The Reality in Christ Explosion – Apply Acknowledgment of God

The Reality in Christ Explosion – Apply Acknowledgment of God

Space Age

Living in the Sunshine

Save the World


A Jesus Christ Directive:


Hyperlink Above – Coming Soon – The End to Slander and Libel against God and his Children.

Auto-Word: The Solution to Freedom of Speech.  Using witnessed testimony and facts based on your true understanding of a given activity.  Tell Your-Story and in My-Story – DBA Jesus Christ

The document officially acknowledge I AM God- Jesus Christ – And is over the United States Constitution. This open the door for the truth to overshadow the lies.

If you know Jesus Christ in person. Old friends like Vern and Victor Fleming, Douglas, Dante, Timothy Shands, Raymond Jones, Kevin Jackson, John Wesley Moss and many people who I have touch in some way when they remembered me as “Lil Paul”

Timothy Shands will open the page. “Lil Paul” – He is a cheater and he cheated to the end.  But why in the fuck would he ever try me. Who of you ever beat me at anything unless I let your bitch ass win?

Tell some of Shorty stories. Remember when we played APPA Baseball? We was at Randy and Richard Starks apartment what 4E? Anyway. Every time after someone just got a hit, a fucking single, here goes Timothy, Par-ro-noun-ski… a relief picture. No this picture was a AB picture or some shit, but all his other pictures was like one C and 3 D’s. They had no pitching staff, so they could not possible win. But he was kicking our asses. I said no. Shorty is always the commissioner with his cheating ass. He be match the best cards from 3 years ago and shit, having scrubs stealing bases and hitting home runs because of shit happened since “Little old Lady from Pasadena and shit.

The point we was doing research at a young age, all my friends new statistic as little boys, because played baseball cards. This is the way to grow the black community. I remember when learning was fun. Now everyone is just doing what they are told to do.

Conclusion: I just paved the way for all of you to get a Wikipedia account and write about the living God for all to see in the whole world. Enjoy.

The we will start updating my Queendom Wiki Pages based on the fact that all where not defile and constantly lied on like me.  We are all victims of the greatest hate crime in the history of mankind. The fulfilling of the Bible, a hate crime against God, but scientific research about the anatomy of humankind.  The New World Order has been vetted.

Journey 2

The Front Crew of King Solomon Temple

These will be stories about something very profound to the world, but what the people who are telling the story think should be a norm in society. If you love God you can receive the spirit of God actually by faith. My friends loved me and then I had to enter the gates of hell. I hid myself from them. But they were well prepared. Just to name a few, Shorty and I can call him that and like or not I might, I love Shorty. He is an accountant, Sam Lawhorne an IBM Engineer, Kevin Jackson a Chemist, Vern Fleming Professional NBA Basketball Player, Raymond and Victor Baquena, they swore they was Hispanic. There mother was the real essence of the term, “Finger Licking Good,” so they will handle places in the Caribbean’s, you know. Handle the Starbucks Coffee distribution out of Puerto Rico. But Victor was an asshole. He use to cheat me out my baseball cards. So I would punch him dead in the face and run. He would catch me a playfully beat me up. He live on the same floor as me. I was in 2B and they was in 2D.

The real story is this, now it is in the open. Ms. Baquina make the best chicken in the world, that is the basis of “finger licking good” I’d go there and she would cook her chicken and fat ass Dante would eat all the fucking chicken and I’d get left-out. Dante was not always slim, he was a fat kid, but steal could handle his own as he got more muscle tone. See I remember, Eric Hutchinson is the real Fat Albert, did you know that? But Fat Albert became a protector and kind person in the second life. Ask Dante? Dante was Eric a fucking bully. Man Fat Albert would run like a high tank. But he always broke something. I wonder why????? But he was very nice to me as we grew up and nothing was really in are favor people was to think. 

The real Fat Albert turned out to be Gene  Johnson aka Lawrence Taylor. In his first life kids teased him and he was much stronger and bet them up, in his second life , he became a child protector.

I can go on. But Jesus Christ was born in Queensbridge. Who are you people for God to grow up among? What is really meant by, “I takes a village to raise A child.” The child is singular. I’d demand my props.

Tim the Bug Barrack

Cannot forget the Sociologist Dr. Timothy Shands, a few of them obtained the highest degree in their profession and my Degree is God.  Cannot go any higher.  See Tim replaces then current arrangement of the Psychiatric Profession, because psychiatry is atheist.  So Sociology will concern itself at say municipality level, the effect on the whole city. As it stand Mental concerns itself with the individual without any societal restraints.  But by placing Sociology above Psychology with will be Godly because they are an agnostic practice, they I mean a little kid can see there is God based on empirical facts. We will be able to say for example, budget certain dough, allow a certain amount of this produced to gain this societal effect, based on solving these problem faced by some many people or a certain percentage of our budget.  Then it goes to the chemist Dr. Kevin Jackson and to Charles “Nicky Barnes” Jones the President of Jones Pharmaceuticals.

Jesus Christ – The Only Living God

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