted name Jesus Christ is civil and all bible or any misuse of my name gets destroyed.

The name Rev. Frank Paul Jones – Messiah is certified in my New York birth records, but that does not prove an original exist. This makes Frank mythology, Jesus Christ strictly business  and the Messiah is reality and in the name Jesus Christ I will make sure you find out, when I start burning up those lies about me, to begin with the name Jesus Christ and name you are no longer worthy to use in publications.


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