Strategic Move and Operations


To: The Front Crews Queensbridge
From: DBA Jesus Christ
Church of God by Faith on mp-3 
RE: Strategic Move and Operations
Date: 6 July 2017
The 411 on this Church of evil people and thieves against Jesus Christ

Matthew 12:30 30“Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters.

The Law of Blasphemy

Church of God by Faith

Hyperlink Above

These are the names of the lairs, thieves and false witnesses.  I want my shit in my name by Monday.

As I was leaving Los Angeles to Denver, a brother CRIP approached me and ask, “Lord, how will we know when it is your day?” I looked over his shoulders and stood as in the above photograph and said, as watch a liar preach about a Jesus Christ other than me.


Christians on Patrol

“One day, a preacher will preach about a Jesus Christ other than me and someone is going to walk up to him, pop him in the head and let him bleed to death and leave him on the streets to let the crows eat his ass for all to see.”  He responded, tell the world we are the Christians.

The Black Panther is a peace cat, until you back him up to the wall and then he will strike.


DBA Jesus Christ – I will forgive you 7×7, but my friends will say, well if I handle those evil doers, he only has to forgive me once and never have to worry about them anymore.

I own ever single Ritz Carlton and Marriott International, yet me and my children are homeless?  But first things first,  Queen of Queens Josephine Padilla Jones gave to me 130 brand new Church of God by Faith and these people just tool my shit. Somebody need to visit them.

Tell him God has come for his house and he wants it now.  We are talking about $8 Billion in real estate alone.

DBA Jesus Christ


For Death is not an option and continue and/or perpetual suffering and humiliation I unacceptable.  I’d rather do the crime if I must be punished anyway.  And if they come for me again, come with you guns out and beat me down, I do not recognize these thugs as the law, but merely criminal from a foreign land. To the mortals, I say, “Death before Dishonor.”  Fuck this faggot shit. They kidnapped me for the last time. I show up missing again, Neutron bomb the damn world. They say fuck me, I say fuck them too. This is fucking war.
They committed Fraud to update Triple H Septic.  Still how can a nonprofit corporation charge the people taxes?
The Super-Max Control Room

The Strategic Move and Operations

By: DBA Jesus Christ

About Highlands County: H

ighlands County is 11 feet above sea level. Triple H Septic is the water treatment company, who is in administrative dissolution. Yet the charge people water bill by a nonprofit organization who is not authorized to even do business. This is unconstitutional Also the Jail an the county is nonprofit, meaning I really own it by law. I AM MY FLORIDA CORPORATION, INC. Also, I now own the Chamber of Commerce, I AM the NAACP. I get 10% of the GDP, I AM Jesus Christ, INC. All we have to do,is execute the law. Under Communications Title 47, we have the authority and duty to run all utilities. A foreign government cannot own out utilities by law. Comcast is foreign and Duke Energy is owned by a known terrorist, David Duke the Grand Wizard of the KKK. Furthermore, they have high voltage power lines going through our county, causing people to get tumors. That is why the beachfront was closed. The High voltage power lines is killing people. Lorenzo Poole and David Evans Father was two victims of those high voltage power lines going pass the Beachfront. Then they made people do business with TECO, who sold out to a Canadian company, unconstitutional and had they buried those cable underground, we would have seen, explosion all over the county, due to high voltage lines with Electromagnetic induction hitting those gas lines.

Judge Anthony Ritenour is the Devil A warrant for his abduction is in Effect

This evil no good piece of shit owes me for 6 months and 2 weeks of pain, suffering and restitution

  1. They are in a locked down situation due to Zika

  2. There main position of control is Super-Max in Highlands County, Florida

  3. Their main weaknesses are a) They need outside help to survive b) They must not have insects, especially Zika Mosquitoes c) Meaning they must continue to get supplies d) They know they are not safe outside the Super-Max System until about December e) They require low temperatures f) Meaning they cannot shut down ventilation systems g) Meaning they can be infiltrated through the air ducts.

  4. Get the Blue-Prints and find the entry area to the air ducts and release 1,000’s of Zika Mosquitoes. This will keep them occupied, even the thought of us dropping Zika into the Super-Max Vents.

  5. Another option is neutron technology, but the collateral damages with be much higher.

  6. Also, they depend on Kwoisk exchange services. Shut that down and they are down dealing.

  7. Required is a small insurgency team. To take control of the Cable system, the water septic company and strike the jail.

