The Deeds of the Day

To: The Queendom of Jesus Christ

From: DBA Jesus Christ

RE: The Deeds of the Day

Date: 14 June 2017

Lil Richard - Monkey

Palms: 118:22 – The Last Standing King of Zulu

Basis of Annulment – Ent. Version

I AM troubled by the foolishness of this world. A man says, hey you get a good education and I will give you good job. Then he says, but you have to pay me tuition, you know there are costs to running a good education system. But you end up a drop out, forced to speak a language foreign to you and end up with an unpaid student loan. And did not get that good job.

Then they say, hey, if you pay me through this great healthcare system we are running, you can live a long and productive life. Then you go to the hospital and say, I think I broke my foot? And they ask you, are you suicidal, are you homicidal and everything but your toe.

Now I cab standby these works, damn near every disease known to humankind is curable, yet the last time FDA released a cure was in about 1965, which was Polio. You, this is the sum of this foolishness. I will pay the healthcare system first 10% of the total recovery or GDP. Or Z25 trillion. Then each year they get 5%. OK, if due to 99.99% employ-ability, we run a Z50 trillion GDP. This places Z2.5 Trillion to fund healthcare. So there is an incentive to heal and not kill. They made an oath to Apollo, but my technology community will make a oath to the only living God. DBA Jesus Christ.


DBA Jesus Christ – General of the Army

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