The State of this Nation – Martial Law


Zulus Travel by Night – The Zulu Convention of Warfare In Effect

The Destruction of the Illuminati – Step by Step – mp3

The General of Armed Forces – Under Martial Law

The State of this Nation – Martial Law

Directives by: DBA Jesus Christ

I caught a cab and identified myself and showed him my documentation proving I AM D.B.A. Jesus Christ and my plans to not go into exile, but to go to them to bring my plight to the world stage. I AM Jesus Christ, I AM God, I AM the General of Army and Attorney General Lynch is in fact the last appointed Attorney General of the United States of America and it is a permanent appointment and any request to resign is dead on arrival.  She  has four stars and is therefore under the Department of Defense Law, being the UMCJ, the Uniform Code of Military Justice and not just the United States Code, the USC.
She does not go under the same criteria of the Person (s) under Law Enforcement.  She is above Law Enforcement and by nature of the Structure of the Untied States Department of Defense and the state of the Union being War and this nation placed under Martial Law since 18 November 2016, her only client by nature is me, The Reverend Frank Paul Jones – Messiah, whose hate crime file number is on file.
All reverence goes to who?

CSMAF Bobby Grimes – The Command Sergeant Major of the Army is the 2nd in Command in a non-adversarial General Command Structure.

Attorney General – Loretta Lynch DOJ and Prosecution – Image result for general rank insignia

Surgeon General Mona Jones – Both Loretta and Mona only client by nature of UCMJ is DBA Jesus Christ- General of the Army and any request for resignation is DOA. Making my health and legal records Top Secret at a minimum.

Lt. Gen. Dante Bush Covert Operations and Administration – Special Assignment:

General Kevin Jackson Duel Assignment as – Acting CSM of Surgeon General and CSM Communication Corp.

Barrack Obama gets his 4th star back and is Administrative General under Martial law. X-Communicated

Secretary – Gen. Warren Samuels – Department of Treasury
Gen. Powell 5th Division and Pentagon Command – The Appropriations Chief
Gen. Austin. Central Command – U.S. Air Force and NASA Commander
Gen. Booker Supplies and Logistics

Gen. Raymond V. Jones – Dept. of Energy

Gen. William Clinton – Municipality Management

Admiral. George H.W. Bush – The U.S. Navy Commander

Gen. George W. Bush – Military Fortresses Commander – U.S. Federal Properties Oversight

Gen. Jimmy Carter – U.S.D.A

Gen. Dr. Sam Lawhorne – Communications Corps. (Granted Full Authority of Communications Title 47) an anti-terror act.

Gen. Dr. Dick Gregory – Dept. of Education

Gen. Jesse L. Jackson Sr. – Trade – the NAAPC Commander nationwide

The Nicky Barnes Investigation Team:

Gen. Joe Hardy aka Nicky Barnes – Covert Operations

Lt. Gen. Victor Baquina – Covert Operations Personnel

Maj. Gen. Raymond Baquina – Covert Operations – The Caribbean

Maj. Gen. Guzman – Covert Operations – Central America

Maj. Gen. P. Escobar – Covert Operations South America

The Copyrights, Trademark and Patent Team

Gen. B. Eva Austin Jones -Library of Congress –

Maj. Gen. Katherine Jones – The Society – Royalty Payments

Maj. Gen Azalea Jones – The Library Nationwide – Conversion to E-Libraries

Law Enforcement

Lt. Jeh Johnson Homeland Security and FBI Oversight and Commander

Lt. Gen. Peter Green – Police Chief Nationwide Lt. Gen. Cooper Dept. Corrections Nationwide

Lt. Gen. Cooper Dept. Corrections Nationwide
Lt. Gen. Brenda Giles – Dept. Parole and Probation
Lt.. Gen  Donald Simmons Federal Fire Department Central Command and EMS – Emergency Military Services and Covert Movements
Lt. Gen. Brenda Giles – Dept. Parole and Probation
Lt.. Gen  Donald Simmons Federal Fire Department Central Command and EMS – Emergency Military Services and Covert Movements

Lt. Gen. Eric Hutchinson Transportation and Greyhound and AMTRAK under Federal Contract – linked to Homeland budget oversight.

Maj. Gen. Randy Starks – The Queendom Guard -Under Internal Review

Maj. James Comedy – FBI and investigations. X-Communicated

Special Assault Units:

Maj. Gen Darrell Forster – Logistics and supplies and Appropriations Liaison attachment 5th Division

Brig. Gen. Mark Rucker – The U.S. Army Marine Amphibious Unit – And Coast Guard Oversight

Brig. Rahmel Hilton – the K-9 and Multi-Task Forces Assault Units

Brig. Charles Heath – The Elite F.I.S.T. Rapid Deployment Teams – The King of the Battle

The Medical System Oversight – Universal Healthcare

Lt. Gen. Hillary Clinton – Universal Healthcare Appropriations Liaison

Lt. Gen. Mark Lipmann, Esq. – The Veterans Administration Reinstated Chap. 38. Veterans Affairs Unconstitutional. There is no state rights in the Federal Government Governance and Systems

Lt. Gen. Dr. Jonathon Kane – Hospitals structures and oversight.

More appointments are in progress

Image result for general of the army insigniaImage result for command sergeant major of the army insignia

CSMA Bobby Grimes – Granted Execution Authority

By General Orders of DBA Jesus Christ

DBA Jesus Christ – General of the Army

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