The Preparation for Justice for all of Humanity

To: The Queendom of Jesus Christ, Friends and Family

From: The Reverend Frank Paul Jones – The Messiah and the Only Living God

RE: The Preparation for Justice for all of Humanity

Date: 15 June 2017

I AM situated in Washington D.C. And by Tomorrow Morning either this will be my location granted all equal access or I will go to the Cuban Embassy to assure Political asylum in all my coming affair. I made myself identified to my flock in the name of Elijah and either tomorrow they will hear my argument to assure that decree of the Declaration of Independence is duly recognized, being the promise of Life, Liberty and Justice and not Death, Slavery and Lawlessness, is acknowledged throughout all the world for every Human, Huwoman and all the children of the world land far and near. This is the decree of God, for I and he Father are one and therefore always in agreement. Meaning this is an indictment against corruption and to say, “Who AM I to judge another man’s servant.” But to my flock I and the Father is one and that is a judgment. But to judge you may be to harsh, but I cannot prevent the law of blasphemy from being carried out. So love God, with all you body, mind and soul and find life eternal.

  1. We have a lot to go and fast, from the correction of this unconstitutional war on the Black man called a war on drugs, to the eradication of diseases, to the establishment of the economic structure of the Preservationist Economy. The introduction of the Blue Dough the world’s subsidization currency, as the world becomes a true commodity exchange system, eliminating counterfeiting and the introduction of H.I., meaning Human Intelligence Banking.
  2. And I made it clear, all affairs will be settled before I leave, for I AM not a damn President and Donald Trump is not a real person, nor did I sanction this crazy ass shit. I AM DBA = Do Business As Jesus Christ and in Christ is reality and the truth about the Capstone Zulu, will be within the NIV 2017 Holy Bible, for Shaka got stabbed in the back, now how can that be if I AM Immorality? See? Shaka Zulu is mere Mythology and in Christ you will find My-Story.
  3. I AM just getting situated. And before I make any commitments to my stay where I AM at, I have to make a contact to my Queendom and once I AM satisfied, this drama may continue. I will get me a good rest and once I awaken, I will delver and my explicit directive as to my plans while I AM in Washington D.C. And think my current spot is fair to all, but rather than be among the Elijah flock, I’d prefer to stay at the Cuban Embassy to assure they do not depict them as evil doers and revolutionaries.

DBA Jesus Christ

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