  8. Understand they re weak, but the illusion is they have people play by their rules.

  9. Note this is do or die for many. If they get out this time, they have to go all out.

Augusta, GA

The James Brown Arena – There was never a damn James Brown – Lies – This is mine’s

I have a VAMC appointment this month. I think on the 24th of July? I will check tomorrow. I have a room book for three days. I have room 206 and next to it is 207, they have side doors for entry into each other. Beyonce and Alicia at a minimum must be there for my appointments or why bother. This is where we place our issues on the table. Room 206 has two Queens size Beds and room 207 has one Queen size beds. I get food stamps on the 14th. Each room has a refrigerator, Cable Television and Microwave. They need money to feed people there, It seems to be a Shorty operation. There are many rooms there we must occupy that whole hotel by time I get there. Nobody is paying rent there and it seems like they are adversarial to me.

Start booking every room by time I arrive there and move in on them little by little.

The VAMC Augusta, GA., has my Medical records. It verifies I AM Jesus Christ and this nation is under Martial Law and I have 5 stars. This place is up for grabs, we can squatter the whole damn town and it would be a wise thing to do. There are many buildings and institutions worth taking control of there.

Overhead View of Macon Inn

Macon, GA., this place like Augusta, GA., is up for grabs. If we wait on it, the French are going to move in like they own shit, whereby I AM the legal a rightful owner and that is why I cannot stand this stupid ass family, who fears the cracker and hates me. So fuck all those dumb ass niggers. They ain’t shit to me.

The options are to be made on Friday after 6 PM and the moves should be on the weekends. See? They have to play pretend which God, so on the Sabbath they are left wide open. They cannot made a decision after 12 AM on Saturday until 11.59 on Saturday until 11.:59 on Sunday. They are not Law Enforcement but a foreign government, so shoot to kill. If you have gun and badge and no Miranda Rights card, you are the worst of thugs.

Here in Macon, we need to take the Macon Inn, because it is right around the corner from the bus station, which is supposed to be Homeland Security. But they are being controlled by Bloods, who are NAZI.

I say Neutron Sandersville, they love the Devil more than me

Sandersville, GA., they have two ways out by train, on the West and East, on the West in Macon and on the East, I think is called Evansville. We control those two point and they are locked in and we can enter by rail or road.

I need the Brothers to use the liquid to get into these positions and we need weaponry. Shoot to kill, because they will and they are not the law. In fact, give my Humans uniforms too. In Highlands County, we start our own Police Department, same in Macon and Augusta, GA., and just like they arrested me without reason and held me for over 6 months, if they can kidnap me, we can apprehend them under REAL ID ACT of 2005We have over 30,000,000 French cannibals here eating us.

All they do is some in these EMS truck, pick us up and we are never seen again – Ambush these bastards

If we are going to get the punishment get it fighting back

We are the good people and they are the crooks, but we keep acting like they have authority and we can the damn criminal and when they pull a damn Saint Valentines Day setup on our asses, then you will look like a bunch of stupid motherfuckers. If this is how we are going to play it, send me away, because you are bunch weak ass scared bitch ass niggers who deserve the gs chambers they are preparing for you all. Also, answering to cracker and dishonoring me.

To: The VAMC

I AM supposed to have an appointment at the Augusta, GA, VAMC this month. I forgot the date and do not see any appointment on record.

The Veteran Administration give benefit to NAZI’s and not Veterans

I call all real Veterans to Arms – The is the Battle of Armageddon Do or die

I AM a hate Crime Victim and cannot get care in the state of Florida, so all my health records are in Augusta, Ga., VAMC.

I have been to several appointments nationwide, as I AM being put on the run just to get a nights sleep often.  I AM now in Macon in shelter as they stole my hone in Florida. I asked and pleaded for help, concerning me and my family. Please let me know the date of my appointment in advance and I may need help getting back to Augusta, GA., and I do have a hotel room paid for three days. I do not understand why I AM being treated so badly.  Please give me an explanation as to why my case is still just on appeal, when I was declared Jesus Christ and hold the title God and have so many accomplishments, yet have not even a pot to piss in or care-fare to et to my appointment and there is not even any records of my upcoming appointment. What is going on?

I have not seen a doctor for over three years and have the same dental emergency for over 1 year, has been sleeping in the streets for about 3 years of and on and it is clear, I ws never mentally ill, but a Martha Mitchell Effect, victim made unemployable since 1989. So what is to be decided. Is this just another hate crime against me?

            DBA Jesus Christ

“Kill them all and let God sought them out.”

Earl – said he kill 50,000 Koreans in one day.  He was a Hero!


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