The Publication Business Royalties Unlawfully Distributed

The Publication Business Royalties Unlawfully Distributed

By: DBA Jesus Christ

We will use Facebook as an Example:

Industry Internet
Revenue US$27.638 billion (2016)[1]
Operating income US$12.427 billion (2016)[1]
Net income US$10.217 billion (2016)[1]
Total assets US$64.961 billion (2016)[1]
Total equity US$59.194 billion (2016)[1]
Employees 18,770 (March 31, 2017)[2]
Subsidiaries Instagram
Oculus VR

Revenue = $27.638 Billion Operating Expenses = $12.427 Billion New Income = $10.217 Billion

And after 13 years, the total assets came out to $64.961 Billion, this is a accumulation due to growth.

Understand the Funding System of Governance:

10% of anything bless goes to God and God is Charity and Charity is love.

5% goes to the National Budget aka Federal Governance

5% goes to the State Level or Unions

5% goes to the Municipalities – County level of Governance

5% goes to the Local or City Governance

5% goes to Universal Healthcare

65% goes to the production process

After Deductions = $17.55 Billion

In royalty distribution:

10% goes to the Publication and in this case it goes to Facebook. So at $27.638 Billion, Facebook share is $1.755 Billion.

10% Goes to the Society. Being ASCAP, BMI, SESAC and the the academy of motion pictures or $1,755 Billion

Renamed: USACP&A & G = Universal Society of Artist, Composers, Producers and Actors and Guild being Unionized or $1,755 Billion

10% goes to the Library of Congress who determines who get paid and the contributions split.

Now: what happened to the other monies? Out of 27 Billion Facebook makes 1.755 billion and the rest goes to who. The artist and the process of paying them. And how is this money generated? By advertisement, which goes to the people who attract advertisement. The Artist and Actors. And they get to keep how much. It is based on contributions in the process of production and development.

But in simple terms:

$27 Billion Gross = 65% production process = about say $17.55 Billion

$1.755 to the publication Leaving about $24 billion to split.

$1.755 Billion to Library of Congress

$1.755 Billion to the Society

Leaving about $12 Billion to the Production Process in royalties. And this is broken down based on contributions of those involved in the project.

So how can Facebook make :

New Income = $10.217 Billion out of $27.638 Billion?

The scam. They charge those they are by law and obligation are supposed to pay

5 Stars

DBA Jesus Christ – The Only Living God

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